Thursday, August 12, 2010

Religious Screwballs

Christians spend so much time talking about revival, the good ole days, and kids in their baggy pants ;) lol And we often talk about how much we want to see revival, and blessings, and change. And we wonder why it doesn't come. And we tell ourselves its' just a sign of the times. It must be Obama's fault, right? I have my own theory here.

I think that we Christians today, are a sorry, sad excuse for the people of God these days. And we can't take correction because as soon as somebody starts to go in the direction I'm going in right now-we shut em down, shut em off, turn our hearing aides off and walk away, so don't quit reading now, sissy! haha

You can get some perspective by looking at history. Our Preachers went without food, sometimes without a home, without shelter, and risked their own lives and GAVE their own lives, and spent time in jail, just to preach and teach the Bible. They sacrificed everything in order to serve. People would travel miles and miles and sit in a service for hours and hours without ever feeling inconvenienced. It was before "Your way right away" Churchianity. It was before you could find a restaurant just outside the sanctuary! SO without the same conviction, without the same sacrifice, without the same reverence, sometimes even without the same Book (King James) we expect the exact SAME Blessings! But it isn't going to happen!

What I've noticed is that everywhere you go you will find opinions, tons of opinions. Tons of people who have something to say, but they don't DO much, just talk. We want to see OTHER people changed, convicted, preached at, repenting, But we are perfectly self-satisfied in our own lives and we don't want anything, whether prayer, preacher or Bible to rock the boat.

We say we serve God, but what we really serve is our own Schedule! Nothing! Not even God Himself seems to have any right to change our beloved, sacred schedule! We would witness to someone, but then we'd run behind on our schedule! We would pray, but there's work to be done. We would show kindness to someone, but people are not a priority, the holy schedule that we must adhere to is our priority! But despite this nasty, selfish attitude, despite the fact that we aren't fulfilling the Great Commisision, or feeding the hungry, or letting someone stay in our home, or giving, We can still have the gall to use all the Christian lingo, and be on our moral high-horse, and act like were prophets on a mountain, even though we couldn't ever even dream of doing anything a prophet did, but boy can we talk a big sanctimonious game! What I'm talking about is religious screwballs! I'm so tired of nutcases, who are total hypocrites, who don't put anyone or anything above their own opinions and their own agendas, claiming they serve and speak for God!

I'm telling you! We are NEVER  going to see change for the better, and see revival or awakening or whatever you wanna call it, until the screwballs, and self-proclaimed prophets, the clouds with no rain! The nay-sayers, and board-meeting voters, the Spirit-grievers, murmurers and sanctimonious screwballs, Repent. All of us!


  1. thanks for the input Becky, you're my first comment!

  2. You hit the nail on the head! I am so sick of all of the apathy anymore. It seems that no one wants to stand up and tell it like it is. They are so worried about what people are going to say about them instead of thinking about how our heavenly Father wants them to do.
    Thank you so much and please keep telling it like it is. It IS time for everyone to stop trying to be politically correct and stand up for what Jesus died on the cross for! The non-believers sure like to say "I thought you were a Christian, how can you stand there and say those kind of things, you are supposed to be showing him love, not saying those things!" But they would stand there and defend satan all the way. How sad is that?
    If Christians do not stand up for something, they will fall for any thing!
    We might be few in number but we will stand up for God's word and HIS people.
    Bless you for the holy boldness that you have, it is very refreshing thank you.

  3. So glad for your comment! Thank you so much. God bless ya! Fight the good fight! Keep the faith!