Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Good Word

George Whitefield,one of the most important figures in the Great Awakening, was a remarkable man. What many do not know is that his sermons did a huge amount to unify the 13 colonies before the Revolutionary War. Without the Great Awakening, there would likely have been no Revolution. The Great Awakening was one of the only things that brought unity and a shared moral fiber to the colonies. I sometimes wonder why that truth is not brought up very much in the public schools? But then again, I have seen some public school teachers who won't even stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, so no doubt, some have lost their perspective.

I continue to languish about and be vexed by the state of the Nation and the Church. We have lost so much on every level, not just as a Nation, but as families, local churches and communities.

Freedoms, institutions like marriage, and the Church, and the home, activities like prayer, Bible-reading, family-time, and helping one's neighbours-need to be cherished, praised, appreciated, and emphasized! We need to get perspective about what is important. But above all, what is most essential, is that in recognizing our fundamental need, our repentance, our spiritual destitution, we must return to our first love. the ONLY One who can help us and save us, the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

What many do not realize, is that our attitude towards Christ, is made perfectly clear, by our attitude towards the mind of Christ, the Sacred Scriptures, the Holy Bible. It is impossible for me to ever describe how profoundly important our attitude towards the Bible is. ALL Divine truth revealed to humanity comes from that Book! And ever since our churches have gone about to correct and revise it, to discard it and de-emphasize it, we have gone down a dark road.

The emphasis is so often on a teacher, or a song service, a tradition, a personality, a presentation, a translation.....but the emphasis should be on the Word of God, written about the Son of God, by the Spirit of God.

If only we would return to God and love Him and cherish His words!

The answer to every modern problem is answered in it. Whether it is moral problems, relatioships, emotions, physical needs, it is all there. We can know exactly what we need, and how to act and what to do, and most importantly how to know God-it is in the Holy Bible!

If we reverene God, we will reverence what He has said!

I am so tired and vexed and sometimes discouraged. I'm up sometimes and down others, but I can point you to a standard, to a message and to a person, that unlike me, is always the same, faithful, true, consistant and unfailing!

So many people look to religious folks for answers. But WE, myself included, are NOT the answer. i can however, point you to the One who IS the Saviour. The One Who never fails, who died on the cross, and shed His blood to pay for all of your sins and rose again to conquer death, He loves you. He wants to save you and He can, just call out to Him for salvation and forgiveness, trust in Him. He is salvation!

You can find fault in every Christian and every Church, but you cannot find fault in Christ or in His Word. Christ and His Word are the answer, not only for every unbeliever, but also for every one of us, backwards, backslidden, petty, inconsistant, insecure Christians.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Am The Religious Right And I'm Not Going Anywhere

Need to get something off my chest, this is gonna be some ranting, I just hope I can get this out the way it needs to get out!

I am listening to Johnny Cash to remind myself that there were once men in this country and to reprogram my mind that is being constantly bombarded by hyper-sensitive, pseudo-pious, politcally correct, platitudes! And PLEASE, can we please have a memmo here, the Messiah does not belong to the peaceniks and the pacifists and the hippies! Enough already! One more person comes at me with something shallow like "Who would Jesus Bomb" or "WWJD" and I think I am going to puke! You've already got Ghandi and the Dalilama, use them for your twisted, inconsistant, emotion based world-view but STOP trying to high-jack Jesus! I am so tired of it. Jesus drove crooks out of the temple with a whip! You got a problem with Him acting like a man, maybe you can talk to him about it some time, maybe next time you see Him on His white horse,  "spreading the love" so tired of shallow people trying to instruct me and intimidate and bully me into shutting up. I'm not gonna shut up! So get used to it! I'm not gonna be bullied by ignorant people talking bad behind my back. I'm going to continue to do and say what I think my Grandpa Buchler would do and say. I'd rather be shamed and looked down on by postmodern lemmings, than the man that fought and bled for his country and came home to raise his family.

The sad things is, even people who would be rather predisposed to agree with me, are caving to the pressure. They think being pro-life, pro-America, honoring the flag and thinking those who seek to kill us are the bad guys is somehow distasteful! We need to stop being on the run and stop being intimidated and influenced and be the ones having the influence! We are Not the distasteful ones! Killing innocent children is what is distasteful! Antisemitism is distasteful! Socialism and infringing on our personal rights is distasteful! Islam is distasteful! Being a patriotic American, waving the flag and reading the Bible, is NOt! Our priorities right now are entirely backwards! I feel like I am Captain VonTrapp in the Sound of Music, the poor fool was the only Austrian who seemed to think he shouldn't be a german and a nazi. His hate for Nazism was very unpopular in that atmosphere. I feel the same way. I know that Islamofaschism is almost exactly the same as the Third Reich, and that, like the Third Reich, what they want is conquest. But I am the bad one for speaking the truth!?!? You want to be mad at somebody, be mad at the terrorists and the corrupt leaders, don't be angry with me because I'm not playing the game and pretending these bloodthirsty, violent, vile, wild people are our friends! When they're intimidating you somewhere, you'll wish this country had listened to people like me. I have already been in situations in the city of Buffalo where Muslims try to intimidate and dominate. It is outrageous! And I for one, will not put up with it. If that makes me a bad person, then so be it. 

And part of the problem is that MEN in America seem to be eating too much soy or watching too much Lifetime television or something. A real man, has enough balance to be gentle when needed and tough when needed, but lots of 'men' today seem to be just plain old panzies! (that's the nice word for it folks) It is good to have the tact to be gracious in certain situations when needed, but it is bad if you can never call a spade a spade because you are simply too afraid! or because you're so weak-minded that you've been brainwashed by the propaganda from college and mainstream media! Quit watching the View and read a book! And they say the demographics is, that young American men do not preferr "Reality" tv show, but sadly, more and more are. Listen, if u watch it to laugh at ppl's stupidity, that's one thing, but if you are one of the people who think its actually "Real" No wonder you're so confused! Listen, when are we gonna realize the trash they broadcast on tv is a bunch of mind-numbing, propaganda and junk that will turn your mind to mush!?  Read a book! And maybe, just maybe, a real book, not some paperback, pop culture, best-selling, rag from Barnes And Nobles. 

I collect old books myself. Do I read newer stuff? Sure. But one thing I have noticed is that people who have no history to compare things to and give them some context, don't realize how out of touch this particular generation is! Believe it or not, there have been wise human beings on this planet for many generations, and all wisdom and knowledge did not come about in the 1990's. We think we need to be 'up to date' all the time, but when you're living in the age of Idiocracy, you may do well to look back every once in a while and see what the "Ancients" had to say. lol  

SO let me put it like this. I think John Wayne, Johnny Cash and General MacArthur are some examples of real men. I utterly despise all these guys with their hair in their faces like little girls, and their stupid skater sneakers, and their snub, condescending, shallow lingo that they think makes them sound educated and enlightened. I am not afraid or ashamed to come across as a little mean sometimes. I'm not intimidated and I don't care if you find me offensive, because as of right now it is still a fre country, and i am a free born person and i am not accountable or enslaved to the sensibilities and sensitivites of thin-skinned women and young men whose........testosterone levels haven't quite balanced out yet ; )

I'm not taking part in this generation's depart from reason and unconditional surrender to self-destruction and Islam. If you want to get down on your hands and knees and kiss the feet of the Muhammedan terrorists, after our forefathers sacrificed so much for our freedoms, that's your problem. But don't expect me to bow. You can have your white guilt, your Christian platitudes, your verses out of context, your feminism, your pseudo-intellectualism and your spirituality. But I'm going to die as the big-mouthed, un-enlightened, old-fashioned, Bible-thumping, right-wing, conservative, fundamentalist, closed-minded, flag-waving, Veteran-honoring, Pledge of Allegiance saying, school praying, Pro-Life, Church-going American, the liberal fanatics seem to be so afraid of. I AM the religious right and I'm not going anywhere!

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Toxic Tirade

The pendallum is constantly swinging from liberalism to legalism, and the battle continues between the evangelicals and the fundamentalist, the mega-churches, and the local churches, the irreverent and the pharisitical...and at times, I find it frustrating. And the reason, is sometimes hard to define. I find that I have been attacked from both sides! lol Some think badly of me because my 'standards' just aren't high enough for them and others condemn me because they think I am too intense, and too conservative and just need to loosen up. So you see, that in this little civil war, you can't win, whether you choose sides or not you will be shot at! But what is the real cause of all of this? I am here to tell you : )

Those that emphasize their standards, and lift them up above ALL else, have left their first love, and are worshipping their own opinions and rules, not God. But, those who HATE standards, are offended by standards, and avoid standards, are so irreverent and flippant about the Lord, that it is clear that what they love is their own pleasure, Not God. They turn the grace of God into lasciviousness. So, both of these nutty camps are off. Because God doesn't seem to be the priority. The lack of concern for pleasing God from the liberal and the lack of tenderness towards God and obsession with rules and lifting up opinions from the legalist, both take the emphasis off of the Lord and onto our desires and opinions.

We have left our first love.

If you follow the greatest commandment, which is to Love The Lord, not only will you be careful not to flippantly engage in activities that are not pleasing to Him, you will also not be so presumptuous as to say your opinions and personal convictions are the end all be all of knowing God or take it upon yourself to be the judge of other Christians who answer to the Lord. If liberals return to their fist love, they'll be more careful how they live and worship, if legalists start to love God, they'll look to Him instead of their own rules and outward appearance. Love God, and all the law will be fulfilled. Simple.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Does it Mean To Be Born Again?

EVeRYoNe has some kind of world view or ideology in their lives, that they have picked up somewhere, even if they haven't realized it.

There is a LOT of religion in the world, and not just in all the varieties of Churchism, Islam and Judaism, etc. It comes in any form, form Hinduism to Environmentalism. Man's need to worship and find meaning and structure is impossible to escape. and so, there is a vast, confusing amount of religiosity.

But If I Had the Chance, to broadcast a message to the WHOLE world, and to have a captive audience of every human being for a few minutes. There is only one message that I would wish to share. It wouldn't be a social message, I wouldn't ask them to vote for someone, or to join a Church or buy a book. If I had the whole world's attention, this is the one message that I would share with them:

according to the Bible, ALL men have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We are all separated from a good and holy God, from our Creator, by our sins. God is Holy and Perfect and Just and so He cannot tolerate sin and it must be judged. The PRICE that must be paid for sin, is beyond anything we can afford, it will cost us our souls. If we try to pay the debt, the payment of death will leave us in Hell forever.

But even though God is Holy and Just and Righteous, He is also loving, and compassionate, merciful and gracious and so. He has come down in the form of the Son, Jesus Christ, lived a perfect, sinless, flawless life, and then given His life and shed His blood on the cross. He bore the debt of sin for all mankind on Calvary, He was rejected by the Father. He took our place. And then He rose up from the dead in eternal victory.

ONLY the perfect act of God on Calvary and in the resurection can save us. We can trust wholly in Him. If you will repent, and turn from your own ways, sins and self-righteousness and just put your faith in Jesus, ask Him for forgiveness and He WILL forgive you. He will save you and make you His own if you simply, sincerely, ask Him. the Bible says "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved"

adhering towards any religion or teacher will not save your soul. Going to a Church will not get you to heaven. Confessing to a priest will not get you forgiven. Respecting the "Pope" will not make you a Christian. Praying and praying and praying will not make you Holy, Religion is just one big, hot mess! The Only hope you've got is in simply turning to Jesus. They don't call Him Saviour for nothing! He is the Only one who can save you. His blood is the only true payment for our sins, to wash them away forever! Taking communion or getting in the water of baptism will not make you closer to God. It is only Jesus. Jesus Himself said "I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me"

Do you want to know your Creator and know you are forgiven and going to heaven? Realize that you are a sinner and acknowledge that you deserve Hell, and no one deserves Heaven, and depend on His grace, put your trust in Jesus for forgiveness. Ask Him to take your life and forgive you and redeem you by His blood. He will! He will come into your heart and become your adopted heavenly Father because of what Jesus did on Calvary. ONLY Jesus can save, religion is nothing but the self-righteousness of man. True repentance is turning from our own idols to Jesus alone. He is the doorway. If you die trusting in your church or the pope, you'll be dissapointed. If you trust in Jesus, you'll be saved!

Jesus said, "Ye must be born again"

The Bible says "There is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" The 'priest' isn't a mediator, Mary isn't a mediator. The Church isn't a mediator, your pastor isnt a mediator, Only Jesus is our mediator! I hope everyone who reads this can turn from their own thoughts and just turn to Jesus and receiev the rest and peace that comes from knowing Christ as your personal Saviour and Lord!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Measure of a Man and why I don't wanna be mr right

A Man! What is a man? He's sometimes hard to recognize in 2010, what with emo-hair in his face, or long flowing rockstar hair, ya know "The same old cliches, is that a woman or a man?" haha What a shame.  

Even GOD HIMSELF told Job to gird his loins up like a man, so the Good Lord DOES expect something from a man, not all of this sad excuse, effeminate, can't make a decision, can't hold a hammer or shoot a gun, skinny-jeans wearing, panzy, late on child support nonsense! lol Anyways.

Its' sad enough that were so subnormal in this generation, you can hardly see a real man, and half the time you settle for a caricature of a real man, like John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. But beyond the feminization of the modern man, and the demasculization and emasculation of males, there is also the lack of understanding that a man is ONLY a man. Nothing more. Jesus is man and God, the rest of us are just men. We don't have absolute perfection and sinlessness, we don't walk on de water ; )

You can find a good man, a man to be an example. a man to show you how to make the best of this crazy world. A man who can show you how to be a good person despite all your flaws and to have courage despite all your fears, to do more good than harm, and to own up to your mistakes. To have some principles. Even a good man is a kind of anti-hero. Out of all the tough-guys we can look up to (though they get fewer and fewer nowadays) You won't find anyone who could bear the cross that Jesus bore, or march into Jerusalem knowing they'd all be yelling crucify Him by that night. There is no one quite like Him, but there are those making their best effort.

One of the simplest things that I've learned is this "You can't save anybody" Another saying, "Jesus Saves" Yep, Jesus saves. I don't. I can't. It's hard to turn around and carry on with your life when somebody you care about is destroying themselves, but all I can do, as a man, is point the way out to the God-Man. I can't save nobody and neither can you, you can try, but trust me, it's futile. 

One of the tings that kills me, is that some people don't think of me as just another man. I got feelings, burdens, dreams, dissapointments and a temper, just like ANY other man. I wish people would accept that. and Understand that just like you are concerned about your needs, and just like you sometimes get angry or have to stand up for your rights, so do I! 

A pastor is a man. a Leader is a man. heck, even Brother Hardman, is a man! We put so much pressure on these guys expecting them to be nothing but a CONSTANT example for us. Thank God for their god example and their character, but we aren't gonna get anywhere until we see that were to learn from everybody, but were to be the disciples of Christ alone! The Church isn't about that particular Pastor, or your favorite Bible teacher, you walk with God, isn't about your favorite christian's about Christ. He is to have the pre-eminence. When will Christianity go back to being about Christ and His Word? I'm just a Sunday School teacher and I feel I'm held up to constant scrutiny, geesh, imagine being a Pastor. A man is a man. He needs prayer, encouragement and cooperation not psychotic expectations and selfish, ego-centric demands! 

I think this is the introduction to my future blogs on MANHOOD. We're gonna talk about what a man is from the Bible perspective, now if you've never read the Good Book, you probably think I'm gonna write about the Church-boy, the choir Boy, sunday school teacher, and how men in church need to be "Mr. Right" and do the laundry and wash the dishes, have lace on their undies, and be quick to apologize. But no, were gonna look at some dudes, like Samson, David, Jonathan, Gideon, and Elijah and Moses. Let me assure you, these men weren't the sissies you see in your average denominational Church n a sunday morning. And we'll talk about John the Baptist, why, that barbarian didn't even own a tie ; )

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Thought for my Critics

It is easy to be misunderstood. I am not telling you that I don't have an arrogant bone in my body. we all do have some kinda pride. If you say you don't, you're probably even prouder! its' kinda like 'you think ye so meek I am twice as meek as you' Anyways, the point is, pride is a sin, we all gotta deal with in lots of different ways.

But some people would have us act pseudo-pious, and feign being humble-by being afriad to speak the truth and talkin all PC and nicety-nice.

Contrary to the opinion of many of my humblest and most pious critics, I do not HATE all the Muslims, or secretly wish the "Pope" would have a heart-attack, or look down my big nose on everybody else. We live in a day when anyone who has the gall to speak the truth without a big apology and disclaimer will be labelled as intolerant, mean-spirited, hateful and proud. but really, we need to smarten up and realize that all this is, is smoke and mirrors to distract from the truth. When somone has no defence for something they kow is wrong and false they bait and switch and call you names. We should be smarter than this. We should not fall for it.

I have LOVE in my heart. lots of it! That is the truth. And the more you love the innocent, the less you will want to tolerate predators! The more you love what is good and wholesome, the more yo will be digusted by the unholy and impure.

Islam, for example, has victimized MILLIONS of Arab people. I HATE Islam, because I care for the well-being of the Islamic PEOPLE. I want them to be free of all of that stuff. I want them to be able to see and hear the superior message of redemption that is in the blood of Jesus, as opposed to the violent, hate-filled, suicide-bombing mentality-message of Muhammed. It isn't that I think I am better because I am from the West or because of the color of my skin, or that I have a superior brain, or any such thing. it isnt that I am a bigot, or intolerant. I just want people to know the True God who brings peace and blessings not warlords, and rape and beheadings, and acid attacks, and suicide bombings! If people followed the teachings of Jesus, we would all be giving, forgiving, helping, treating each other as we wanted to be treated, working hard, etc. If we followed the teachings of Muhammed, we'd have...Afghanistan. What some people don't realize is that there are many people in Arab nations etc, who are hungry to hear about Jesus Christ, but they are also afraid for their lives because of muslim aggression and violence. So don't think for a second that I hate Arabs, I pray for them all the time. I pray for moslims to turn to Christ.

I have catholic relatives, so of course i don't hate catholics! Lets not be ridiculous! Nonetheless, i am NOT ashamed in the slightest to renounce Rome! The Vatican has burned thousands and thousands of people who have the same faith as me at the stake. So no, I do not respect that "Church" in the slightest bit. And I don't have to. That doesn't make me a bad person. it doesn't make me intolerant and mean, it makes me a man of integrity. If you are muslim, or catholic, or atheist, or any other ideology-I guarntee you that if you come to my house, you will be met with hospitality and politeness! I do NOT have to agree with your ideas in order to respect you as a human being, created in the image of God.

People wonder why I harp on the celebritards like Lady gaga, and whoever else may come to mind, it is NOT because I hate them, it is because the stuff that they pollute the airwaves with is having a negative impact on young people and on our society, and it would do a lot of people some good to get a little bit of perspective and realize that everything that comes from Hollywood is NOt Gospel truth, as a matter of fact, like it or lump it, but most of the people that come out of that town are the worst and most base kind of citizens this country has to offer. Their morals and priorities are completely out of wack. Does my practice of common sense make me a hater? No, it doesn't. I may offend some of your sensibilities. But in the long run, if it helps someone to snap out of it and realize that they've been succumbing to the mass media hypnosis, the postmodern spell or curse to be more specific, that they've beeen lulled into complacency and their thinking has been polluted and poisoned, then it is worth it!

There is a lot of filth all over the internet, the radio, the tv, the magazines. let's Spread some wholesomeness around. let's spread some honesty around. let's spread some truth and Scriptures around! Spread the Good Word! And let the wholesome words of the Gospel of John and the proverbs of Solomon replace the words of the ladies on the view and the singers on the radio. Let the songs in Psalms replace the negative songs you listen to. There is a lot more for all of us, than just the same old nonsense from hollywood, and psycho-babble, and complainging radio shows and complaining about the economy! There is a lot of beautiful poetry, helpful sermons, godly music, sincere testimonies and conversation, and above it all, there are sixty-six books packed full of heavenly Wisdom and Revelation in the King James Bible! Read it, think about it, meditate on it, memorize it, spread it around! It wil change your life! And you'll start to love God and hate the devil's world! And you'll find yourself agreeing with me a little bit when I point out the evils of islam, the roman church and pop culture! Peace.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Build A Bridge and Get Over It

This one is being written not just for fun and for interesting commentary, this is a problem that needs some light shed on it.

Every couple of days, I get some new little petty report from friends and family, who are supposed to love each other with some new report or complaint about something petty, and stupid, shallow, physical, worldly and certainly not of lasting importance or eternal value. IF we have a message that we expect ANYONE Else to take seriously, than we can't have a testimonty of arguing about stupid things all of the time! 

I love a healthy debate! lol About stupid stuff like politics, and hey, maybe I'm wrong in that. I've been wrong before. But I'm talking about quibbling and complaing, and backbiting, and competing between family and friends who are supposed to be on the same team! Every time I sit down with a different group of people, I feel like I'm sitting down at the negotiation table in the middleast, or like I'm judge Judy and I have to decide who's lying. Enough is enough! We've got to grow up and top being so petty! Do you want to be that brother and sister who has such a hard time getting along that they end up on Judge Judy arguing over a table, or who has to pay for Mommy's funeral!? Life is TOO SHORT! Grow Up! Build a bridge and get over it! We are Not in competition. We are not enemies. We should be looking to help each other and bless each other, not putting each other down, judging each other, looking down your nose and thinking you're better, and talking behind people's backs! 

We Christians are family, and we should be willing to swallow our pride sometimes, and even allow ourselves to be wronged every once in a while, for the sake of showing some mercy and concern for others, but even beyond that, people of the same family, Wow! One day, one of you is going to have to bury the other, yer gonna be at that funeral, you're going to hear that coffin close for the last time, and say goodbye to your brother, sister, mother, in-law, father, son or daughter-whatever-and that will be it, they'll be gone. And you won't wish you could bring them back so you could finish that last argument you had. You'll wish you didn't waste so much time arguing!

We need to get some perspective here. We need to snap out if it, Stop and ask yourself what it is that you are trying to gain by your on-going conflicts and dramas with other people. Cut the drama everyone! Stop it! Enough is enough. I'm avoiding drama like the plague. Peace.  

Glory And Light in the midst of Trouble and Darkness

It is another beautiful fall day! I sure have been enjoying this coming of the fall season. Thank God for every beautiful, sunny day-with a nice, brisk breeze! So refreshing.

The joy of the Lord is our strength!

Foreseeing some drastic changes, or supernatural miracles, chances are all of us on this planet are headed together on a course that leads to more pain, suffering and hardship. That is the general consensus. But where is the hope? There must be some hope, right? What can we look forward to?

I am here to tell you that the Biblical message offers Hope to a world with deep and profound troubles! The smiling, 3000 dollar suite, tele-vangelist, has a propsperity to offer that is nothing but an empty promise. he offers hope, but it isn't real. It might as well be one of the campaign slogans we'll be hearing leading up to the elections-empty promises. BUT, that Good Word, which most of the world turns a deaf ear to-which seems too somber, too extreme, too old-fashioned, though it may not be candy-coated, and full of fluff, offers REAL Hope, true Hope, realistic, helpful, insightful, wholesome truth!

Yes, Joel Osteen may be able to fill a stadium with smiling people who are convinced their businesses are going to prosper and money is gonna fall from sadly, so many of those people will either find out that things don't ALWAYS go their way and peter out, or they'll be such servants to material prosperity, that they won't be any spiritual good. The question shouldn't be who is making the most money in your Church, but how many souls have been saved. Who has been helped to have peace in their hearts and be filled with God's love?  

During some of the Church's most difficult times, in the New Testament, miracles happened, people were healed, thousands were saved, the Church grew. Yes, there are great difficulties and dark realities in all corners of this earth. But these trying times can be times of great blessing, opportunity and revelation. BE strong in the Lord. Find joy in HIM because that is your strength! Draw closer than ever before. Instead of being discouraged right now-draw closer than ever! Be strong and courageous! Its' just like the worst battles in a War-the HARDEST battles were the ones with the most GLORY! In World War 2, when a few hundred American soldiers defeated 5000 Japanese-they faced their hardest moments, but they brought the greatest glory and did their country proud! Let's find the glory and the opportunity in whatever is in front of us!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Simple Message That COULD Transform Our World

I need to finish preparing my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. But perhaps a little writing will get my brain running a little to finish it. This has been an emotional day. Just so many profound things to think about.

I don't know exactly what direction Sunday school is going to be going in, but one thing i have had on my heart is the word "Love' Even the word, is so overused, misused, missaplied...we are just saturated with thoughts of the word, desires for love, ideas of what love is, songs about it, poems about it, movies about it, and on and on. Thousands of books have been written about the concept of love, and yet, despite how difficult some may think it is to define, you know it when you experience it. Holywood, Disney, and teenage girls have cheapened the importance of the word and made it seem like something corny, trite or cliche. But it isn't.

When you even begin to experience the love of God in your heart, you start to realize how silly and shallow your old ideas about love were, and how vain it is to try to project a tough-guy exterior when the most mighty Being in all existance, who is said to be a Man of War, is described in the scripture to be Love, Himself. "God is love"

I would take the love of a father over the love of a "Hippie" anyday. What I mean is-a romantic might be able to talk about his or her love all day, and act nice, an say nice things, and paint flowers, and smile and hug and kiss and all of that but when all hell breaks lose as it were, it is a father's love that will die to defend is son or daughter because he loves them. It is a friend like Jesus, who will DIE for the ones He loves, who will suffer and bleed to demonstrate His love, no hugs and kisses and fuzzy feelings there. Oh don't get me wrong now, when you think on how the Apostle John, a full-grown man, laid on Jesus chest like a child during the last supper, there is no doubt a tenderness, but it was not a tender, weak man, who courageously bore the cross outside of Jerusalem and faced His accusers at herod's palace...and it isn't a romantic date that causes those who love their country to risk and give their lives to preserve our Liberty. When I think of a man, who stayed behind at the world trade center, to help others escape, knowing full-well he probably would never make it out, I see that as a deeper love than the first images we often conjure up when we hear the word. That is why the Bible says Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends...

The PC police are always telling us Christians not to be against sins and not to be politically correct becaue its not "Loving" We know of course that that is a crock and that true love is honest an has integrity. But putting that aside, we have come along way away from the love that should distinguish us from others. Sadly, not only do we often not extend the same amount of compassion and outreach that we used to to nonbelievers and poor and needy, but we are even lcking in forgiveness, courteousness, respect, manners, and hospitality etc, among our own ranks. Even the unbelievers know how to treat their own, that is nothing to brag about, but sadly, we've come so far in this selfish, narcisisstic culture we've embraced, that the customs which used to be a lifestyle have gone by the wayside. There is nothing wrong with being attentive when someone is spaking to you, with saying please and thank you, and yes sir and yes mam, and calling older folks Mister and Mrs! Thank you cards are still superior to thank you facebook messages, as are birthday cards and written letters. A hearty handshake is still a good way to greet someone. Baking something for someone is still a friendly thing to do! Waving and smiling at people you don't know shouldn't be something only practiced in a few small towns down south. helping someone out who is broken down on the side of the road is th Christian thing to do still! We are so married to our own agenda and schedules that we don't have time to help others, or even to be friendly to others!    

Every human being you come into contact with was made in the image of God and has a soul, and they are valuable to their Creator, so if yo have the Creator's Spirit in you, they should be valuable to you-so everyone should be treated with respect, dignity and common courtesy! Everyone, no matter how young or old, no matter what color, no matter what station. Waiters and waitresses are at work, they are not your slaves! be polite and leave a tip! Old people are your elders and deserve respect, EVEN if they are senile, they still deserve RESPECT! If only we could teach some of these folks working in nursing homes that little nugget.

I see "Christians" in their suit and tie, making comments about the 'riff raff' they see around town or down at the wallmart ; ) My, how we have lost our perspective. What would Christ do and say concerning these people? He would be quicker to rebuke you than He would them.

I believe in looking your best, doing your best, paying your bills, getting an education and all of that stuff, but when you get to looking down your nose at other people, look out, because anyone of us could be knocked down a peg or two at any moment, believe me. I've been knocked down plenty of times, and I'm afraid of arrogance because I don't enjoy when God has to humiliate me.

We have a lot of blessings. Including our own faculties, skills and talents, those are afforded to us by God's grace, they could vanish at the drop of a dime. Let's be thankful rather than having a sense of entitlement and pride. It would be a blessing if this blog touched some hearts and we started being humble and respectful and treating everyone in the Church equally and respectfully moretheless if we looked at the outside world as Christ does! We need a severe attitude adjustment. We do not need the empty shallow, fake facades of liberalism where we all act nicety-nice but it's all a lie, but we also do not need to be so arrogant, and so flippant about other people! So many adults think they are too old to learn in Sunday School-but interstingly, you forgot the one they teach the kids-The Golden Rule! The Golden Rule won't get you to Heaven-only being born again does that-but practicing it could turn our Nation into a little piece of heaven on earth! Imagine if you really thought of everyone else as your neighbour and LOVED them, imagine if we all HONESTLY and TRULY treated everyone else as we know in our hearts, we would like to be treated! It would be a brand new world! At the very least, let us follow that Rule in the Church so that the world will recognize where God is and where His Word is put into practice!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why Islamic Republics are Afraid of the Bibl in Print! We dont fear the quarn by the way, but when in desperate need of toilet paper, it will do

Everyone has an opinion about everything. People are arguing everywhere, whether its' about politics or relationships. When you have five old men, all with experience on their side, and they all say to take their advice and they all have differing advice, you realize the world is a contradictory, confusing place. Especially nowadays, when there are so many media trying to steal your attention that you can't tell the difference between the voice of your own thoughts or something implanted in your head by some ad campaign or agenda pushing article or commercial. When I'm slammed with constant chatter and opinion and intellectual bullying, I turn to the ancient, eastern wisdom ; ) of the Holy Bible.

We are all always "Expressing" our opinion about everything. Including myself. But I don't have to be a slave to, or verociously defend, my own opinion. My opinion is a small thing, when I open the leather covers of my King James Bible. All the corners people have tried to back my thinking into, don't mean anything, as I meditate on the Scriptures. No matter what position, age or popularity of the person trying to convert me to their way of thinking is-I am supernaturally being converted to the Sacred Truth, that existed long before I was born and will continue to exist long after we have all turned into dust.

Thouands upon thousands upon thousands of symbols have been written and recorded from the ancient moral codes of the Gaelic tribes of Ireland, to the names of notable Babylonians, to the vast and ridiculous tax code of the USA : ) But only the sixty-six books of the Bible have withstood the tests of time, scrutiny and practical use. Its' words can change your heart and your life. It changes the course of nations. It cuts through all of the rhetoric, propaganda and religion and reveals the truth to the sincere and willing soul. It separates between the joint and marrow, and the thoughts and intentions of the human heart. It gives insights into your intention, desired, conceits and needs more than any therapist or counsellor ever could. It gives the answers to more mysteries and propchecies than any seer or philosopher or predictor has ever dreamed of.

From our origins, our flaws, our destiny, damnation and redemption, the Bible contains all of the truth mankind needs to know. There have been many cheap imitations and sorry knock-offs, some if which include the bok of mormon and the Quaran, but none of those supposed holy books, do anything except try to mimick the Bible to satisfy the manipulative desires of stupid, greedy men like Joseph Smith (snake oil salesman) and Muhammed (terrorist, warlord and pedophile). Anyone who thinks they are all basically the same, is simply someone who has never read them. I have read the Bible, read it every day. I have also read the book of mormon and the Quaran, and even the satanic 'bible' and I must say all three of those ooks were brain-numbingly worthless an pathetic. Not only did they not succeed in offering any redemptive or holy power or help for a human being, they didn't even scatch the surface of the Bible's glorious literary beauty and poetry, nor did they even approach the vast amount of historically accurate and archeologically verifiable truths that the Bible describes from one generation to the next to the next. No Book has EVER come even fractionally close to the power and influence of the Holy Bible.

We do not need to burn the Quaran to conquer Islamist lies, we need only to convince the misguided muslims to READ the Bible and they will see the inferior book and message that is the Quaran.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Postmodern Appocalypse Fun

I think we all know that we are living in unprecedentedly troubled times. Don't get me wrong, I live in relative comfort, and you probably do too, we have a lot to be thankful for! But we know that the political unrest in this world is widespread. We know that almost every corner of the planet from our southern borders with Mexico, to "Palestine" an Israel, to China and Taiwan, to Pakistan and India to North and South Korea is but one step from all out War. We know the markets are just one day from a total collapse, it could happen at any time, and no one would be too surprised. We know that the magnitude of earthquakes and tsunamis on this planet are unheard of in their ferocity and diversity. We know that the neighbourly attitude, the American Way of life, that we once knew, is dying. We know that America is vastly and fastly changing before our eyes. We know that racial division is heightened. That good old-fashioned religion is on the decline and that the American child is more apt to be on ritalin and end up in a jail cell than he/she is to be succesful, happy citizens.

But despite all of this--we claim that we are more enlightened and progressive than ever before. We think that the old ideals of our forefathers are out-dated, politically incorrect, out-of-touch, unreasonable and supersticious! We haven't produces a fraction of the success that our grandparents have, and the success we now enjoy has been built upon THEIR shoulders, yet here we stand, in self-satisfied arrogance-unwilling to bow the knee to our Maker, to listen to the old preacher, the old wisdom, the common sense or the work ethic or code of morals that built this nation. The big claim from the modern infidel is that "I may not go to Church or read the Bible but I'm a 'spiritual' person" Yes, well, our beloved "Spirituality" has not born very impressive fruit. It hasn't brought about any Great Awakenings, or built a moral fiber for a community, on the contrary, it has produced communities that don't know their neighbours, children that don't respect their elders, workers that don't take pride in their work, students that don't listen to their teachers, business-men and politicians that have no conscience or accountability, police officers that neither give nor receive common respect or courtesy, families that don't stay together, empty Churches, high crime, high amounts of drug and alcohol abuse, lack of general health, both physical and mental-all of this decay in the culture and yet we continue to cling to our postmodern, A-moral, A-theist, relativist mindset. And we are PROUD of it? Why?

I watched people who do not believe in Jesus Christ or even respect the founding fathers for that matter, WEEP and become emotionally overwhelmed, as the Barak Obama (PBUH) was inaugurated. Amazing that they could become so emotionally overhwlemed by a politician pettaling false-promises and tax-hikes, but they can't be bothered with traditional morals or common sense advice that has held true for generations! That they would HONOR a man who worked for a community organizing campaign known for voter registration FRAUD in the most corrupt city in America (Chicago) but they don't become emotionally touched by the "Star Spangled Banner" or the sacrifices of our Revolutionary Soldiers, or the Pledge of Allegiance, or the words and actions of our founders. These are the people that laugh as COmedy Central makes fun of Jesus Christ, but think making fun of B.O. in "Innapropriate" and racially charged...Wow! Talk about having your priorities backwards! When you have more respect for B.O. than you do for Christ....we are in a bad way. 

It is difficult to capture the essence of just what has gone wrong in this country. It reminds me of some weird science fiction show, like perhaps the twilight zone, where everyone has gone bomnkers and I'm one of the only ones who notices something isn't right. This just isn't the America of even ten years ago! Heck, it wasn't that long ago when the most popular shows on TV were Touched By an Angel and Promised I know those shows may have been a but cheesy or whatever, but my how far we have come! Even the things that are advertised for now, in the middle of the day-not too many years back, wouldn't have been on tv at all! This is not a matter of being a prud, this is a matter of our culture lacking decency or class! But what has caused this to all be seeming to come to a head so quickly? Yes, some of us have had a real wake-up call because of this and that is why things like Tea PArties and the Restoring Honor Rally took place in Washington. But the fact is, it is not yet enough. America is sick. There is something wrong with her right now, and we need to realize this. We need to see that something is dreadfully wrong. We have become too polluted with selfishness, technological, soul-stealing dependency, apathy, a-morality, materialism-and I do not mean a drive for success, I mean a synthetic dependence on material things-plastic things,unreal products with no true value other than glamour or convenience. We have swallowed the lie that there are some things we just CAN'T live without so that EVERYONE thinks they need a credit card and our whole nation from Washington, to State to Local governments to families is drowning in debt. We are consumed by covetousness and envy and class-bating so that we are never satisfied! The DEVIL himself has got us all mainlining on tv, internet, text messages, pain-killers, sedatives, fast-food, soy products, mass-slaughtered meat, and pop psychology to the point that we think we NEED all of these things to live and simple Christian living is a thing of the past. We are modern day-frankenstein monsters-and we don't even want to free ourselves from the pop culture, mass media slavery we've given ourselves to! 

Christians used to oppose humanism-but even humanism is superior to the nihilisitc, nietzian, postmodern lunacy that has overtaken American and European thinkers! Humanism is bad, postmodernism is worse. Both of them are leading us to sure destruction. Flee from the wrath to come! We've all heard the arguments that this is just the times were living in so just sit back and watch blahblh blah, BUT you must make sure that YOU do not suffer the mind-death that the rest of the drones are giving into! Don't drink the kool-aide! Don't be assimilated! If they end up shutting us up, putting us away, destroying our land, etc. At least I'll go down with my convictions intact and not as some Obama-loving, slogan-chanting, pop-culture-feed, addicted, braindead drone. I don't know exactly what is going to happen in this world, but I'm going to do my best to be on the right side of history and I am going to pray for and seek the healing of our Nation.  

Stirring of the Heart

The last few days I've been feeling a little bummed out. Had a two day long migraine, and just feeling discouraged, not really for any particular reason. I knew I needed to get a Bible, open it up and read it. But something was convincing me to avoid the Lord which we all know is stupid. Then, finally, I was sitting out on the front porch, enjoying the fall weather and I decided to just reflect on some Scripture verses that I had already memorized, so I thought about Psalm 1, reciting the verses to myself. And in no time flat, my attitude started to change. My heart was warmed and my discouragement started to disappear.

Then there was Church tonight and we had a nice night, singing some simple hymns and choruses, and listening to a good, Biblical sermon.

We ALL go thru seasons of happiness and seasons of grumpiness or feeling down. That's just the way it is. But no matter how many times I learn this lesson, it seems I need to learn it again. My soul NEEDS to feed on good things. I need my heart to be warmed and stirred by the message of the Word of God, EVERY day. Simple, wholesome CHristian music, edifying words and testimonies and time meditating on Scripture are essential for every CHristian. Without them, no matter how spiritual we have ourselves convinced that we are, we will grow cold and discouraged. Input equals output and you reap what you sow so I encourage everyone, keep getting that time alone with God, don't let anything, even a sluggish or discouraged mood, stop you from getting to the encouragement God has for you. We need his strength.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What Happened To Christian Music?

My computer seems to be possessed or something, lol I have not been having the greatest luck with technology lately ; )

I am listening right now to what was called "The Love Song of the Welsh Revival," the title, "Here Is Love, Vast as the Ocean" No, I can't write it or say it in Welsh. Althouugh it would be cool if I could, Welsh is a beautiful language, and I think it is somewhat related to the Gaelic languages that my ancestors spoke in Ireland. I'm no expert on the matter though.

The songs and music of profound and meanignful spiritual awakenings, have profound and meaningful verses. I think it is fair to say that some of what is passed off as praise and worship music today is not too profound or meaningful. Don't get me wrong. I am not overly strict in my musical tastes, but what I do look for is meaning, depth and worship. Not something slapped together, generically, superficially, quickly and for the sake of consumerism. The follow the bouncing ball praise and worship songs in the Christian Entertainment Centers today rarely hold a candle to songs like "It is Well With My Soul," or "Amazing Grace." Even those Churches that think they are really holding the line when it comes to traditional Christian music aren't holding the line as much as they think. I have been rsearching and looking at old hymns that were sang by Americans in the 1700s and some of them were so excellent and yet they are nearly lost to time. Of course, if some of us would live lives like they lived back then, lives marked by service, prayer, fasting, some solitude, Bible reading, devotion-than we could be writing more of our own great songs instead of adapting songs from the new evangelicals ; ) Again, don't get me wrong, I think there is a time and a place meant for all sorts of different types of spiritual music but some of us are just lacking the music that has quality, depth and sincerity. You have to consider the source. Some music is made to SELL, but that it just not what we should be looking for in music designed to be both worshipful and edifying.

I've been in CHurches that aren't too into the contemporary, but all they sing are fast-paced, like marching tunes. Well, those songs have their place. But Keep on the Firing Line, just doesn't take the place of It Is Well With My Soul, or Holy, Holy, Holy. I think even of Lester Roloff, and how he took the time to re-introduce old hymns into the Church, some of which Baptist are still singing today! What a blessing! I think when we read the Scripture that describes, psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, that gives us our clue that there are supposed to be different kinds of holy music. We need to have balance. A lighthearted, happy song, can be just what the doctor ordered for your heart, but a deep, thoughtful, somber song, never hurt anyone's soul either. You can go from "Its' Amazing What Praising Can Do" to "There's Something Mighty Sweet About the Lord" to "Fairest Lord Jesus" just fine. They may be different in style and slightly in purpose, but they're all good. But I have to admit, I just don't buy into a lot of the contemporary praise music. My comments about contemporary music are MY opinions and thoughts, I'm not trying to pass this off as doctrine or Gospel. And I'm not saying none of it is any good or that it doesn' help ANYONE, but I do think it leaves something to be desired. There's just a certain amount of revernece and thoughtfulness that doesn't seem to go into some of the stuff made for the big worship many of them seem to say nothing but I, Me, myself, me me me, and they lack good doctrine, and reverence. Are they evil? Mostly No. But they are inferior. IF given the option of good, better or best. I'll take best. If someone wants to sing overused, touchy-feely slogans and cliches and bumper sticker sayings, that's fine. But I prefer something a little less embarassing.

I'll go further. It is easy for someone to read this and think, yeah, darn those mega-Churches and new evangelical liberal bubble-gum chewin wimpy Christians. lol But really, what got me thinking about this wasn't the Kingdom Bounch bunch so much, it was us old school baptists. It seems a lot either sing the same old few hymns, over and over and over completely neglecting all the other amazing hymns, or they just sing all the loud, 4/4 marhing songs over and over....and even more than that, soem say theyre singing the old fashioned music, but really, its' some popular, southern-type stuff, FULL OF CLICHES and not so thoughtful lyrics, written by and sang by all denominations all over the south.....hmm. NOw, I'm even surprising myself here to be honest. Its' easy to be misunderstood. I am not AGAINST any of this music. It's all good. I am just noticing that the calibur of music, and worship-time in general, all over the Country, just doesn't seem to be what it was. I think two things need to be remembered. 1. Is sincerity and praise and true HEARTFELT worship in every song is essential and 2. an awareness of our heritage, taking time to include songs written by our greatest heroes and containing our most important doctrines. Many of the old hymns sing of the Trinity the econd Coming, the SPECIFICS of what Christ did in His death, burial and ressurection. You can actually LEARN something from those hymns. It amazes me how many contemporary songs use the word "Holy" incessantly and yet they NEVER even attempt to describe what Holiness actually is. It cheapens holiness, in my opinion. And to say things like I give myself to you, I offer You the sacrifice of praise, etc, in flippancy, and unbelievably casually, just seems to make it mean a lot less. THis whole line of thought can bring about a lot of please share your own thoughts, respectfully of course :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

He Is Worthy

I still don't have a ton of access to the computer so I thought I'd post a hasty little blog.

I had a great night last night hanging with a couple of my buddies, singing songs and fellowshipping. Then I woke up this morning to go do some painting and in the car on the way there I had some worship time with God and it was wonderful! I was so excited by the time i started painting that I wished I could head to Church tonight just to get some shouting and praising in! People think its' weird to get all crazy in the Lord that way ; ) But that's just because they've never done it. Once you get used to it, you'll wonder why you spent years sitting there like a lump on a log half the time, lol It is totally normal to get excited. And here's the rather interesting part of the story. I had been feeling kinda down for a couple days, just kind of feeling unworthy, and like a spiritual loser, lol which by all rights I really am, but that's part of what made it so special. Sometimes we all can get delusions of grandeur and think were spiritual hot stuff, but God has a way of reminding us that were not all that, and it knocks us down a couple of pegs, but then, on further reflection, it makes us all the more thankful and worshipful. I know I'm just a man. I know I'm full of flaws. But at the same time. I know He is faithful to me and He never leaves me and His mercies are new every morning. And even though my failures, sometimes eat at me, especially when I let others down or am not the example I should be, I know that all in all, it is HIM who we look to. It isn't me, and really it isnt anyone else. I have respect for a lot of people, but EVERY man is just a man, nothing more or less. And if you realize that, you'll stop searching this world for someone to worship and look up to, and inspire you-and start being inspired by and worshiping and looking to and praising and trusting, in the ONE Individual who is never going to let you down. I wanna be more like Him, every day. And we all should. But, He is the Only One that truly, consistently, measures up to every standard and is perfect and completely worthy of all the praise, sacrifice, love, discipline, devotion and adoration that you could ever give! We sacrifice for things we love, so many admirable men sacrifice for our Nation, our flag, our liberties. But even those righteous ideals, cannot measure up to the ultimate purpose we were created for, in the end, it is all for the pleasure of our Worthy Creator. And that simple fact blows all of our postmodern selfishness and narcissism out of the water! It brings true liberty. Liberty not only from physical bullies and oppressors, but from the bondage of your own selfishness that can so easily steal your joy and make you unthankful and discontent. Peace.