Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Wake Up Call!

Justice. There was a day when you could be hung for being a horse-thief, and nobody would think twice about it. There is something to be said for being sensitive to the value of human life, and not taaking it lightly when someone is dealt with harshly, but when the innocent are victimized and dealt with treacherously, and no one calls for justice, that is also a great dishonour to the sanctity of human life! When millions of unborn, and partially born babies are sacrificed on the altars of personal convenience and sexual indulgence-you cannot sit back and claim to be part of a humane, civilized Nation. When thousands of your countrymen are murdered by your enemies, and you have no concern that the enemy be brought to justice and you have no love or admiration for the soldiers overseas fighting those very same enemies-you cannot say that you have good values, or that you love your fellow man or that you're a good citizen. When your spiritual brethren around the world are killed and imprisoned for their faith, and you can't shed a tear or say a prayer, there's something wrong! When God's people (the Jews) are targetted by Ishmaelites and the city of Jerusalem is desecrated by Muhamedans and politicians, and you are not concerned, you are not much of a "Faith-child of Abraham" 

I am looked at by infidels and nonbelievers ;) as a crank and an extremist because I am NOT apathetic, because I am vexed, but I say if you aren't up in arms, YOU are the one with a problem NOT me! You can give me your pseudo-pious answers, like, well, Just pray about it, well, I do pray about it, and I am willing to admit that those who couldn't care less about anything but American Idol and Lady GaGa and all that trash :) do NOT pray about it even though that is their pat-answer for everything. 

You may assume that I'm just venting and that I'm frustrated, but that's not what I'm doing. I'm hoping to rattle some cages and wake some people up out of our apathy and negligence, start praying, start agonizing, go on a fast, speak out against evil! Speak up for the truth!

When all of the freedoms and opportunities and priveleges that we've had are about ready to be torn away from us, now would be the time to use those opportunities instead of neglecting them. In MANY NAtions it is AGAINST THE LAW to "Blaspheme" Muhammed. But NOT in the USA, FOR NOW! So I say, Blaspheme Muhammed folks! If they pray towards Mecca five times a day, let us blaspheme their terrorist leader every day! And better still, let us do what the Psalmist would do, and bless and praise the True LORD Seven times a day and pray without ceasing. WE do not need to bow down in a ceremonial way and pray in a pseudo-pious manner in order to be in communion with our God, who is JEHOVAH, not Alah and Muhammed.

In many nations, it is against the law to go to a Bible-believing Church, MANY people were put in jail THIS week in Iran, Pakistan and CHina for going to CHurch, so Americans, don't sleep in on Sunday Morning, get up out of bed, for the sake of your Christian brother who is in jail, and get your butt to Church! :) YOu think I'm being colorful and dramatic, tell that to the man sitting in a cell at this very moment as you read this for going to Church. It isn't a joke to him, it isnt the subject of a blog, it's his life. Would you do that for your God?

There are a lot of other things I think are important standards we must uphold, Respect for the flag. The Pledge of Allegiance. The Sanctity of Marriage, The Necessity of the Holy Bible. The Common Sense of Supporting Our Ally Israel! And so much more. We'll get into it. but first and foremost, we need GOD Himself, in our Nation, in our homes, in our lives, in our hearts. Amen.

Wave the flag Americans and wave the Bible Christians!


  1. I can't come to church though, I'm tired and I just went this morning.. gosh, live in the real world will ya? It's not 1920!

  2. I know man! Its' funny, when ya really think about it, but when we face real persecution, a lot of Christians find Church attendacne and public prayer to be something they cherish but when you have the freedom, and no one is depriving you of it, you act like the blessing you have are actually burdens! We have so many blessings that we think they're too time-consuming and most of us won't see how good they are, until theyre gone.

  3. Sometimes you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone. So appreciate it now! Right! Church really is a great blessing. Hearing a good sermon every week helps keep my wretched self in line.

  4. Great comment resneps :) I also appreciate it now, I don't like to miss Church at all, its a privelege to be there. I enjoy it!