Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Simple Message That COULD Transform Our World

I need to finish preparing my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. But perhaps a little writing will get my brain running a little to finish it. This has been an emotional day. Just so many profound things to think about.

I don't know exactly what direction Sunday school is going to be going in, but one thing i have had on my heart is the word "Love' Even the word, is so overused, misused, missaplied...we are just saturated with thoughts of the word, desires for love, ideas of what love is, songs about it, poems about it, movies about it, and on and on. Thousands of books have been written about the concept of love, and yet, despite how difficult some may think it is to define, you know it when you experience it. Holywood, Disney, and teenage girls have cheapened the importance of the word and made it seem like something corny, trite or cliche. But it isn't.

When you even begin to experience the love of God in your heart, you start to realize how silly and shallow your old ideas about love were, and how vain it is to try to project a tough-guy exterior when the most mighty Being in all existance, who is said to be a Man of War, is described in the scripture to be Love, Himself. "God is love"

I would take the love of a father over the love of a "Hippie" anyday. What I mean is-a romantic might be able to talk about his or her love all day, and act nice, an say nice things, and paint flowers, and smile and hug and kiss and all of that but when all hell breaks lose as it were, it is a father's love that will die to defend is son or daughter because he loves them. It is a friend like Jesus, who will DIE for the ones He loves, who will suffer and bleed to demonstrate His love, no hugs and kisses and fuzzy feelings there. Oh don't get me wrong now, when you think on how the Apostle John, a full-grown man, laid on Jesus chest like a child during the last supper, there is no doubt a tenderness, but it was not a tender, weak man, who courageously bore the cross outside of Jerusalem and faced His accusers at herod's palace...and it isn't a romantic date that causes those who love their country to risk and give their lives to preserve our Liberty. When I think of a man, who stayed behind at the world trade center, to help others escape, knowing full-well he probably would never make it out, I see that as a deeper love than the first images we often conjure up when we hear the word. That is why the Bible says Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends...

The PC police are always telling us Christians not to be against sins and not to be politically correct becaue its not "Loving" We know of course that that is a crock and that true love is honest an has integrity. But putting that aside, we have come along way away from the love that should distinguish us from others. Sadly, not only do we often not extend the same amount of compassion and outreach that we used to to nonbelievers and poor and needy, but we are even lcking in forgiveness, courteousness, respect, manners, and hospitality etc, among our own ranks. Even the unbelievers know how to treat their own, that is nothing to brag about, but sadly, we've come so far in this selfish, narcisisstic culture we've embraced, that the customs which used to be a lifestyle have gone by the wayside. There is nothing wrong with being attentive when someone is spaking to you, with saying please and thank you, and yes sir and yes mam, and calling older folks Mister and Mrs! Thank you cards are still superior to thank you facebook messages, as are birthday cards and written letters. A hearty handshake is still a good way to greet someone. Baking something for someone is still a friendly thing to do! Waving and smiling at people you don't know shouldn't be something only practiced in a few small towns down south. helping someone out who is broken down on the side of the road is th Christian thing to do still! We are so married to our own agenda and schedules that we don't have time to help others, or even to be friendly to others!    

Every human being you come into contact with was made in the image of God and has a soul, and they are valuable to their Creator, so if yo have the Creator's Spirit in you, they should be valuable to you-so everyone should be treated with respect, dignity and common courtesy! Everyone, no matter how young or old, no matter what color, no matter what station. Waiters and waitresses are at work, they are not your slaves! be polite and leave a tip! Old people are your elders and deserve respect, EVEN if they are senile, they still deserve RESPECT! If only we could teach some of these folks working in nursing homes that little nugget.

I see "Christians" in their suit and tie, making comments about the 'riff raff' they see around town or down at the wallmart ; ) My, how we have lost our perspective. What would Christ do and say concerning these people? He would be quicker to rebuke you than He would them.

I believe in looking your best, doing your best, paying your bills, getting an education and all of that stuff, but when you get to looking down your nose at other people, look out, because anyone of us could be knocked down a peg or two at any moment, believe me. I've been knocked down plenty of times, and I'm afraid of arrogance because I don't enjoy when God has to humiliate me.

We have a lot of blessings. Including our own faculties, skills and talents, those are afforded to us by God's grace, they could vanish at the drop of a dime. Let's be thankful rather than having a sense of entitlement and pride. It would be a blessing if this blog touched some hearts and we started being humble and respectful and treating everyone in the Church equally and respectfully moretheless if we looked at the outside world as Christ does! We need a severe attitude adjustment. We do not need the empty shallow, fake facades of liberalism where we all act nicety-nice but it's all a lie, but we also do not need to be so arrogant, and so flippant about other people! So many adults think they are too old to learn in Sunday School-but interstingly, you forgot the one they teach the kids-The Golden Rule! The Golden Rule won't get you to Heaven-only being born again does that-but practicing it could turn our Nation into a little piece of heaven on earth! Imagine if you really thought of everyone else as your neighbour and LOVED them, imagine if we all HONESTLY and TRULY treated everyone else as we know in our hearts, we would like to be treated! It would be a brand new world! At the very least, let us follow that Rule in the Church so that the world will recognize where God is and where His Word is put into practice!

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