Sunday, August 22, 2010

Worship Me? Hmm.

Psalm 119:165

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

I'm the type of person that likes everybody to be happy : ) if people seem bothered about something, I'll let it bother me. If everyone's happy, and you look down, I'll probably come over to you and ask you if you're okay. That might make me seem like a thoughtful fellow, but I've found it to be more of a curse than a blessing! lol I am tired of worrying about thin-skinned people and guessing what's bothering them this time! Build a bridge, and get over it!
We're living in a hyper-sensitive time. People can't take criticism, they can't take not being the center of attention, they can't handle not getting their way, they can't handle not having their furr stroked the right way! But trying to please all these narcisists is an exhausting and impossible task! Lord help us to get over ourselves so we don't have to be consumed by all of this whining, and belly-aching and whispering, and backbiting, and complaining and on and on. It's so tiring. And it is completely unnecessary! We don't HAVE to live this way! We don't have to be offended all the time, We don't have to defend ourselves so much, especially when we aren't under attack! We don't have to be so defensive, and insecure, and manipulative and power-hungry. people today can't handle being around other honest people. They want to hide away somewhere and surround themselves ONLY with people who agree with them about everything or people who are too weak-minded to stand up to them against their hypocrisy and bullying.
I would love to live in a world in which people were not so thin-skinned, hyper-sensitive, hypocritical, unwilling to seek out the truth, self-deluded and just plain immature.
It is nice to just have a nice time in this life sometimes without worrying about people's sensitivities and sensibilities and egos and verbal portfolios! People seem to think that this life is just a big competition. We are not in a competition with each other! You can succeed without pushing me down! You can be appreciated without stepping on top of somebody else. You can love and be friends with more than just one person in this life! Its' not a crime!
I am getting so frustrated with trying to smooth things over all the time with people who are so nervouse that someone may step on their toes, they're just so skiddish, just hoping that no one dares to accidentally transgress the lines of their holy, sacred opinions and egos! You would think that offending some people was a sin against God! That the eleventh commandment is not to offend or displease you. Where on earth does this narcisisim come from? Whoever told us we were gods not to be blasphemed? I just don't get it. We have gone beyond self-esteem and dignity into self-worship and CLINICAL AND CULTURAL Narcisism! And you wonder why the good Lord isn't blessing us as much today as he used to. We don't have time or room to worship the Lord when we are too busy worshipping and defending ourselves.


  1. Definitely sooo true! Especially that last line...

    Seriously, you're such a great writer, and such a loving, yet truthful fellow. It's why I love ya!


  2. Thanks G, that's a nice compliment!