Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's getting close to November. SO perhaps some good things will happen since we've all been looking forward to the elections. But who knows, in the grand scheme of things, I am looking for a bigger change than just some elections, but perhaps it will be a step in the right direction.

I started a new job, and today is my day off so I thought I would write up a blog today, but my mind has been wandering. I'm tired of politics, that's for sure. If nothing else all those stinking commercials are enough to drive someone mad!

You know when it's fun to be an American? AT a 4th of July Barbecue. Or on a nice evening, sitting on the front porch of a victorian style home, sipping ice tea. I believe my brother and I are going to sit on his porch this evening and enjoy the view, tornado or not.

Still today, the predominant thought on my mind, the day's theme, is "A Reckoning"

I see so much injustice and lies. I'll tell you the kind of thing I long for through a couple of my favorite stories. How about-Walk Tall-where a veteran returns home to his quiet American hometown to find it over-run by casino gambling an organized crime so he runs for sheriff-and cleans house! Or King Solomon judging between the people. Or Clint Eastwood, kicking the tails of a bunch of asian gang-members. That's also why I like westerns, i like when the lawman comes to town and routes out all the criminals. I like a movie with posses and hangings! I know, so sacreligious going from Bible to movies, but a lot of those westerns are based on the true history. law and order was brought to this country by men with some "True Grit" ;)

We live in the days of comic book heroes. Superman, he had such great ideals, and good intentions-but he also had super strength, in essence, most of the time, he had nothing to lose. We make up heroes, heroes with all the power, invincible,to save us. I have to say, I think better heroes are those who sacrificed, and did human things. Douglas MacArthur, and the soldiers who fought under him, American revolutionaries, who were hung by the british empire, the Waldense martyrs. You see, we are afraid of the word martyre these days because the muslims have "high-jacked" the word. But a muslim 'martyre' is not a martyre. He/she is just a suicide-murderer, and there is a difference.

I'm almost 27 now, and for one reason or another, I have been realizing more and more ever since I turned 20, that I am not very proud of myself. I admire some men. I have some heroes. And the reason is, because those men have something I don't have. I've done almost nothing, they've done everything.

Realizing that I am not even half the man that my Grandfather, Carl Buchler was, I hope that at some point, I will get the chance to "Redeem" myself. I am a member of the low-expectation generation. 

At this point, I hope to at least be able to honor the virtues of better men than me, so that I'm not a shame to myself. At the very least, I can be known as someone who had some respect. I may not be one of the mighty men, but at least I can be someone wise enough to recognize greatness when I see it. I may not be a leader, but hopefully I can find someone to follow.

I aspire to be a lot more than I am. And somewhere along the way, I've lost something, dropped something, or realized I never had something that I thought I had....by God's grace, I'll eventualy be what He designed me to be. I want my soul back.

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