Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sinking Ship-Ship Ahoooooooy!

How many times do we give into and entertain the ideas of stuuuuuupid people because we feel obliged to?

One curious thing that I have noticed is that stupidity respects no position. You can have fools in the most honored positions, and it is sad because it makes honored positions, not so honored. For example, Professors who are unintelligent and wouldn't know research if it hit them in the face. Presidents who are not statesmen, strong leaders, or even patriots.....religious leaders who've never read the Bible, Senators, who've never read the Bill, military strategists who have never been in the administrators who have never taught a class, and on and on.

I was reading Ecclesiastes, and it was talking about seeing rich men on foot and servants on horses, seeing little boys on thrones, and old, wise men neglected....this world is going all backwards. We listen to fools, and call good bad and bad good, we call the holy profane, and we call the profane holy. We think the pseudo-pious, and self-righteous are humble, and the man willing to take his licks and stand on his own two feet as God made him in humility-is the arrogant one! We've swallowed false-humility as true meekness and pretentiousness and intelligence, and sooner or later, we're going to pay the price.

We think spending more money is going to get us out of debt? And raising taxes on the rich are going to make the poor richer? We live a life and practice an ideology that we refuse to examine, and anyone who tries to wake us up to tell us the house is burning down, is an alarmst, extremist, fundamentalist-and just plain inconsiderate and lacking couth! lol God help me off of this sinking ship! Show me where to go!

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