Monday, October 11, 2010

The Advent of Reality Television Was A Sign of the Fall of Western Civilization (I am a doomsday prophet ;) )

I had the sad mosfortune of watching the tv news tonight, somethign I haven't done in quite a while. and my did that break give me some perspective. the USA right now is like watching a bad movie. Goerge Orwell, if only you could see us now. We are headed for destruction like a snowball headed for Hell, and yet were going on and on in pride and self-satisfaction. lovely.

It's all so old and trite that there isn't even a way to say it that will be cogent to the callassed, desensitized, overly-entertained, overly-stimulated Americans. People claim that the brutal murder of human babies is somehow related to women's rights? This whole nation is suffering from mass brain-disease! We went from getting women the right to vote to getting them the right to murder their children? My, how progressive we are! How did we go from questioning if it was fair to leave our children without a stay at home mother, to questioning if we should leave them the right to their first breath!? we think were so progressive and evolved, we are no better than a tribe of cannibals or a religion of honor killings when we kill the unborn for the sake of convenience and sexual irresponsibility.

We complain too, about the economy, but a Nation that is not productive, is not going to make profit. and the attitude in this country today is how can I get the most for the least!? how can I get something for nothing! I'll give you one quick example, in the town where I live, we pay taxes for garbage removal, and on top of that, we have to buy stickers from the village for every bag of garbage we throw out, but the garbage men, refuse to pick up, almost anything that you could think of to put out for big garbage day, if something is even the slightest bit heavy, to the point that they would have to put forth a reasonable amount of effort to lift it, they leave it lying there, because apparently the fact that they are getting paid by the hour is not enough compensation for these manly men to think they should have to break a sweat. Just another example of how the system falls apart when men with no character, class or morals are added to the mix. We are a nation full of millions of people who have no character, faith or discipline, and yet we EXPECT to prosper! Why? Do we just deserve to prosper because we want to? Everyone EXPECTS a hand-out from the government, they expect their savior Obama (pbuh) to take care of everything, because they deserve it for being good little pro-choice, pro-gay, community organizing foot-soldiers.  

Do I have a solution tonight? for the nation? I think before we think of a solution, we've got to wonder if anyone even realizes where we are right now. SO many people seem to be lulled into some spell or something. You now accept things that you would have never even entertained years ago! Those things which are good are being called evil, and those things  which are evil are considered good. How can an abortion doctor, killing our most easily victimized be hailed as a hero and a man or woman who says it is wrong is bad, and mean and crazy and an extremist? That is just one example of the totally backwards way that our society now thinks.

I mean, just imagine if all of those poor people whose lives were ended on September 11th, 2001, knew that all of these people who claim to be for peace and love and goodness-would be supporting a Mega-Mosque being built right in front of where the attack took place, almost like pouring salt in the wound, imagine the horror and disbelief, that not only were they to be killed, but forgotten and dishonoured. And yet people like me get called "Hateful"

I have never killed anyone. I have never bombed anyone or terroized anyone. I have never killed a baby or given my money to people who kill babies. I have never threatened anyone because of their religion or race or nationality. yet I am the extremist? The haters, the intolerant, the extremists and fanatics, re the terorrists, the terrorist enabler, and the abortionists. How do they get to do all of the crimes and then us well-meaning normal americans who havent been infected by this brain-disease get classified and categorized as some kind of freaks!

Popular American Culture is so divisive, counter-productive, self-loathing, shallow and self-destructive. We are on a sinking boat and I am looking for the lifeboats! If this were England I'd be headed to the New World, but since were in the New World, there's nowhere to run.

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