Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stirring of the Heart

The last few days I've been feeling a little bummed out. Had a two day long migraine, and just feeling discouraged, not really for any particular reason. I knew I needed to get a Bible, open it up and read it. But something was convincing me to avoid the Lord which we all know is stupid. Then, finally, I was sitting out on the front porch, enjoying the fall weather and I decided to just reflect on some Scripture verses that I had already memorized, so I thought about Psalm 1, reciting the verses to myself. And in no time flat, my attitude started to change. My heart was warmed and my discouragement started to disappear.

Then there was Church tonight and we had a nice night, singing some simple hymns and choruses, and listening to a good, Biblical sermon.

We ALL go thru seasons of happiness and seasons of grumpiness or feeling down. That's just the way it is. But no matter how many times I learn this lesson, it seems I need to learn it again. My soul NEEDS to feed on good things. I need my heart to be warmed and stirred by the message of the Word of God, EVERY day. Simple, wholesome CHristian music, edifying words and testimonies and time meditating on Scripture are essential for every CHristian. Without them, no matter how spiritual we have ourselves convinced that we are, we will grow cold and discouraged. Input equals output and you reap what you sow so I encourage everyone, keep getting that time alone with God, don't let anything, even a sluggish or discouraged mood, stop you from getting to the encouragement God has for you. We need his strength.

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