Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spread the Word, No More Political Correction!!

It all started out rather slowly, a brand new list of do’s and dont’s, a new type of sensibility, a whole list of taboo subjects and terms that any decent guy just wouldn’t say-eventually it turned into the social monster, the greatest, self-inflicted injury to free speech ever known-POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!

It defies common sense and causes us to never say or admit what we really think! It locks the jaws of preachers, politicians, reporters and even comedians. It confuses kids and invents artificial realities that exist nowhere but on television and college campuses.

It is irrational! Makes no value judgments. Is of no use to society.

Its’ full of contradictions and inconsistencies! It is often misleading….what is a Caucasian South African who becomes an American citizen other than an African American? And does anyone realize that a Haitian man who is an American citizen is NOT an African American?

Its’ people who hate rules and morals that are well established since the beginning of time, turning around and making arbitrary rules ad expecting EVERYONE to adhere to them! It’s a twisted morality.

It makes up institutions that DO NOT EVEN EXIST like “Moderate Islam” and “Gay marriage”

It destroys the integrity of the English language.

Its’ just plain idiotic! And yet it intimidates us, gets some people fired from their jobs or discriminated against and generally waters down the truth in any given situation. When will all of us Americans get the guts to reject political correctness! Spread the word!