Monday, September 20, 2010

My Toxic Tirade

The pendallum is constantly swinging from liberalism to legalism, and the battle continues between the evangelicals and the fundamentalist, the mega-churches, and the local churches, the irreverent and the pharisitical...and at times, I find it frustrating. And the reason, is sometimes hard to define. I find that I have been attacked from both sides! lol Some think badly of me because my 'standards' just aren't high enough for them and others condemn me because they think I am too intense, and too conservative and just need to loosen up. So you see, that in this little civil war, you can't win, whether you choose sides or not you will be shot at! But what is the real cause of all of this? I am here to tell you : )

Those that emphasize their standards, and lift them up above ALL else, have left their first love, and are worshipping their own opinions and rules, not God. But, those who HATE standards, are offended by standards, and avoid standards, are so irreverent and flippant about the Lord, that it is clear that what they love is their own pleasure, Not God. They turn the grace of God into lasciviousness. So, both of these nutty camps are off. Because God doesn't seem to be the priority. The lack of concern for pleasing God from the liberal and the lack of tenderness towards God and obsession with rules and lifting up opinions from the legalist, both take the emphasis off of the Lord and onto our desires and opinions.

We have left our first love.

If you follow the greatest commandment, which is to Love The Lord, not only will you be careful not to flippantly engage in activities that are not pleasing to Him, you will also not be so presumptuous as to say your opinions and personal convictions are the end all be all of knowing God or take it upon yourself to be the judge of other Christians who answer to the Lord. If liberals return to their fist love, they'll be more careful how they live and worship, if legalists start to love God, they'll look to Him instead of their own rules and outward appearance. Love God, and all the law will be fulfilled. Simple.

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