Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Man's Castle is a doghouse

Some ppl think that I just don't get it cuz I'm not a married man, well. That just aint the case. I do get it. I've let somebody push me around before, and I learned a thing or two. if someone doesn't think YOU are worth making some sacrifices for, then why are THEY worth sacrificing for?

SOOOOOOOOooooOOOoooOO many relationships are all about the power dynamic. In some households, the "man of the house" always seems to get his way, and the lady of the house is under-appreciated and pushed around, but in others (and much more common in modern households) the man is nothing more than a brainless servant who needs some guidance from his emotionally 'mature,' level-headed, high-maintenance,multi-tasking, wife. Get mad ladies! Go for it! I'm not like the men yall been with, cuz I'm not afraid of you! lol I could care less. and what are men afraid of? the SilenT treatement! bha silence is golden! 

People just need to understand this whole 'he's sleeping on the couch cuz he's in the doghouse' generation is flat out, cold, plain old WRong! Who said that bed is yours? Hmm? Who more than likely paid for it? hmmm? You wanna call me a chovenist? Big deal! Go ahead, I been called worse. I am just AMAZED at how many "MEN" have been reduced to nothing more than glorified servants! And you women wanna know why you are so miserable? I am here to enlighten you---a man who has been castrated by Your man-eating ways can't make you feel like a woman. A lot of women, when they hear me talk like this, theyre like " oh no he dint" lol Well, what are you gonna do about it? Hmm? And some ppl think, eh, he just doesn't get it because he isn't a married man, he hasn't been nudered yet. Well, say what you want, but I am dating a woman who respects me and doesn't treat me like an idiot.

I don't do disclaimers well, but let me tell you, and those of you who really know me know this is the case, I am a gentleman. I treat women with respect, and I think my lady is a Princess and the msot wodnerful, beautiful girl in the world-BUT I don't say that because I HAVE to I say that ONLY because I WANT to, and here is the thing, you know why I feel that way, cuz she treats ME with respect. Angry women today want some RESPECT but they aren't willing to GIVE Any Respect!

Doesn't anyone ever wonder why feminazis wanna be treated like men when it suites them but they wanna be treated like ladies when it benefits them too!?!? If you wanna be treated like a LADY, ACT like a lady! We've come A LOOOOONG way from when being a stay-at-home mother meant the clothes all smelled fresh and dinner tasted good, to meaning that the lady of the house didn't miss any of the Day's Soap Operas! How about them apples? You won't hear those kind of criticisms on television! 

You wanna get mad? Go for it. But my lovely grandmother would be ASHAMED of the way most ladies act and I wish she was alive cuz I guarantee she could straighten out some of this business a heck of a lot better than I can.

NOW, back to the 'power dynamic'

It isn't ALWAYS the women taking advantage. In some households, it is the men who act like morons. They like to lord around and be the man of the house, yet they don't take care of the responsibilities of the man of the house, they just like the perks of feeling like a big shot. But this is what cracks me up! The households where the man is the moron, complain about the "man-eaters" the "feminazis" and the "Domineering women" when they ought to be worrying about the chovenist hypocrite. Meanwhile, the household where the woman rules the house like a queen and her husband is her doormatt, complains about 'so n so' and how they dont treat their wife right. I don't understand how so many people dont see that it goes both ways. Neither the man, nor the woman, is supposed to be an endentured slave!

The problem in all of these cases whether man to woman, or woman to man, is the same---it is the power dynamic. ONE person in the relationship is being selfish, dominating, and manipulative. A relationship is supposed to be a TWO-WAY street of LOVE, that means giving and sacrificing--for Both, not just the other person to you! And if it is only ONE-sided, it AINT a relationship! It's exploitation.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's getting close to November. SO perhaps some good things will happen since we've all been looking forward to the elections. But who knows, in the grand scheme of things, I am looking for a bigger change than just some elections, but perhaps it will be a step in the right direction.

I started a new job, and today is my day off so I thought I would write up a blog today, but my mind has been wandering. I'm tired of politics, that's for sure. If nothing else all those stinking commercials are enough to drive someone mad!

You know when it's fun to be an American? AT a 4th of July Barbecue. Or on a nice evening, sitting on the front porch of a victorian style home, sipping ice tea. I believe my brother and I are going to sit on his porch this evening and enjoy the view, tornado or not.

Still today, the predominant thought on my mind, the day's theme, is "A Reckoning"

I see so much injustice and lies. I'll tell you the kind of thing I long for through a couple of my favorite stories. How about-Walk Tall-where a veteran returns home to his quiet American hometown to find it over-run by casino gambling an organized crime so he runs for sheriff-and cleans house! Or King Solomon judging between the people. Or Clint Eastwood, kicking the tails of a bunch of asian gang-members. That's also why I like westerns, i like when the lawman comes to town and routes out all the criminals. I like a movie with posses and hangings! I know, so sacreligious going from Bible to movies, but a lot of those westerns are based on the true history. law and order was brought to this country by men with some "True Grit" ;)

We live in the days of comic book heroes. Superman, he had such great ideals, and good intentions-but he also had super strength, in essence, most of the time, he had nothing to lose. We make up heroes, heroes with all the power, invincible,to save us. I have to say, I think better heroes are those who sacrificed, and did human things. Douglas MacArthur, and the soldiers who fought under him, American revolutionaries, who were hung by the british empire, the Waldense martyrs. You see, we are afraid of the word martyre these days because the muslims have "high-jacked" the word. But a muslim 'martyre' is not a martyre. He/she is just a suicide-murderer, and there is a difference.

I'm almost 27 now, and for one reason or another, I have been realizing more and more ever since I turned 20, that I am not very proud of myself. I admire some men. I have some heroes. And the reason is, because those men have something I don't have. I've done almost nothing, they've done everything.

Realizing that I am not even half the man that my Grandfather, Carl Buchler was, I hope that at some point, I will get the chance to "Redeem" myself. I am a member of the low-expectation generation. 

At this point, I hope to at least be able to honor the virtues of better men than me, so that I'm not a shame to myself. At the very least, I can be known as someone who had some respect. I may not be one of the mighty men, but at least I can be someone wise enough to recognize greatness when I see it. I may not be a leader, but hopefully I can find someone to follow.

I aspire to be a lot more than I am. And somewhere along the way, I've lost something, dropped something, or realized I never had something that I thought I God's grace, I'll eventualy be what He designed me to be. I want my soul back.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wake Up America, Faschism and The Quaran Are On Their Way!

I get lectured by condescending know-it-alls about how un-enlightened I am for picking on the poor wittle muslims...yet, I have just been talking to yet ANOTHER friend who is being victimized by this horrible religion. When a friend of mine is being discriminated, misstreated, and intimidated by this backwards, vile religion-I am not about to even consider letting up!

In European Cities, full of history, Christian history, european history, the white natives who live there are being misstreated and marginalized and outnumbered by Muhammedans! You can call me the bigot if you want to BUT how would you like to be in the minority, and to be sneered at, yelled at, and singled out because you're white and you're not waring a head-scarf!?!? Most can't imagine that reality, well, neither could the people of London a few decades ago, but their Muslim-appeasing has left their native citizens as a marginalized minority!

It NEVER fails to amaze me how an American, sitting in luxury and freedom can tell someone who is victimized by the Muslims to just 'be more open-minded'  Liberals and their hypcrisy never cease to amaze me! Their freedoms would be the FIRST to go!

It's the hypocrisy of the so called "Feminists" that amazes me the most! They claim to be looking out for women, yet they're silent when millions of their 'Sisters' are facing rape, genital mutilation, child-marriages and forced arranged marriages, beatings, and lack of rights. 

SO let me get this straight, you're a terrible chovenist if you are pro-life or if your wife stays at home with the kids, but you're just a member of the diverse human family if you BEAT your wife, circumsize your young girls, make them cover their faces in public, and force young girls to marry older men!? Liberals and their muslim appeasing idealogy---it is sooooo unbelievably twisted, immoral and repugnant! 

ALL of us need to start speaking up and speaking out! Don't be intimidted now! Because in the years to come, if we don't stop this trash, we won't even have the freedom to "Offend" the Muhammedans! Just ask Britain and France where it got them! Don't fal for the PC crap or the Pseudo-spiritual "Love everybody" nonsense. Calling out the truth when we see what is wrong is not "Un-loving" its' tough love if anything!

I blaspheme Muhammed! Muhammed was a false prophet, a child rapist, a terrorist, a liar, a tribal warlord! And he is in Hell fire as we speak. Muhammed is no prophet and I have NO repsect for him or his book! Burn the Quaran? I'd use it for toilet paper, how do u like them apples PC police?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

and the things of this earth will grow strangely dim

I have been very distracted by pain in my throat and head, often excruciating pain, and now I am even more distracted byt he fact that I can't sing in CHurch for a while, which is really very important to me, and I have been the song leader for many years so it's just going to be weird not singing tonight. I have one appintment on Monday and hopefully that will help me get back to singing, we'll see what he says. I am really hoping there isnt damage to my voicebox or anything, but even moreso, I'm hoping its nothing too serious. I know, I'm sorry I am indulging my hypocondria in a blog that is usually all about issues....well, All my issues today are of a personal nature. I would like to get back to my conversation about American Manhood, but I don't think that will be for today.

Today, I am feeling especially....human, weak, out of control, because we aren't really in control, we can only control...our reaction to all of the out of control elements around us, or even within us when it comes to health probs.

I am tired. I can't really help myself but say something when I see nonsense, filth and injustice, but I am getting to the point where so many times I don't waste my breath. I am getting to the point where I really wonder if there is a convenient way for me to tell when it is worth while to speak truth and when it is okay to leave things be. You do have to choose your battles. But in this day of age, so many people have chosen to avoid ALL battles alltogether, those of us willing to be called distasteful and be fools for Christ, seem to have to fight EVERY battle! lol Well, I can't. I can't do it. So I have to choose where some helpful words might be helpful and just pray for some. The obstinate,the hateful, resentful and biggotted, I just can't invest in them so much. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know.

Today, I have been thinking of David Brainerd. He was a man who did everything I've ever been afraid to do and died at about my age. When I think of all that he sacrificed in his young life to reach others for God, I realize that I am not the martyr my selfish mind would like to believe I am. I think I've sacrifices so much. I get tired. I get discouraged. But I am selfish and carnal.

We all want good things. I want good things. But as a Christian, every time I put any good thing before God, that good thing turns to ashes in my hands. People who have never been in the faith, do not and cannot understand this where they are. They do not understand how the things of this world can be so unimportant. They also do not understand that once the insatiable desire for earthly pleasures is put into perspective, it is FREEING and LIBERATIng to the soul.

BUT, sometimes, that inner conflict, that part of me that thinks popularity and status, and money and things are so important sticks up it's ugly head. But here is the thing. It is NEVER satisfied. And so the only way to be satisfied is to be freed from the sick appetite of the flesh. Remember the Scripture-Godliness with contentment is great gain. 

Lord, help me! I am tired and hopeless in seeking contentment from the world, and I am longing and broken in seeking a closer relationship with You!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The American Male Genocide, Will The Masculine Survive?

I like old westerns, I like Johnny Cash tunes, I like guns and I like Harleys. I like war movies. I like stories about people like William Wallace, or Srgnt. York.

You know why some of these things appeal to me? Because in my daily life-I constantly see "males" with their 'bangs' in their faces, rings in their ears, girl-jeans, soft-voices, shy, apologetic looking countenances, unable to make a decision, indecisive, cerebral, stuffed-shirt, prissy pretty boys! It is few and far between these days that you see a man who even LOOKS like a man moretheless ACTS like a man! 

You turn on the TV(tormenting vulture) ;) and there's these sloppy, fumbling, bumbling idiot men on all the sitcoms, who are constantly out-smarted, out-witted and out-talked by their intelectually superior wives, mothers and mother-in-laws. I get so tired of seeing men constantly portrayed as emotionally immature and unavailable, socially awkward and morally empty. How did we come from the father on Leave it to Beaver, to the fat guy on King of Queens and Raymond on everybody loves raymond? it may be funny, but it's also tragic how much it reflects the way society sees men. 

It doesn't take work-boots, a big harley or a shotgun to make you a man, but good grief, it can't hurt. I mean, I'd rather see that than girl-pants, beads, and text-messages. I'm just saying.

There is a much deeper, more profound problem that needs to be looked at than what can be answered by a good hunting trip or someone teaching you to clean a fish, but at least that's a place we can start ;) haha

But we are living in a time when manhood is looked at as a BAD thing and lots of people make snide remarks about "machoness" You see, it is considered as some kind of a shame to be known as a man's man, but it's completely acceptable to be known as a feminazi, a man-eater, a tom-boy, a feminist, a social-worker hehehe, you know what I'm talking about. Just look at those pushy, loud-mouthed women on the View! (And please don't even start lecturing me on not respecting women, I am a gentleman and I treat a lady like a lady so i don't even wanna hear it). 

But when it is considered a VIRTUE for a man not to be manly, something is fundamentally WRONG! 

BUT the problem is even deeper....were not even quite sure what manhood is all about these days. That's why you get these cheap caricatures of what someone thinks a manly person really is. You know, the big-mouth, know it all who swaggers around everywhere in his insecurity trying to be......."Macho" and always has to talk about trucks and is afraid to tell his kids he loves them! lol This is the over-compensating response to the modern man's emasculation.

The modern man is nudered. And it is SAD. The modern man is emasculated, castrated, afraid and insecure. He has no courage. He doesn't lead. He stands for nothing. 

and in this leadership vacuum, there is no vision, there is no direction, and the people, leaderless, and hopeless, and without direction, will follow ANY false hope that gives some sort of promise or direction (Obama anyone?) 

When there is no George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards or D. L. Moody---folks will listen to Joel Osteen :) When there is no Ronald Reagan, no Abraham Lincoln, no JFK....people will listen to Barak Huessein Obama and Hillary Clinton. When there is No good plan, people will follow a bad plan. When there is no leader, peope will follow a dictator. 

Why are the standards in the USA today so twisted? Because the original standard has been dropped! Why are the U.N. flags flying? Because the American flags aren't! Why are the fires of Islam burning in the hearts of new converts in the United States? Because the Christian fire has been snuffed out by modernity and political correctness!

The pioneers that built this country out of wilderness were NOT emo, they weren't gothic, they weren't dressed in hip-huggers and they werent vegans. They were MEN! They were strong. they were hard-working, they were independent, they were builders, hunters, fishers, and sometimes warriors. And it wasn't some joke, it wasn't some yuppy looking for his call to the wild, it was a serious undertaking.

I want to talk about some pretty serious things about manhood, that go a lot further than just me picking on sissies in girl pants, but the starting point has to be first to acknowledge that it doesn't make sense to apologize for being male, it doesn't make sense to glorify the feminine all the time, for men to talk soft when they ought to just ENUNCIATE :) it isn't a sin for a MAN to be the head of his household, to make a decision every once in a while without asking permission, to look for a date instead of a mother, to SPEAK up and stop having the women do all of his speaking for him as if were all a bunch of deaf mutes or something! And I could go on ;)

Now I realize that if some tree-hugging, vegeterean, man-eating, insecure, feminazi woman reads this. She won't appreciate it. BUT. This isn't for them. I am going to be writing some more about this subject of manhood in modern America. And I would like to hear some comments and thoughts about the matter (for the sake of productive conversation not to argue or call me a chovenist n al that nonsense) This has been mostly  rant, describing the problem on its surface not its deeper impact on us or the solution, but, I wanna talk about it a little more beyond just making fun of the sad excuse for men that this generation has produced. But, this is actually a really important and meaningful discussion for us.  


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Will You Do When The Postmodern Gestapo COmes Looking for You?

I think we are headed in the same direction almost every other generation of Christians have seen. The pressure of the world is closing in on us, and the world system has decided, not to tolerate our values much longer. From Jerusalem to Rome to the snowy mountains of europe where they chased us, Christians have been persecuted. Now, at this time in the USA, some might think I sound a bit meladramatic, I understand, but I am a person who watches trends, and am a student of history. Just like an old guy can feel it in the air when a bad storm is coming, I can feel and see the rising, gathering storm of both antisemitism, and anti-christ.
But, the fact is, the Church has flourished in times past, during persecution. You hear so much talk about tolerance and diversity, and minority, etc. But it is almost never highlighted how Bible-believers have been burned at the stake, fed to the lions, drowned, hung, stoned and so on. The word "Tolerance" is a cloak that the intolerant secularists use to hide their contempt for faith and goodness.

We have had so many freedoms, and at this moment, though they are under serious threat, we still do. And yet we have not scratched the surface of taking advantage of them. We have neglectd them and taken them for granted. And we are close to losing them. Right now, you MORE THAN LIKELY will not be killed for your faith in the USA (several street preachers have recently been shot and it was utterly ignored by mainstream media) but right now, what you will most likely face is only the beginnings of persecution. You will be talked about, bullied, considered distasteful...ostricised, much as I have been for speaking out or for being 'anti-muslim.' If you're very public or outspoken about the truth, you'll be encouraged to tone it down, or to take it somewhere else. Thus the "Tolerant" will tolerate everyone but you! Sadly, many already are too afraid or intimidated to be sneered at or considered distasteful or be embarassed by posting something on facebook about their faith, or by walking down the street with a Bible, well-this is where it all starts, but it wont end here. First they have you scared to publicly be yourself, in a few years you'll be imprisoned for "Hate-speech" and eventually you'll be treated just like the Bible-believers were treated by the Communists in the USSR.

I have already been in college courses where my faith and beliefs could have gotten me an "F" and I had to pretend to be a liberal to pass. That kind of behavior, sadly, has come to be accepted as normal. How did this happen, and where does it stop? Can we stop it? well, if EVERYONE in this country stood up together, fearlessly against it and shut these people up with sheer numbers and said hey, we dont care what the chicks on the view think, this is what we believe and we arent scared of your pseudo-intellectual bull! Then yeah, we could stop it, but most Americans today don't seem to have that kind of conviction. They have shoddy opinions....but no convictions...

So, those of us who believe and do not plan on changing, we must purpose in our hearts NOW, before that day of testing comes, where we stand. There will come a day when it will be a lot worse than people calling you names behind your back.

My Grandfather fought behind enemy lines and killed and captured many Nazis in World War 2, the least I can do is have the character not to deny my faith just because some weak-minded townies and some hollywood celebritards dont like what I believe!

One of my best friends is fighting the terrorists in Afghanistan and risking his life every day, the least I could do is not apologize to the Muslims for being a Christian and not put up with any of their intimidation, anti-semitism or Muhammed exalting. The LEAST I can do is blaspheme Muhammed every once in a while. 

Daniel prayed towards Jerusalem three times a day even though he was going to be thrown to the lions for it, the least I could do is pray for my food, or put my hand on my heart for the Pledge.

You know, if EVERY Christian who looks at this said something on facebook even, to publicly acknowledge their faith, it would let many more people in this Country know that it is still okay to be a person of faith in this Country. We aren't going anywhere. They need to realize this. We have been through every type of persecution throughout our history, and just as the evil men of this world have never been able to eradicate the Jews, they will never be able to eradicate those of us who read and believe in all of the Jewish Scriptures. like it or lump it.


Monday, October 11, 2010

The Advent of Reality Television Was A Sign of the Fall of Western Civilization (I am a doomsday prophet ;) )

I had the sad mosfortune of watching the tv news tonight, somethign I haven't done in quite a while. and my did that break give me some perspective. the USA right now is like watching a bad movie. Goerge Orwell, if only you could see us now. We are headed for destruction like a snowball headed for Hell, and yet were going on and on in pride and self-satisfaction. lovely.

It's all so old and trite that there isn't even a way to say it that will be cogent to the callassed, desensitized, overly-entertained, overly-stimulated Americans. People claim that the brutal murder of human babies is somehow related to women's rights? This whole nation is suffering from mass brain-disease! We went from getting women the right to vote to getting them the right to murder their children? My, how progressive we are! How did we go from questioning if it was fair to leave our children without a stay at home mother, to questioning if we should leave them the right to their first breath!? we think were so progressive and evolved, we are no better than a tribe of cannibals or a religion of honor killings when we kill the unborn for the sake of convenience and sexual irresponsibility.

We complain too, about the economy, but a Nation that is not productive, is not going to make profit. and the attitude in this country today is how can I get the most for the least!? how can I get something for nothing! I'll give you one quick example, in the town where I live, we pay taxes for garbage removal, and on top of that, we have to buy stickers from the village for every bag of garbage we throw out, but the garbage men, refuse to pick up, almost anything that you could think of to put out for big garbage day, if something is even the slightest bit heavy, to the point that they would have to put forth a reasonable amount of effort to lift it, they leave it lying there, because apparently the fact that they are getting paid by the hour is not enough compensation for these manly men to think they should have to break a sweat. Just another example of how the system falls apart when men with no character, class or morals are added to the mix. We are a nation full of millions of people who have no character, faith or discipline, and yet we EXPECT to prosper! Why? Do we just deserve to prosper because we want to? Everyone EXPECTS a hand-out from the government, they expect their savior Obama (pbuh) to take care of everything, because they deserve it for being good little pro-choice, pro-gay, community organizing foot-soldiers.  

Do I have a solution tonight? for the nation? I think before we think of a solution, we've got to wonder if anyone even realizes where we are right now. SO many people seem to be lulled into some spell or something. You now accept things that you would have never even entertained years ago! Those things which are good are being called evil, and those things  which are evil are considered good. How can an abortion doctor, killing our most easily victimized be hailed as a hero and a man or woman who says it is wrong is bad, and mean and crazy and an extremist? That is just one example of the totally backwards way that our society now thinks.

I mean, just imagine if all of those poor people whose lives were ended on September 11th, 2001, knew that all of these people who claim to be for peace and love and goodness-would be supporting a Mega-Mosque being built right in front of where the attack took place, almost like pouring salt in the wound, imagine the horror and disbelief, that not only were they to be killed, but forgotten and dishonoured. And yet people like me get called "Hateful"

I have never killed anyone. I have never bombed anyone or terroized anyone. I have never killed a baby or given my money to people who kill babies. I have never threatened anyone because of their religion or race or nationality. yet I am the extremist? The haters, the intolerant, the extremists and fanatics, re the terorrists, the terrorist enabler, and the abortionists. How do they get to do all of the crimes and then us well-meaning normal americans who havent been infected by this brain-disease get classified and categorized as some kind of freaks!

Popular American Culture is so divisive, counter-productive, self-loathing, shallow and self-destructive. We are on a sinking boat and I am looking for the lifeboats! If this were England I'd be headed to the New World, but since were in the New World, there's nowhere to run.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Spiritual Longing

So here I go again,...

I have not been winning the internet popularity contest lately, yet, last time I wrote I did get some encouraging feedback from a few people and so I know this is appreciated by someone.

I was walking home tonight, on this crisp, cool, fall night, and the sky was clear and the stars were shining so brightly. It only takes a moment of looking up at the sky to give me so renewed perspective. Just like the stars, the sun and the moon, there are some things that are constant, that have been and will be long after I am gone, and I pray to the One Who Created all of it by the power of His Word. 

As I look for guidance and health, my senses are constantly bombarded with the voices and opinions of mankind. Everyone seems to have an opinion, a standard, a doctrine, even an agenda or argument or paltform. And no matter how badly I want freedom, they want to enclose me in the issues they find so important. In my naivety, there have been times where I was blissfully ignorant of many people's insatiable desire to dominate me, even in my thinking. But my eyes are opened wide, and I see more and more,that I must be free. And of course, how can I be truly free, not only of physical oppression, or from intellectual bullying, PC censorship, and thought manipulation, but also free from my own proclivities towards pettiness, self-delusion, and self-importance. But how is it possible? Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. I am tired of all of the opinions, even my own. I am so weary of it all, and I long for a cleansing light, an eternal truth, an unwavering goodness, a true hero, a Final Authority, a Worthy Leader. When examining all of my desires to worship, adore, admire, look up to, sacrifice for, love...I realize, no one is worthy to receive that much trust and devotion, no one could ever but let me down! BUT there is One who is Worthy! He deserves everything I could ever hope to give times infinity. It would be hard to give all I had to an undeserving figure, but Jesus Christ is someone that I am not ashamed to adore, to admire, to worship and to love. And His truth; He is truth, is clear, and real and consistant, and all I need to do is be still and listen for His voice. I know His voice. I have His Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, living within me, and so-I am led in all truth. I recognize what is false and what is real. I just need to have the courage to acknowledge His voice only. This will put me in opposition to both the secular organized world AND organized religion in so many ways. 

So many people look to the conduct of the religious to decide the validity of God. But I myself even, am so pleased and thankful that God is not like me. I do not worship Christians, I worship Christ. Here and there, every so often, I have known Christians who really are good reflections of Christ, and that is great, but so many of us are just not that good of an example. I can't lie. I won't lie. I am NOT a good example of Christ. I WANT to be, and perhaps I will grow to that place, but right now, I am simply someone who admires Him and seeks Him and listens for His voice, I have not yet been coformed to his image, but I know the work has at least begun in me. And I have already been down the paths of religiosity and Churchianity. I do not put any hope in pious platitudes, I am just looking to God and the Bible for help and for perspective. And Oh, how I long to be free from the bigotry and prejudices and intellectual suicide of postmodern culture! God, help me! LORD, deliver me from all the voices and manipulations and messages that poison the mind of the modern man. Give me YOUR WISDOM from above! Take away the smoke and mirrors and tricks that have led us into this mess and lead me in the old paths, show me great and marvellous things that I know not! Amen.  

Friday, October 1, 2010

How I came to Know Christ Despite Christian School, or Lord, Save me From Your followers! bhahaha Serious thoughts here actually, would like you to read with an open mind

I have been thinking about some pretty heavy things lately. And I want to touch on some subjects, that, are pretty important, atleast to me. And it can be difficult, for one thing, to touch on all of them without losing track of where my thoughts are going, and also to tackle profound and deep truths without re-using cliches and slogans that have been heard so many times that they mean nothing to no one. That is the tragic, tragic thing about great truths, they're so significant and important that we say them over and over until people's hearts are desensitized and callassed to them. I am hoping that some of you will have the patience to bear with me, and see what I have to say, humor me ; )

I first began to be exposed to the truths about God in a Baptist family, attending a Baptist church (don't lose me here if that doesn't mean much to you) and we were Independent, Fundamental, King James, high-standard, strict Baptists too :) and No, I don't think there's anything wrong with that (this is kind of introductory so stick with me here also b aware I may be super honest and offend you if you've known me for many years).

In Church and at home, I was taught about this Infinite Creator, this All-Powerful Being, and I was told that He loved me, that He sent His Son to save me and to know me, and that His amazing Wisdom could be found in this Big Black Book. I was taught that Church, and family, and my Dad and Pastors were good things. They were gifts from God, BUT I was NEVER taught that those people were equal to God, I was never taught to look to them in order to have a personal knowledge of this God. I was taught that that was my personal stuff. And I made it personal. I prayed to God, alone, on my own. As well as in church and all of that. I LOVEd my church and I loved all the Baptist trappings, lol

But as time went on, I would see some people get dissillusioned with somebody or something in the church, and next thing I knew it, they were just kind of gone. I saw the problems they saw, I just didn't care like they did, because I never looked to a Church or a Pastor or another Brother as GOD. They were just people. people capable of being as clueless as I sometimes was. I follow Christ. It's personal. I am not part of some movement. I do not need to be part of some "Camp" or movement, denomination, circle, whatever. It's all well and good, but its kind of irrelevant. 

Fastforward some years, I went to a "Christian School" sorry if this offends anyone, but I'm an honest person. In the Christian school, some miserable, neurotic, obsessive compulsive women made it their mission in life (good intentions or not) to use the concept of God to try and make me feel like GARBAGE. They guilt-tripped, brow-beat, belittled, name-called, singled out, shamed and intimidated on a daily basis. They played favoritism, and double-standards and twisted Scriptures to accomplish whatever it was they were trying to accomplish. 

As a young man, this confused me, frustrated me and hurt me. It gave me a bit of a complex. But ya know what, over the years, I've seen that some of my fellow students that went there, have NOTHING to do with the Good Lord, and they seem to have a bad taste in their mouth from that school. (I'm only using this one example, I also had years of racism and mistreatment as a white Pastors son in an Indian Church where again I was treated like utter trash by the supposed family of God) 

But can I tell you something? Though I do indeed struggle at times, maybe with some anger or hurt, some bad memories, etc. I KNOW that MY GOD LOVES ME, and I have a personal relationship and walk with Him. And those grumpy old women, racist, nasty church folk, or any other bully or manipulator who tries to wield the Bible as their weapon of manipulation-does NOT and CANNOT speak for God. GOD is NOT a mean old bully who hates you! He wants to save the lost, and the lost who have been saved are HIS CHILDREN! HE is our FATHer! He LOVES us!God is not a nasty church-lady, God is not a sexually frustrated Nun, or a bully! Man-made religion is a pile of crap! How about them apples! 

JESUS went off against the Pharisees, the nasty, religious bullies! What I'm trying to say, is that 1. I learned awesome truths in a sincere Baptist Church that laid the foundation for my christian walk ALTHOUGH God in His Infinite Personality can and will do more than what we think He has to do within the walls of a Church, and 2. along with those who truly know God there are always stupid, satan-filled, or misguided bullies who do NOT represent God and we have to realize that they are NOT really Christian and that we can reject their guilt-ridden accusations and move on with our lives!

I will not be intimidated by anyone, to try and tell me that I don't have God because God has given me liberty that He has not given them, nor will I be so presumptuous as to laugh at or critisize those who take a higher and more careful standard than me!

You can know God, walk with God spread the Good Word-without being an up-tight, stuffed shirt, Church-lady. You do not have to be a yuppy for Jesus, you can just be yourself for Jesus and dont let anyone, the churched, or the unchurched, intimidate you away from coming to christ YOURSELF. He loves you. he died and rose again for you! He wants you to walk with Him! He wants you to please Him and it doesnt matter what the uptight believer, or the sinful nonbeliever, think about it. What matters is only what God thinks about it. And you dont need a priest or a seminary grad to tell you, you can just read the Good Book! peace.