Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Am The Religious Right And I'm Not Going Anywhere

Need to get something off my chest, this is gonna be some ranting, I just hope I can get this out the way it needs to get out!

I am listening to Johnny Cash to remind myself that there were once men in this country and to reprogram my mind that is being constantly bombarded by hyper-sensitive, pseudo-pious, politcally correct, platitudes! And PLEASE, can we please have a memmo here, the Messiah does not belong to the peaceniks and the pacifists and the hippies! Enough already! One more person comes at me with something shallow like "Who would Jesus Bomb" or "WWJD" and I think I am going to puke! You've already got Ghandi and the Dalilama, use them for your twisted, inconsistant, emotion based world-view but STOP trying to high-jack Jesus! I am so tired of it. Jesus drove crooks out of the temple with a whip! You got a problem with Him acting like a man, maybe you can talk to him about it some time, maybe next time you see Him on His white horse,  "spreading the love" so tired of shallow people trying to instruct me and intimidate and bully me into shutting up. I'm not gonna shut up! So get used to it! I'm not gonna be bullied by ignorant people talking bad behind my back. I'm going to continue to do and say what I think my Grandpa Buchler would do and say. I'd rather be shamed and looked down on by postmodern lemmings, than the man that fought and bled for his country and came home to raise his family.

The sad things is, even people who would be rather predisposed to agree with me, are caving to the pressure. They think being pro-life, pro-America, honoring the flag and thinking those who seek to kill us are the bad guys is somehow distasteful! We need to stop being on the run and stop being intimidated and influenced and be the ones having the influence! We are Not the distasteful ones! Killing innocent children is what is distasteful! Antisemitism is distasteful! Socialism and infringing on our personal rights is distasteful! Islam is distasteful! Being a patriotic American, waving the flag and reading the Bible, is NOt! Our priorities right now are entirely backwards! I feel like I am Captain VonTrapp in the Sound of Music, the poor fool was the only Austrian who seemed to think he shouldn't be a german and a nazi. His hate for Nazism was very unpopular in that atmosphere. I feel the same way. I know that Islamofaschism is almost exactly the same as the Third Reich, and that, like the Third Reich, what they want is conquest. But I am the bad one for speaking the truth!?!? You want to be mad at somebody, be mad at the terrorists and the corrupt leaders, don't be angry with me because I'm not playing the game and pretending these bloodthirsty, violent, vile, wild people are our friends! When they're intimidating you somewhere, you'll wish this country had listened to people like me. I have already been in situations in the city of Buffalo where Muslims try to intimidate and dominate. It is outrageous! And I for one, will not put up with it. If that makes me a bad person, then so be it. 

And part of the problem is that MEN in America seem to be eating too much soy or watching too much Lifetime television or something. A real man, has enough balance to be gentle when needed and tough when needed, but lots of 'men' today seem to be just plain old panzies! (that's the nice word for it folks) It is good to have the tact to be gracious in certain situations when needed, but it is bad if you can never call a spade a spade because you are simply too afraid! or because you're so weak-minded that you've been brainwashed by the propaganda from college and mainstream media! Quit watching the View and read a book! And they say the demographics is, that young American men do not preferr "Reality" tv show, but sadly, more and more are. Listen, if u watch it to laugh at ppl's stupidity, that's one thing, but if you are one of the people who think its actually "Real" No wonder you're so confused! Listen, when are we gonna realize the trash they broadcast on tv is a bunch of mind-numbing, propaganda and junk that will turn your mind to mush!?  Read a book! And maybe, just maybe, a real book, not some paperback, pop culture, best-selling, rag from Barnes And Nobles. 

I collect old books myself. Do I read newer stuff? Sure. But one thing I have noticed is that people who have no history to compare things to and give them some context, don't realize how out of touch this particular generation is! Believe it or not, there have been wise human beings on this planet for many generations, and all wisdom and knowledge did not come about in the 1990's. We think we need to be 'up to date' all the time, but when you're living in the age of Idiocracy, you may do well to look back every once in a while and see what the "Ancients" had to say. lol  

SO let me put it like this. I think John Wayne, Johnny Cash and General MacArthur are some examples of real men. I utterly despise all these guys with their hair in their faces like little girls, and their stupid skater sneakers, and their snub, condescending, shallow lingo that they think makes them sound educated and enlightened. I am not afraid or ashamed to come across as a little mean sometimes. I'm not intimidated and I don't care if you find me offensive, because as of right now it is still a fre country, and i am a free born person and i am not accountable or enslaved to the sensibilities and sensitivites of thin-skinned women and young men whose........testosterone levels haven't quite balanced out yet ; )

I'm not taking part in this generation's depart from reason and unconditional surrender to self-destruction and Islam. If you want to get down on your hands and knees and kiss the feet of the Muhammedan terrorists, after our forefathers sacrificed so much for our freedoms, that's your problem. But don't expect me to bow. You can have your white guilt, your Christian platitudes, your verses out of context, your feminism, your pseudo-intellectualism and your spirituality. But I'm going to die as the big-mouthed, un-enlightened, old-fashioned, Bible-thumping, right-wing, conservative, fundamentalist, closed-minded, flag-waving, Veteran-honoring, Pledge of Allegiance saying, school praying, Pro-Life, Church-going American, the liberal fanatics seem to be so afraid of. I AM the religious right and I'm not going anywhere!


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