Sunday, October 17, 2010

The American Male Genocide, Will The Masculine Survive?

I like old westerns, I like Johnny Cash tunes, I like guns and I like Harleys. I like war movies. I like stories about people like William Wallace, or Srgnt. York.

You know why some of these things appeal to me? Because in my daily life-I constantly see "males" with their 'bangs' in their faces, rings in their ears, girl-jeans, soft-voices, shy, apologetic looking countenances, unable to make a decision, indecisive, cerebral, stuffed-shirt, prissy pretty boys! It is few and far between these days that you see a man who even LOOKS like a man moretheless ACTS like a man! 

You turn on the TV(tormenting vulture) ;) and there's these sloppy, fumbling, bumbling idiot men on all the sitcoms, who are constantly out-smarted, out-witted and out-talked by their intelectually superior wives, mothers and mother-in-laws. I get so tired of seeing men constantly portrayed as emotionally immature and unavailable, socially awkward and morally empty. How did we come from the father on Leave it to Beaver, to the fat guy on King of Queens and Raymond on everybody loves raymond? it may be funny, but it's also tragic how much it reflects the way society sees men. 

It doesn't take work-boots, a big harley or a shotgun to make you a man, but good grief, it can't hurt. I mean, I'd rather see that than girl-pants, beads, and text-messages. I'm just saying.

There is a much deeper, more profound problem that needs to be looked at than what can be answered by a good hunting trip or someone teaching you to clean a fish, but at least that's a place we can start ;) haha

But we are living in a time when manhood is looked at as a BAD thing and lots of people make snide remarks about "machoness" You see, it is considered as some kind of a shame to be known as a man's man, but it's completely acceptable to be known as a feminazi, a man-eater, a tom-boy, a feminist, a social-worker hehehe, you know what I'm talking about. Just look at those pushy, loud-mouthed women on the View! (And please don't even start lecturing me on not respecting women, I am a gentleman and I treat a lady like a lady so i don't even wanna hear it). 

But when it is considered a VIRTUE for a man not to be manly, something is fundamentally WRONG! 

BUT the problem is even deeper....were not even quite sure what manhood is all about these days. That's why you get these cheap caricatures of what someone thinks a manly person really is. You know, the big-mouth, know it all who swaggers around everywhere in his insecurity trying to be......."Macho" and always has to talk about trucks and is afraid to tell his kids he loves them! lol This is the over-compensating response to the modern man's emasculation.

The modern man is nudered. And it is SAD. The modern man is emasculated, castrated, afraid and insecure. He has no courage. He doesn't lead. He stands for nothing. 

and in this leadership vacuum, there is no vision, there is no direction, and the people, leaderless, and hopeless, and without direction, will follow ANY false hope that gives some sort of promise or direction (Obama anyone?) 

When there is no George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards or D. L. Moody---folks will listen to Joel Osteen :) When there is no Ronald Reagan, no Abraham Lincoln, no JFK....people will listen to Barak Huessein Obama and Hillary Clinton. When there is No good plan, people will follow a bad plan. When there is no leader, peope will follow a dictator. 

Why are the standards in the USA today so twisted? Because the original standard has been dropped! Why are the U.N. flags flying? Because the American flags aren't! Why are the fires of Islam burning in the hearts of new converts in the United States? Because the Christian fire has been snuffed out by modernity and political correctness!

The pioneers that built this country out of wilderness were NOT emo, they weren't gothic, they weren't dressed in hip-huggers and they werent vegans. They were MEN! They were strong. they were hard-working, they were independent, they were builders, hunters, fishers, and sometimes warriors. And it wasn't some joke, it wasn't some yuppy looking for his call to the wild, it was a serious undertaking.

I want to talk about some pretty serious things about manhood, that go a lot further than just me picking on sissies in girl pants, but the starting point has to be first to acknowledge that it doesn't make sense to apologize for being male, it doesn't make sense to glorify the feminine all the time, for men to talk soft when they ought to just ENUNCIATE :) it isn't a sin for a MAN to be the head of his household, to make a decision every once in a while without asking permission, to look for a date instead of a mother, to SPEAK up and stop having the women do all of his speaking for him as if were all a bunch of deaf mutes or something! And I could go on ;)

Now I realize that if some tree-hugging, vegeterean, man-eating, insecure, feminazi woman reads this. She won't appreciate it. BUT. This isn't for them. I am going to be writing some more about this subject of manhood in modern America. And I would like to hear some comments and thoughts about the matter (for the sake of productive conversation not to argue or call me a chovenist n al that nonsense) This has been mostly  rant, describing the problem on its surface not its deeper impact on us or the solution, but, I wanna talk about it a little more beyond just making fun of the sad excuse for men that this generation has produced. But, this is actually a really important and meaningful discussion for us.  


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