Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Good Word

George Whitefield,one of the most important figures in the Great Awakening, was a remarkable man. What many do not know is that his sermons did a huge amount to unify the 13 colonies before the Revolutionary War. Without the Great Awakening, there would likely have been no Revolution. The Great Awakening was one of the only things that brought unity and a shared moral fiber to the colonies. I sometimes wonder why that truth is not brought up very much in the public schools? But then again, I have seen some public school teachers who won't even stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, so no doubt, some have lost their perspective.

I continue to languish about and be vexed by the state of the Nation and the Church. We have lost so much on every level, not just as a Nation, but as families, local churches and communities.

Freedoms, institutions like marriage, and the Church, and the home, activities like prayer, Bible-reading, family-time, and helping one's neighbours-need to be cherished, praised, appreciated, and emphasized! We need to get perspective about what is important. But above all, what is most essential, is that in recognizing our fundamental need, our repentance, our spiritual destitution, we must return to our first love. the ONLY One who can help us and save us, the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

What many do not realize, is that our attitude towards Christ, is made perfectly clear, by our attitude towards the mind of Christ, the Sacred Scriptures, the Holy Bible. It is impossible for me to ever describe how profoundly important our attitude towards the Bible is. ALL Divine truth revealed to humanity comes from that Book! And ever since our churches have gone about to correct and revise it, to discard it and de-emphasize it, we have gone down a dark road.

The emphasis is so often on a teacher, or a song service, a tradition, a personality, a presentation, a translation.....but the emphasis should be on the Word of God, written about the Son of God, by the Spirit of God.

If only we would return to God and love Him and cherish His words!

The answer to every modern problem is answered in it. Whether it is moral problems, relatioships, emotions, physical needs, it is all there. We can know exactly what we need, and how to act and what to do, and most importantly how to know God-it is in the Holy Bible!

If we reverene God, we will reverence what He has said!

I am so tired and vexed and sometimes discouraged. I'm up sometimes and down others, but I can point you to a standard, to a message and to a person, that unlike me, is always the same, faithful, true, consistant and unfailing!

So many people look to religious folks for answers. But WE, myself included, are NOT the answer. i can however, point you to the One who IS the Saviour. The One Who never fails, who died on the cross, and shed His blood to pay for all of your sins and rose again to conquer death, He loves you. He wants to save you and He can, just call out to Him for salvation and forgiveness, trust in Him. He is salvation!

You can find fault in every Christian and every Church, but you cannot find fault in Christ or in His Word. Christ and His Word are the answer, not only for every unbeliever, but also for every one of us, backwards, backslidden, petty, inconsistant, insecure Christians.

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