Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bible Thumpers and Flag Wavers

First I was camping, then my computer crashed, now I am on my friend Dave's computer. SO there may not be as many blogs for a short time. I know, heartbroken you are ; ) 

I have been preaching kind of a lot lately at Church because my Dad has been out of town. It seems to have been going pretty well. We had a good time this morning. There were a lot of testimonies which always makes me happy. 

This feels like more of a journal entry than a blog today. I have just been caught up in my own walk with Christ and my own life and quiet time a bit more than with some of the social issues i usually like to discuss. Having quiet time and at least some solitude here and there has become very important to me lately. 

Both of today's sermons were about Praising God and being thankful. i heard a fantastic sermon by Doug Fisher at camp meeting about praising and singing, and personal worship. It is not something i will soon forget and I am hoping to get it on dvd soon. Although my sermons probably didn't come close to being as profound and effective as his was, I am still hoping that it will be a blessing to some people's lives. I have been making it more of a point to praise God, not only in Church, but on my alone time, more purposefully and consistently. It ought to be a regular practice for Christians. And the more I thank Him, the deeper my understanding is opened to how thankful we really should be.

We have so much freedom! Even though we are vexed about what is going on in DC (because we know they want to steal our freedoms) as of right now, we enjoy religious liberty, and all sorts of rights-every single day. No matter how long they last, we should be thankful for them every day. And we should take advantage of them. You can wave your Bible around and praise God-so do it! You can wave your flag around and be patriotic and sing America the Beautiful, so do it! You can meet together in freedom, at homes, Churches, restaurants, and sing and party and enjoy yourself and fellowship, so do it! You can use freedom of speech and spread the Good Word from the street corner to the internet, so do it! Flag wavers and Bible-thumpers, take advantage of your freedoms before you can't! Use the opportunities God has given you! And, among other things, VOTE this November! Peace. 

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  1. When I'm alone is when I praise God. I can sing, and act ridiculous, and show my love for the Master. Not that there's anything wrong with praising Him in public. When I do it's more of a quiet praise.