Sunday, August 29, 2010

That Aint All FOlks

Thinking. Balance. It is so difficult sometimes to maintain. Jesus tells us that His Spirit would lead us in all truth. And I believe it. I believe, that I do not have to fear false doctrine creeping in and messing me up if I just use God-given, Scriptural discernment.

I was listening to some good sermons today that were by a guy who is not of the same "Stripe" that I am. But it was thought-provoking and even convicting. Some people would just not be able to even listen to the man because they'd be so caught up in how he was dressed, or in his style, yada yada. I have my style, and my standards, and I'm comfortable with them, that's why they're mine. But I don't understand it when people obsess over it and when they seem to think that anyone who isn't a clone of them is a threat or a heretic. Could it be insecurity? Just a thought. But anyways.

The point is, there is so much to LEARN, from so many sources. The compass, the test that tests every source-is the word of God, anything contradicting that Word is balogna! But if it is from as source you aren't used to, don't automatically ASSUME you can't learn anything except from people that satisfy all of your standards and sensitivities. There is a saying "Learn from everyone, follow no one."" Now I know some pseudo-pious fellow will say, 'um, follow Christ, dude!' Yes, of course, follow Christ! But this saying is talkin about other people, imperfect, flawed, misguided people. And there is something to learn here. Learn! Learn what is worth learning. I have learned some good earthly truths from some wicked morons,you can still learn something. And you can listen to someone who has studied a subject or knows something you don't, even if they arent as smart and wonderful as you are in some other area....

I know what I am and I know where I stand. But I am also secure enough in that, that I have no problems looking at and considering unlikely sources. Why should I be placed in a tight little box of borders and categories and arbitrary boundaries? I am all for boundaries, appropriate boundaries, but not for bars and fences that are there for no good reason and aren't helpful. I am not afraid to READ any book, listen to any person, and if it is trash, then I can find out why it is trash! But if you sit back all self-satisfied and only listen to people of your exact stripe, you're liable to get stagnant, arrogant, and ignorant. 

I'm not saying to be a sponge, quite the contrary. Swim against the current, Be brave enough to follow God and His Word. And yeah, err on the side of safety if you are unsure of something. But don't be willfully ignorant. Don't be afraid to learn, read, and listen. Don't be insecure. And understand that God's infinite wisdom and influence is PERFECTLY CAPABLE of operating outside of the confines of your group, or camp or label. I think it is rather funny that some people think God checks the name on the sign of the Church to decide if He is going to send the Holy Spirit or not! haha God honors His Word, not names, lip-service, or labels. Don't misunderstand me. I stand where I stand for a good reason. I go to Church where I go to Church because that is my conviction and belief. But I am not going to try the futile activity of telling God what He is going to do or where and how He is allowed to work and speak. And God is the Creator of the mind, of the earth, of the universe, of atoms, of galaxies, of history, of emotions, of every aspect of life. We try to categorize what we see as "Spiritual" but God, is involved, 'spiritually' in every aspect of your existence. You can't go anywhere where He is Not. 

God was God before Southern Gospel music, and before suit and ties. lol No doubt, God has quite the influence on southerners singing Gospel tunes and preachers in suites and ties! And that is awesome! And I LOVE it! but He is also at work among tribes in Africa, and He revealed Himself to a Shepherd in the middleast who was wearing sandals and a robe. There is so much to God. be still and listen for His voice, And respect NOTHING more than you respect His perfect Word, His complete Revelation, the Holy Bible.  

Bible Thumpers and Flag Wavers

First I was camping, then my computer crashed, now I am on my friend Dave's computer. SO there may not be as many blogs for a short time. I know, heartbroken you are ; ) 

I have been preaching kind of a lot lately at Church because my Dad has been out of town. It seems to have been going pretty well. We had a good time this morning. There were a lot of testimonies which always makes me happy. 

This feels like more of a journal entry than a blog today. I have just been caught up in my own walk with Christ and my own life and quiet time a bit more than with some of the social issues i usually like to discuss. Having quiet time and at least some solitude here and there has become very important to me lately. 

Both of today's sermons were about Praising God and being thankful. i heard a fantastic sermon by Doug Fisher at camp meeting about praising and singing, and personal worship. It is not something i will soon forget and I am hoping to get it on dvd soon. Although my sermons probably didn't come close to being as profound and effective as his was, I am still hoping that it will be a blessing to some people's lives. I have been making it more of a point to praise God, not only in Church, but on my alone time, more purposefully and consistently. It ought to be a regular practice for Christians. And the more I thank Him, the deeper my understanding is opened to how thankful we really should be.

We have so much freedom! Even though we are vexed about what is going on in DC (because we know they want to steal our freedoms) as of right now, we enjoy religious liberty, and all sorts of rights-every single day. No matter how long they last, we should be thankful for them every day. And we should take advantage of them. You can wave your Bible around and praise God-so do it! You can wave your flag around and be patriotic and sing America the Beautiful, so do it! You can meet together in freedom, at homes, Churches, restaurants, and sing and party and enjoy yourself and fellowship, so do it! You can use freedom of speech and spread the Good Word from the street corner to the internet, so do it! Flag wavers and Bible-thumpers, take advantage of your freedoms before you can't! Use the opportunities God has given you! And, among other things, VOTE this November! Peace. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Broken Heart, A Contrite Spirit

Today was a nice, crisp, fresh air day. Defntly felt like late august, you could feel a touch of autumn in the air. And I enjoyed it.

We looked at Isaiah 58 in Church last night. My heart was kind of heavy about it, but it was a good thing and hopefully, some people will get a blessing out of it, including myself. I am going to continue reading Isaiah 58, and hope what it is that I'm supposed to see in it will have some lasting effect.

I encourage you all to read it. It is talking about the fact that we all think we're cool with God because we are religious. The Jews at that time, didn't understand why the prophet was preaching on sin, because they made sacrifices, they fasted, they observed rituals and feasts etc. so they thought, what is this preacher so ticked about anyways? DOesn't he understand that we're good religious people? But yet, God was not pleased.

These poor people did not even know that they were not pleasing to God and that they were a guilty distance from Him. They thought they were just fine. They were satisfied with their traditions, though they did not truly know God.

A lot of the time, we are the same way. Just because we attend Church, or say a certain type of prayer, or read a certain amount of the Holy Scriptures, THOUGH these things may be right and good, they do not guarantee that your heart is right.

Some traditions are not Scriptural anyways, but even good traditions, won't save you, keep you saved or guarantee that you are continuing in good fellowship with God after you've been saved. The HEART needs to be humble before God, in true humility not pseudo-piety or false-humility, and the heart needs to repent (turn to God) and put faith in Christ. This is not ONLY the way of salvation, it is also the way of Christian living, repentance towards God and faith in Jesus Christ is how you are first born again, and it is also how you grow and live as a born again child of God. Reading your Bible and going to Church, and singing and good works of all kinds WILL follow but they will follow from love and a desire to do God's will not self-righteousness or seeking salvation.

I believe what Isaiah 58 tells us, is that we need TRUE, humble, repentance, and nothing more or less will do. Religion will not cut it, tradition will not cut it. A broken heart, a humility, an acknowledging and sorrow over sin and turning to God is what we need.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sinking Ship-Ship Ahoooooooy!

How many times do we give into and entertain the ideas of stuuuuuupid people because we feel obliged to?

One curious thing that I have noticed is that stupidity respects no position. You can have fools in the most honored positions, and it is sad because it makes honored positions, not so honored. For example, Professors who are unintelligent and wouldn't know research if it hit them in the face. Presidents who are not statesmen, strong leaders, or even patriots.....religious leaders who've never read the Bible, Senators, who've never read the Bill, military strategists who have never been in the administrators who have never taught a class, and on and on.

I was reading Ecclesiastes, and it was talking about seeing rich men on foot and servants on horses, seeing little boys on thrones, and old, wise men neglected....this world is going all backwards. We listen to fools, and call good bad and bad good, we call the holy profane, and we call the profane holy. We think the pseudo-pious, and self-righteous are humble, and the man willing to take his licks and stand on his own two feet as God made him in humility-is the arrogant one! We've swallowed false-humility as true meekness and pretentiousness and intelligence, and sooner or later, we're going to pay the price.

We think spending more money is going to get us out of debt? And raising taxes on the rich are going to make the poor richer? We live a life and practice an ideology that we refuse to examine, and anyone who tries to wake us up to tell us the house is burning down, is an alarmst, extremist, fundamentalist-and just plain inconsiderate and lacking couth! lol God help me off of this sinking ship! Show me where to go!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Burden of the Past

Sometimes the devil will mess with you, so keep this in mind...

It's fine to look back sometimes, to remember what's worth remembering, and to learn some things from experience. But the grand majority of looking back is counter-productive.

We've got to be able to move forward with our lives. Carry on with the good stuff you've accumulated if you can, but drop the baggage so you can move free! There is nowhere to go but forward! It may sound like a cliche, but if you let something from the past haunt you and if you let your fears control you, you'll be paralyzed.

But its' the wounds, especially those of rejection and neglect that are especially hard to forget. Nonetheless, you have to. You have to forgive. You have to move past it and stop dwelling on it and you have to recognize that if pictures of instances of your dissapointments keep on popping into your just may be the enemy trying to mess with you. And you need to resist him. And you need to follow God who tells us in His Word that we should forget those things which are behind and press on towards the mark of the high calling of Christ.

People are going to hurt you. They're going to hurt you so badly! Like the twisting of a knife. You're going to know some Judases. That's life. It isn't fair. And if you have a good heart, you'll probably never be able to understand the cruelty and lack of empathy, but it exists for whatever reason...but if you don't let them, you don't have to let them destroy you. I've been used, misused and abused sometimes. And will probably be treated to it again sometime, but ya know, if I just lay it all at the feet of the Only Real Judge of all the Earth, who suffered wrongfully a heck of a lot more than I have, than I am free from having to obsess about it. I don't have to defend myself.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Worship Me? Hmm.

Psalm 119:165

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

I'm the type of person that likes everybody to be happy : ) if people seem bothered about something, I'll let it bother me. If everyone's happy, and you look down, I'll probably come over to you and ask you if you're okay. That might make me seem like a thoughtful fellow, but I've found it to be more of a curse than a blessing! lol I am tired of worrying about thin-skinned people and guessing what's bothering them this time! Build a bridge, and get over it!
We're living in a hyper-sensitive time. People can't take criticism, they can't take not being the center of attention, they can't handle not getting their way, they can't handle not having their furr stroked the right way! But trying to please all these narcisists is an exhausting and impossible task! Lord help us to get over ourselves so we don't have to be consumed by all of this whining, and belly-aching and whispering, and backbiting, and complaining and on and on. It's so tiring. And it is completely unnecessary! We don't HAVE to live this way! We don't have to be offended all the time, We don't have to defend ourselves so much, especially when we aren't under attack! We don't have to be so defensive, and insecure, and manipulative and power-hungry. people today can't handle being around other honest people. They want to hide away somewhere and surround themselves ONLY with people who agree with them about everything or people who are too weak-minded to stand up to them against their hypocrisy and bullying.
I would love to live in a world in which people were not so thin-skinned, hyper-sensitive, hypocritical, unwilling to seek out the truth, self-deluded and just plain immature.
It is nice to just have a nice time in this life sometimes without worrying about people's sensitivities and sensibilities and egos and verbal portfolios! People seem to think that this life is just a big competition. We are not in a competition with each other! You can succeed without pushing me down! You can be appreciated without stepping on top of somebody else. You can love and be friends with more than just one person in this life! Its' not a crime!
I am getting so frustrated with trying to smooth things over all the time with people who are so nervouse that someone may step on their toes, they're just so skiddish, just hoping that no one dares to accidentally transgress the lines of their holy, sacred opinions and egos! You would think that offending some people was a sin against God! That the eleventh commandment is not to offend or displease you. Where on earth does this narcisisim come from? Whoever told us we were gods not to be blasphemed? I just don't get it. We have gone beyond self-esteem and dignity into self-worship and CLINICAL AND CULTURAL Narcisism! And you wonder why the good Lord isn't blessing us as much today as he used to. We don't have time or room to worship the Lord when we are too busy worshipping and defending ourselves.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Preparing Your Heart, We Do Not Know what's around the corner

I may just be getting sensitive in my old age ; ) but I have come to notice that the soul needs its peace and quiet. I am beginning to notice that being alone can be very important. And when you're alone, in complete quiet, it gives you perspective so that when you're back in the company of friends and family, you can enjoy and appreciate it better. Reflection is important. Meditating, not only on situations of the day, but more importantly, on spiritual issues, is essential.

You may love company and be a very social person, which is really a great quality! But you will find that you are better company and a more interesting person to talk to, if you have a depth to your soul that gives you something to talk about. You can't say anything very profound or helpful to another person, unless you have a deep well within your own soul to draw it out of.

This week, at the Old Time Baptist Church Camp Meeting, I heard some very profound and wise men-preach and teach. Much of what they said will stay in my mind and heart for a long time. It is amazing when someone can, in a short time, impart wisdom and counsel that comes out of their mouths so simply, but is unfathomably helpful. These men could not have so much insight, wisdom and knowledge, if not for the spiritual discipline of their own lives. What I mean by spiritual discipline, is that they spend time preparing their hearts, time in prayer, time in reading the Scripture, time alone and quiet, time in spiritual music and time with specific friends who are edifying to them. We are told to guard our hearts for out of it are the issues of life. What you put into your heart is important. You have to feed your soul. To make it stronger! You have to learn to be still and quiet, to listen for the still, small voice of God and to gain some wisdom. These Preachers come onto the scene and just explode with wisdom and advice and knowledge and insight and excitement, but that doesn't come from simply constantly running around preaching and screaming and working themselevs up, on the contrary, it comes from hours, days, months and years of preparation that makes them equipped to stand up in front of hundreds of people and say something worth saying.

DO you feel empty and discouraged, like you just don't have much left to offer anyone? You need to get alone with God and allow Him to feed your soul. Bible reading, spiritual music, Church, friendship, all of these things are essential parts of this process, but one important thing that is left out of the equation is investing this time with God, ALONE. Public worship is important but you will bring something to the table yourself, if you have private worship and reflection FIRST.

If we prepared ourselves before Church, if Saturday night was just as spiritual and sanctified as SUnday Morning, Sunday morning would be much more productive. Please consider applying this to your "Schedule" I know I have. Peace ; )

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Solemn Feast

Joel 2:15-17
Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly:

Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts: let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet.
Let the priests, the ministers of the LORD, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare thy people, O LORD, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them: wherefore should they say among the people, Where is their God?

If there was ever a time, that the people of the United States needed to gather in an earnest way, to seek God, to humble ourselves before Him and repent, to pray for our County-this is that time! I could write about all the reasons that we are in need from the war, to the economy to our moral bankruptcy, but we all already know it and have seen countless accounts of it! What are we going to do? There are many ways in which you can approach it. You can fast, you can call a desperate prayer meeting, here in my neck of the woods, I will be attending a week-long camp meeting, the theme of which is "Call Unto me" and surely, it is a time to call on the Lord!

What is needed is a genuine call, a genuine seeking, not some kind of shallow, go through the motions program that we're all impressed with. There doesnt even need to be a specific gathering necessarily, the heart of the people is what needs to turn to the Good Lord, so that can be done in your home, at CHurch, with your family, withy our friends, it must take place everywhere, because it must take place in the heart, and your heart follows you everywhere you go!

I will continue to cherish the Bible and the flag! God bless America!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Abuse and Misuse of the American Constitution by Islamist Sympathizers and Terrorist Enablers

Some folks are believing the line, that the Muslims have a Constitutional RIGHT to build a mosque on ground zero whether we think its' appropriate or not! And as much at they don't like it, they think it is a necessary evil in order to preserve "Religious Liberty." Let me show you why that is utter trash!

1. When a Church (and I know from personal experience) wants to build a building somewhere, the feelings of the community, zoning laws, permits and other laws are ALWAYS part of the equation. I can't wake up one morning and say I'm going to build a Church, let's see, um.. rigght,....THERE! And NO ONE can question it because its my reliigous right! Right? Wrong. I have to secure that spot, in accordance with the LAW before I can build. This is regular practice in the USA, there is precedent for it and no one has ever said that CHristians' rights were being violated in it! We aren't saying that you CANNOT build a mosque, were saying you cant build it on ground that is sacred, that is a landmark and should have landmark status! The Constitution says you can exercize your religion freely, it doesn't say that you can exercize anarchy and defy the will of the American people and build something inflammatory and divisive on top of a spot where there ought to be a memorial! Would religious freedom allow the Muslims to build a Mosque at Arlington Cemetery? Can I go to a Jewish graveyard, and build a CHurch on top of it, not only could I, but why on God's green earth would I even want to? Unless I was some kind of anti-semite? You see, there is NO reason to buil this mosque except to gloat over our fallen citizens and basically spit in the eyes of the American public all in the name of religious freedom! And I love how SUDDENLY "BO" cares about religious freedom. Since when did that reprobate care about religious freedom?

2. There IS a CHURCH that was damaged in the area by the September 11th attack, and they have NOT been allowed to rebuild. I wonder why Obama isn't standing up for their "Basic religious liberties" You see, Obama couldn't care less about Christians or loyal Americans, he is in the game for the only people he BOWS to (Literally) the Muslims. When are we going to wake up and see who our enemies are? A wise man knows his enemies well! A wise nation, will know her enemies too!

When does a disagreement come to blows? When does a conflict turn into a War, where is the line in the sand? Would and should the American people, let our fallen brothers and sisters blood be desecrated and dishonored with this mosque? SHould the MILLIONS of Americans against this mosque, allow this monstrocity!?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Wake Up Call!

Justice. There was a day when you could be hung for being a horse-thief, and nobody would think twice about it. There is something to be said for being sensitive to the value of human life, and not taaking it lightly when someone is dealt with harshly, but when the innocent are victimized and dealt with treacherously, and no one calls for justice, that is also a great dishonour to the sanctity of human life! When millions of unborn, and partially born babies are sacrificed on the altars of personal convenience and sexual indulgence-you cannot sit back and claim to be part of a humane, civilized Nation. When thousands of your countrymen are murdered by your enemies, and you have no concern that the enemy be brought to justice and you have no love or admiration for the soldiers overseas fighting those very same enemies-you cannot say that you have good values, or that you love your fellow man or that you're a good citizen. When your spiritual brethren around the world are killed and imprisoned for their faith, and you can't shed a tear or say a prayer, there's something wrong! When God's people (the Jews) are targetted by Ishmaelites and the city of Jerusalem is desecrated by Muhamedans and politicians, and you are not concerned, you are not much of a "Faith-child of Abraham" 

I am looked at by infidels and nonbelievers ;) as a crank and an extremist because I am NOT apathetic, because I am vexed, but I say if you aren't up in arms, YOU are the one with a problem NOT me! You can give me your pseudo-pious answers, like, well, Just pray about it, well, I do pray about it, and I am willing to admit that those who couldn't care less about anything but American Idol and Lady GaGa and all that trash :) do NOT pray about it even though that is their pat-answer for everything. 

You may assume that I'm just venting and that I'm frustrated, but that's not what I'm doing. I'm hoping to rattle some cages and wake some people up out of our apathy and negligence, start praying, start agonizing, go on a fast, speak out against evil! Speak up for the truth!

When all of the freedoms and opportunities and priveleges that we've had are about ready to be torn away from us, now would be the time to use those opportunities instead of neglecting them. In MANY NAtions it is AGAINST THE LAW to "Blaspheme" Muhammed. But NOT in the USA, FOR NOW! So I say, Blaspheme Muhammed folks! If they pray towards Mecca five times a day, let us blaspheme their terrorist leader every day! And better still, let us do what the Psalmist would do, and bless and praise the True LORD Seven times a day and pray without ceasing. WE do not need to bow down in a ceremonial way and pray in a pseudo-pious manner in order to be in communion with our God, who is JEHOVAH, not Alah and Muhammed.

In many nations, it is against the law to go to a Bible-believing Church, MANY people were put in jail THIS week in Iran, Pakistan and CHina for going to CHurch, so Americans, don't sleep in on Sunday Morning, get up out of bed, for the sake of your Christian brother who is in jail, and get your butt to Church! :) YOu think I'm being colorful and dramatic, tell that to the man sitting in a cell at this very moment as you read this for going to Church. It isn't a joke to him, it isnt the subject of a blog, it's his life. Would you do that for your God?

There are a lot of other things I think are important standards we must uphold, Respect for the flag. The Pledge of Allegiance. The Sanctity of Marriage, The Necessity of the Holy Bible. The Common Sense of Supporting Our Ally Israel! And so much more. We'll get into it. but first and foremost, we need GOD Himself, in our Nation, in our homes, in our lives, in our hearts. Amen.

Wave the flag Americans and wave the Bible Christians!

Religious Screwballs

Christians spend so much time talking about revival, the good ole days, and kids in their baggy pants ;) lol And we often talk about how much we want to see revival, and blessings, and change. And we wonder why it doesn't come. And we tell ourselves its' just a sign of the times. It must be Obama's fault, right? I have my own theory here.

I think that we Christians today, are a sorry, sad excuse for the people of God these days. And we can't take correction because as soon as somebody starts to go in the direction I'm going in right now-we shut em down, shut em off, turn our hearing aides off and walk away, so don't quit reading now, sissy! haha

You can get some perspective by looking at history. Our Preachers went without food, sometimes without a home, without shelter, and risked their own lives and GAVE their own lives, and spent time in jail, just to preach and teach the Bible. They sacrificed everything in order to serve. People would travel miles and miles and sit in a service for hours and hours without ever feeling inconvenienced. It was before "Your way right away" Churchianity. It was before you could find a restaurant just outside the sanctuary! SO without the same conviction, without the same sacrifice, without the same reverence, sometimes even without the same Book (King James) we expect the exact SAME Blessings! But it isn't going to happen!

What I've noticed is that everywhere you go you will find opinions, tons of opinions. Tons of people who have something to say, but they don't DO much, just talk. We want to see OTHER people changed, convicted, preached at, repenting, But we are perfectly self-satisfied in our own lives and we don't want anything, whether prayer, preacher or Bible to rock the boat.

We say we serve God, but what we really serve is our own Schedule! Nothing! Not even God Himself seems to have any right to change our beloved, sacred schedule! We would witness to someone, but then we'd run behind on our schedule! We would pray, but there's work to be done. We would show kindness to someone, but people are not a priority, the holy schedule that we must adhere to is our priority! But despite this nasty, selfish attitude, despite the fact that we aren't fulfilling the Great Commisision, or feeding the hungry, or letting someone stay in our home, or giving, We can still have the gall to use all the Christian lingo, and be on our moral high-horse, and act like were prophets on a mountain, even though we couldn't ever even dream of doing anything a prophet did, but boy can we talk a big sanctimonious game! What I'm talking about is religious screwballs! I'm so tired of nutcases, who are total hypocrites, who don't put anyone or anything above their own opinions and their own agendas, claiming they serve and speak for God!

I'm telling you! We are NEVER  going to see change for the better, and see revival or awakening or whatever you wanna call it, until the screwballs, and self-proclaimed prophets, the clouds with no rain! The nay-sayers, and board-meeting voters, the Spirit-grievers, murmurers and sanctimonious screwballs, Repent. All of us!

Spread the Word, No More Political Correction!!

It all started out rather slowly, a brand new list of do’s and dont’s, a new type of sensibility, a whole list of taboo subjects and terms that any decent guy just wouldn’t say-eventually it turned into the social monster, the greatest, self-inflicted injury to free speech ever known-POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!

It defies common sense and causes us to never say or admit what we really think! It locks the jaws of preachers, politicians, reporters and even comedians. It confuses kids and invents artificial realities that exist nowhere but on television and college campuses.

It is irrational! Makes no value judgments. Is of no use to society.

Its’ full of contradictions and inconsistencies! It is often misleading….what is a Caucasian South African who becomes an American citizen other than an African American? And does anyone realize that a Haitian man who is an American citizen is NOT an African American?

Its’ people who hate rules and morals that are well established since the beginning of time, turning around and making arbitrary rules ad expecting EVERYONE to adhere to them! It’s a twisted morality.

It makes up institutions that DO NOT EVEN EXIST like “Moderate Islam” and “Gay marriage”

It destroys the integrity of the English language.

Its’ just plain idiotic! And yet it intimidates us, gets some people fired from their jobs or discriminated against and generally waters down the truth in any given situation. When will all of us Americans get the guts to reject political correctness! Spread the word!

Everything From Good Coffee to The War On Terror

I went to school for English and spent so much time studying writing it isn't funny, and one of my dreams was to do some kind of magazine or newsletter for Christians, Jesus freaks and conservative fundamentalist like myself ;) among other things. That dream has yet to be realized, but I'm pretty excited to get the ball rolling on this blog, so if you like what you see, share it, and follow my blogs...also,

If you have something interesting that you'd like to see discussed or something you'd like to contribute, I'd love to hear from you! Questions, issues to be raised, and interesting topics or quotes would be so fun, so anybody wanting to get involved, please do!

Some of the things I'd like to talk about are theology, politics, revival, patriotism, heroes, literature, testimonies, Zionism, funny stories and also I'm open to suggestions.