Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Broken Heart, A Contrite Spirit

Today was a nice, crisp, fresh air day. Defntly felt like late august, you could feel a touch of autumn in the air. And I enjoyed it.

We looked at Isaiah 58 in Church last night. My heart was kind of heavy about it, but it was a good thing and hopefully, some people will get a blessing out of it, including myself. I am going to continue reading Isaiah 58, and hope what it is that I'm supposed to see in it will have some lasting effect.

I encourage you all to read it. It is talking about the fact that we all think we're cool with God because we are religious. The Jews at that time, didn't understand why the prophet was preaching on sin, because they made sacrifices, they fasted, they observed rituals and feasts etc. so they thought, what is this preacher so ticked about anyways? DOesn't he understand that we're good religious people? But yet, God was not pleased.

These poor people did not even know that they were not pleasing to God and that they were a guilty distance from Him. They thought they were just fine. They were satisfied with their traditions, though they did not truly know God.

A lot of the time, we are the same way. Just because we attend Church, or say a certain type of prayer, or read a certain amount of the Holy Scriptures, THOUGH these things may be right and good, they do not guarantee that your heart is right.

Some traditions are not Scriptural anyways, but even good traditions, won't save you, keep you saved or guarantee that you are continuing in good fellowship with God after you've been saved. The HEART needs to be humble before God, in true humility not pseudo-piety or false-humility, and the heart needs to repent (turn to God) and put faith in Christ. This is not ONLY the way of salvation, it is also the way of Christian living, repentance towards God and faith in Jesus Christ is how you are first born again, and it is also how you grow and live as a born again child of God. Reading your Bible and going to Church, and singing and good works of all kinds WILL follow but they will follow from love and a desire to do God's will not self-righteousness or seeking salvation.

I believe what Isaiah 58 tells us, is that we need TRUE, humble, repentance, and nothing more or less will do. Religion will not cut it, tradition will not cut it. A broken heart, a humility, an acknowledging and sorrow over sin and turning to God is what we need.

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