Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Postmodern Appocalypse Fun

I think we all know that we are living in unprecedentedly troubled times. Don't get me wrong, I live in relative comfort, and you probably do too, we have a lot to be thankful for! But we know that the political unrest in this world is widespread. We know that almost every corner of the planet from our southern borders with Mexico, to "Palestine" an Israel, to China and Taiwan, to Pakistan and India to North and South Korea is but one step from all out War. We know the markets are just one day from a total collapse, it could happen at any time, and no one would be too surprised. We know that the magnitude of earthquakes and tsunamis on this planet are unheard of in their ferocity and diversity. We know that the neighbourly attitude, the American Way of life, that we once knew, is dying. We know that America is vastly and fastly changing before our eyes. We know that racial division is heightened. That good old-fashioned religion is on the decline and that the American child is more apt to be on ritalin and end up in a jail cell than he/she is to be succesful, happy citizens.

But despite all of this--we claim that we are more enlightened and progressive than ever before. We think that the old ideals of our forefathers are out-dated, politically incorrect, out-of-touch, unreasonable and supersticious! We haven't produces a fraction of the success that our grandparents have, and the success we now enjoy has been built upon THEIR shoulders, yet here we stand, in self-satisfied arrogance-unwilling to bow the knee to our Maker, to listen to the old preacher, the old wisdom, the common sense or the work ethic or code of morals that built this nation. The big claim from the modern infidel is that "I may not go to Church or read the Bible but I'm a 'spiritual' person" Yes, well, our beloved "Spirituality" has not born very impressive fruit. It hasn't brought about any Great Awakenings, or built a moral fiber for a community, on the contrary, it has produced communities that don't know their neighbours, children that don't respect their elders, workers that don't take pride in their work, students that don't listen to their teachers, business-men and politicians that have no conscience or accountability, police officers that neither give nor receive common respect or courtesy, families that don't stay together, empty Churches, high crime, high amounts of drug and alcohol abuse, lack of general health, both physical and mental-all of this decay in the culture and yet we continue to cling to our postmodern, A-moral, A-theist, relativist mindset. And we are PROUD of it? Why?

I watched people who do not believe in Jesus Christ or even respect the founding fathers for that matter, WEEP and become emotionally overwhelmed, as the Barak Obama (PBUH) was inaugurated. Amazing that they could become so emotionally overhwlemed by a politician pettaling false-promises and tax-hikes, but they can't be bothered with traditional morals or common sense advice that has held true for generations! That they would HONOR a man who worked for a community organizing campaign known for voter registration FRAUD in the most corrupt city in America (Chicago) but they don't become emotionally touched by the "Star Spangled Banner" or the sacrifices of our Revolutionary Soldiers, or the Pledge of Allegiance, or the words and actions of our founders. These are the people that laugh as COmedy Central makes fun of Jesus Christ, but think making fun of B.O. in "Innapropriate" and racially charged...Wow! Talk about having your priorities backwards! When you have more respect for B.O. than you do for Christ....we are in a bad way. 

It is difficult to capture the essence of just what has gone wrong in this country. It reminds me of some weird science fiction show, like perhaps the twilight zone, where everyone has gone bomnkers and I'm one of the only ones who notices something isn't right. This just isn't the America of even ten years ago! Heck, it wasn't that long ago when the most popular shows on TV were Touched By an Angel and Promised I know those shows may have been a but cheesy or whatever, but my how far we have come! Even the things that are advertised for now, in the middle of the day-not too many years back, wouldn't have been on tv at all! This is not a matter of being a prud, this is a matter of our culture lacking decency or class! But what has caused this to all be seeming to come to a head so quickly? Yes, some of us have had a real wake-up call because of this and that is why things like Tea PArties and the Restoring Honor Rally took place in Washington. But the fact is, it is not yet enough. America is sick. There is something wrong with her right now, and we need to realize this. We need to see that something is dreadfully wrong. We have become too polluted with selfishness, technological, soul-stealing dependency, apathy, a-morality, materialism-and I do not mean a drive for success, I mean a synthetic dependence on material things-plastic things,unreal products with no true value other than glamour or convenience. We have swallowed the lie that there are some things we just CAN'T live without so that EVERYONE thinks they need a credit card and our whole nation from Washington, to State to Local governments to families is drowning in debt. We are consumed by covetousness and envy and class-bating so that we are never satisfied! The DEVIL himself has got us all mainlining on tv, internet, text messages, pain-killers, sedatives, fast-food, soy products, mass-slaughtered meat, and pop psychology to the point that we think we NEED all of these things to live and simple Christian living is a thing of the past. We are modern day-frankenstein monsters-and we don't even want to free ourselves from the pop culture, mass media slavery we've given ourselves to! 

Christians used to oppose humanism-but even humanism is superior to the nihilisitc, nietzian, postmodern lunacy that has overtaken American and European thinkers! Humanism is bad, postmodernism is worse. Both of them are leading us to sure destruction. Flee from the wrath to come! We've all heard the arguments that this is just the times were living in so just sit back and watch blahblh blah, BUT you must make sure that YOU do not suffer the mind-death that the rest of the drones are giving into! Don't drink the kool-aide! Don't be assimilated! If they end up shutting us up, putting us away, destroying our land, etc. At least I'll go down with my convictions intact and not as some Obama-loving, slogan-chanting, pop-culture-feed, addicted, braindead drone. I don't know exactly what is going to happen in this world, but I'm going to do my best to be on the right side of history and I am going to pray for and seek the healing of our Nation.  

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