Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Glory And Light in the midst of Trouble and Darkness

It is another beautiful fall day! I sure have been enjoying this coming of the fall season. Thank God for every beautiful, sunny day-with a nice, brisk breeze! So refreshing.

The joy of the Lord is our strength!

Foreseeing some drastic changes, or supernatural miracles, chances are all of us on this planet are headed together on a course that leads to more pain, suffering and hardship. That is the general consensus. But where is the hope? There must be some hope, right? What can we look forward to?

I am here to tell you that the Biblical message offers Hope to a world with deep and profound troubles! The smiling, 3000 dollar suite, tele-vangelist, has a propsperity to offer that is nothing but an empty promise. he offers hope, but it isn't real. It might as well be one of the campaign slogans we'll be hearing leading up to the elections-empty promises. BUT, that Good Word, which most of the world turns a deaf ear to-which seems too somber, too extreme, too old-fashioned, though it may not be candy-coated, and full of fluff, offers REAL Hope, true Hope, realistic, helpful, insightful, wholesome truth!

Yes, Joel Osteen may be able to fill a stadium with smiling people who are convinced their businesses are going to prosper and money is gonna fall from heaven...lol...but sadly, so many of those people will either find out that things don't ALWAYS go their way and peter out, or they'll be such servants to material prosperity, that they won't be any spiritual good. The question shouldn't be who is making the most money in your Church, but how many souls have been saved. Who has been helped to have peace in their hearts and be filled with God's love?  

During some of the Church's most difficult times, in the New Testament, miracles happened, people were healed, thousands were saved, the Church grew. Yes, there are great difficulties and dark realities in all corners of this earth. But these trying times can be times of great blessing, opportunity and revelation. BE strong in the Lord. Find joy in HIM because that is your strength! Draw closer than ever before. Instead of being discouraged right now-draw closer than ever! Be strong and courageous! Its' just like the worst battles in a War-the HARDEST battles were the ones with the most GLORY! In World War 2, when a few hundred American soldiers defeated 5000 Japanese-they faced their hardest moments, but they brought the greatest glory and did their country proud! Let's find the glory and the opportunity in whatever is in front of us!


  1. Joel Osteen, forgot he even existed. Thanks for reminding me :(

  2. sorry buddy lol ppl like him have always been around though, silver tongued money makers. dont get me wrong, i dont know his heart, he MIGHt be sincere, nonetheless, there's a lot more to the Christian message than his shallow, money money money message lol