Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Build A Bridge and Get Over It

This one is being written not just for fun and for interesting commentary, this is a problem that needs some light shed on it.

Every couple of days, I get some new little petty report from friends and family, who are supposed to love each other with some new report or complaint about something petty, and stupid, shallow, physical, worldly and certainly not of lasting importance or eternal value. IF we have a message that we expect ANYONE Else to take seriously, than we can't have a testimonty of arguing about stupid things all of the time! 

I love a healthy debate! lol About stupid stuff like politics, and hey, maybe I'm wrong in that. I've been wrong before. But I'm talking about quibbling and complaing, and backbiting, and competing between family and friends who are supposed to be on the same team! Every time I sit down with a different group of people, I feel like I'm sitting down at the negotiation table in the middleast, or like I'm judge Judy and I have to decide who's lying. Enough is enough! We've got to grow up and top being so petty! Do you want to be that brother and sister who has such a hard time getting along that they end up on Judge Judy arguing over a table, or who has to pay for Mommy's funeral!? Life is TOO SHORT! Grow Up! Build a bridge and get over it! We are Not in competition. We are not enemies. We should be looking to help each other and bless each other, not putting each other down, judging each other, looking down your nose and thinking you're better, and talking behind people's backs! 

We Christians are family, and we should be willing to swallow our pride sometimes, and even allow ourselves to be wronged every once in a while, for the sake of showing some mercy and concern for others, but even beyond that, people of the same family, Wow! One day, one of you is going to have to bury the other, yer gonna be at that funeral, you're going to hear that coffin close for the last time, and say goodbye to your brother, sister, mother, in-law, father, son or daughter-whatever-and that will be it, they'll be gone. And you won't wish you could bring them back so you could finish that last argument you had. You'll wish you didn't waste so much time arguing!

We need to get some perspective here. We need to snap out if it, Stop and ask yourself what it is that you are trying to gain by your on-going conflicts and dramas with other people. Cut the drama everyone! Stop it! Enough is enough. I'm avoiding drama like the plague. Peace.  

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