Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why Islamic Republics are Afraid of the Bibl in Print! We dont fear the quarn by the way, but when in desperate need of toilet paper, it will do

Everyone has an opinion about everything. People are arguing everywhere, whether its' about politics or relationships. When you have five old men, all with experience on their side, and they all say to take their advice and they all have differing advice, you realize the world is a contradictory, confusing place. Especially nowadays, when there are so many media trying to steal your attention that you can't tell the difference between the voice of your own thoughts or something implanted in your head by some ad campaign or agenda pushing article or commercial. When I'm slammed with constant chatter and opinion and intellectual bullying, I turn to the ancient, eastern wisdom ; ) of the Holy Bible.

We are all always "Expressing" our opinion about everything. Including myself. But I don't have to be a slave to, or verociously defend, my own opinion. My opinion is a small thing, when I open the leather covers of my King James Bible. All the corners people have tried to back my thinking into, don't mean anything, as I meditate on the Scriptures. No matter what position, age or popularity of the person trying to convert me to their way of thinking is-I am supernaturally being converted to the Sacred Truth, that existed long before I was born and will continue to exist long after we have all turned into dust.

Thouands upon thousands upon thousands of symbols have been written and recorded from the ancient moral codes of the Gaelic tribes of Ireland, to the names of notable Babylonians, to the vast and ridiculous tax code of the USA : ) But only the sixty-six books of the Bible have withstood the tests of time, scrutiny and practical use. Its' words can change your heart and your life. It changes the course of nations. It cuts through all of the rhetoric, propaganda and religion and reveals the truth to the sincere and willing soul. It separates between the joint and marrow, and the thoughts and intentions of the human heart. It gives insights into your intention, desired, conceits and needs more than any therapist or counsellor ever could. It gives the answers to more mysteries and propchecies than any seer or philosopher or predictor has ever dreamed of.

From our origins, our flaws, our destiny, damnation and redemption, the Bible contains all of the truth mankind needs to know. There have been many cheap imitations and sorry knock-offs, some if which include the bok of mormon and the Quaran, but none of those supposed holy books, do anything except try to mimick the Bible to satisfy the manipulative desires of stupid, greedy men like Joseph Smith (snake oil salesman) and Muhammed (terrorist, warlord and pedophile). Anyone who thinks they are all basically the same, is simply someone who has never read them. I have read the Bible, read it every day. I have also read the book of mormon and the Quaran, and even the satanic 'bible' and I must say all three of those ooks were brain-numbingly worthless an pathetic. Not only did they not succeed in offering any redemptive or holy power or help for a human being, they didn't even scatch the surface of the Bible's glorious literary beauty and poetry, nor did they even approach the vast amount of historically accurate and archeologically verifiable truths that the Bible describes from one generation to the next to the next. No Book has EVER come even fractionally close to the power and influence of the Holy Bible.

We do not need to burn the Quaran to conquer Islamist lies, we need only to convince the misguided muslims to READ the Bible and they will see the inferior book and message that is the Quaran.