Thursday, September 2, 2010

He Is Worthy

I still don't have a ton of access to the computer so I thought I'd post a hasty little blog.

I had a great night last night hanging with a couple of my buddies, singing songs and fellowshipping. Then I woke up this morning to go do some painting and in the car on the way there I had some worship time with God and it was wonderful! I was so excited by the time i started painting that I wished I could head to Church tonight just to get some shouting and praising in! People think its' weird to get all crazy in the Lord that way ; ) But that's just because they've never done it. Once you get used to it, you'll wonder why you spent years sitting there like a lump on a log half the time, lol It is totally normal to get excited. And here's the rather interesting part of the story. I had been feeling kinda down for a couple days, just kind of feeling unworthy, and like a spiritual loser, lol which by all rights I really am, but that's part of what made it so special. Sometimes we all can get delusions of grandeur and think were spiritual hot stuff, but God has a way of reminding us that were not all that, and it knocks us down a couple of pegs, but then, on further reflection, it makes us all the more thankful and worshipful. I know I'm just a man. I know I'm full of flaws. But at the same time. I know He is faithful to me and He never leaves me and His mercies are new every morning. And even though my failures, sometimes eat at me, especially when I let others down or am not the example I should be, I know that all in all, it is HIM who we look to. It isn't me, and really it isnt anyone else. I have respect for a lot of people, but EVERY man is just a man, nothing more or less. And if you realize that, you'll stop searching this world for someone to worship and look up to, and inspire you-and start being inspired by and worshiping and looking to and praising and trusting, in the ONE Individual who is never going to let you down. I wanna be more like Him, every day. And we all should. But, He is the Only One that truly, consistently, measures up to every standard and is perfect and completely worthy of all the praise, sacrifice, love, discipline, devotion and adoration that you could ever give! We sacrifice for things we love, so many admirable men sacrifice for our Nation, our flag, our liberties. But even those righteous ideals, cannot measure up to the ultimate purpose we were created for, in the end, it is all for the pleasure of our Worthy Creator. And that simple fact blows all of our postmodern selfishness and narcissism out of the water! It brings true liberty. Liberty not only from physical bullies and oppressors, but from the bondage of your own selfishness that can so easily steal your joy and make you unthankful and discontent. Peace. 

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