Saturday, August 21, 2010

Preparing Your Heart, We Do Not Know what's around the corner

I may just be getting sensitive in my old age ; ) but I have come to notice that the soul needs its peace and quiet. I am beginning to notice that being alone can be very important. And when you're alone, in complete quiet, it gives you perspective so that when you're back in the company of friends and family, you can enjoy and appreciate it better. Reflection is important. Meditating, not only on situations of the day, but more importantly, on spiritual issues, is essential.

You may love company and be a very social person, which is really a great quality! But you will find that you are better company and a more interesting person to talk to, if you have a depth to your soul that gives you something to talk about. You can't say anything very profound or helpful to another person, unless you have a deep well within your own soul to draw it out of.

This week, at the Old Time Baptist Church Camp Meeting, I heard some very profound and wise men-preach and teach. Much of what they said will stay in my mind and heart for a long time. It is amazing when someone can, in a short time, impart wisdom and counsel that comes out of their mouths so simply, but is unfathomably helpful. These men could not have so much insight, wisdom and knowledge, if not for the spiritual discipline of their own lives. What I mean by spiritual discipline, is that they spend time preparing their hearts, time in prayer, time in reading the Scripture, time alone and quiet, time in spiritual music and time with specific friends who are edifying to them. We are told to guard our hearts for out of it are the issues of life. What you put into your heart is important. You have to feed your soul. To make it stronger! You have to learn to be still and quiet, to listen for the still, small voice of God and to gain some wisdom. These Preachers come onto the scene and just explode with wisdom and advice and knowledge and insight and excitement, but that doesn't come from simply constantly running around preaching and screaming and working themselevs up, on the contrary, it comes from hours, days, months and years of preparation that makes them equipped to stand up in front of hundreds of people and say something worth saying.

DO you feel empty and discouraged, like you just don't have much left to offer anyone? You need to get alone with God and allow Him to feed your soul. Bible reading, spiritual music, Church, friendship, all of these things are essential parts of this process, but one important thing that is left out of the equation is investing this time with God, ALONE. Public worship is important but you will bring something to the table yourself, if you have private worship and reflection FIRST.

If we prepared ourselves before Church, if Saturday night was just as spiritual and sanctified as SUnday Morning, Sunday morning would be much more productive. Please consider applying this to your "Schedule" I know I have. Peace ; )


  1. Yeah, that personal time with God is the most important part of having a relationship with Him. Even Jesus got away from all the noise to spend some time with His Heavenly Father.

  2. Yes He did. I figure if our Lord needed His time alone with the Father, we sure do. And the quiet, wow, the quiet is really great, it's easy to forget how special the quiet time is when you havent had it in a long time but when u get back into the habit, you remember what you've been missing out on.

  3. As a pastor, if I get behind in my research on a sermon in a busy life and am forced to choose between time alone with God or more "study". The choice for me is always solitude and prayer. If a man's heart is not right with God all the knowledge in the world will be as a tinkling bell. But when the anointing of God is on his life he can preach from the concordance and God will move on people.

  4. You got it bro! You got it right!