Friday, August 13, 2010

The Abuse and Misuse of the American Constitution by Islamist Sympathizers and Terrorist Enablers

Some folks are believing the line, that the Muslims have a Constitutional RIGHT to build a mosque on ground zero whether we think its' appropriate or not! And as much at they don't like it, they think it is a necessary evil in order to preserve "Religious Liberty." Let me show you why that is utter trash!

1. When a Church (and I know from personal experience) wants to build a building somewhere, the feelings of the community, zoning laws, permits and other laws are ALWAYS part of the equation. I can't wake up one morning and say I'm going to build a Church, let's see, um.. rigght,....THERE! And NO ONE can question it because its my reliigous right! Right? Wrong. I have to secure that spot, in accordance with the LAW before I can build. This is regular practice in the USA, there is precedent for it and no one has ever said that CHristians' rights were being violated in it! We aren't saying that you CANNOT build a mosque, were saying you cant build it on ground that is sacred, that is a landmark and should have landmark status! The Constitution says you can exercize your religion freely, it doesn't say that you can exercize anarchy and defy the will of the American people and build something inflammatory and divisive on top of a spot where there ought to be a memorial! Would religious freedom allow the Muslims to build a Mosque at Arlington Cemetery? Can I go to a Jewish graveyard, and build a CHurch on top of it, not only could I, but why on God's green earth would I even want to? Unless I was some kind of anti-semite? You see, there is NO reason to buil this mosque except to gloat over our fallen citizens and basically spit in the eyes of the American public all in the name of religious freedom! And I love how SUDDENLY "BO" cares about religious freedom. Since when did that reprobate care about religious freedom?

2. There IS a CHURCH that was damaged in the area by the September 11th attack, and they have NOT been allowed to rebuild. I wonder why Obama isn't standing up for their "Basic religious liberties" You see, Obama couldn't care less about Christians or loyal Americans, he is in the game for the only people he BOWS to (Literally) the Muslims. When are we going to wake up and see who our enemies are? A wise man knows his enemies well! A wise nation, will know her enemies too!

When does a disagreement come to blows? When does a conflict turn into a War, where is the line in the sand? Would and should the American people, let our fallen brothers and sisters blood be desecrated and dishonored with this mosque? SHould the MILLIONS of Americans against this mosque, allow this monstrocity!?

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  1. It's pathetic that the mosque will be built. I hope that ************ gets burned to the ground!!!!