Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Man's Castle is a doghouse

Some ppl think that I just don't get it cuz I'm not a married man, well. That just aint the case. I do get it. I've let somebody push me around before, and I learned a thing or two. if someone doesn't think YOU are worth making some sacrifices for, then why are THEY worth sacrificing for?

SOOOOOOOOooooOOOoooOO many relationships are all about the power dynamic. In some households, the "man of the house" always seems to get his way, and the lady of the house is under-appreciated and pushed around, but in others (and much more common in modern households) the man is nothing more than a brainless servant who needs some guidance from his emotionally 'mature,' level-headed, high-maintenance,multi-tasking, wife. Get mad ladies! Go for it! I'm not like the men yall been with, cuz I'm not afraid of you! lol I could care less. and what are men afraid of? the SilenT treatement! bha silence is golden! 

People just need to understand this whole 'he's sleeping on the couch cuz he's in the doghouse' generation is flat out, cold, plain old WRong! Who said that bed is yours? Hmm? Who more than likely paid for it? hmmm? You wanna call me a chovenist? Big deal! Go ahead, I been called worse. I am just AMAZED at how many "MEN" have been reduced to nothing more than glorified servants! And you women wanna know why you are so miserable? I am here to enlighten you---a man who has been castrated by Your man-eating ways can't make you feel like a woman. A lot of women, when they hear me talk like this, theyre like " oh no he dint" lol Well, what are you gonna do about it? Hmm? And some ppl think, eh, he just doesn't get it because he isn't a married man, he hasn't been nudered yet. Well, say what you want, but I am dating a woman who respects me and doesn't treat me like an idiot.

I don't do disclaimers well, but let me tell you, and those of you who really know me know this is the case, I am a gentleman. I treat women with respect, and I think my lady is a Princess and the msot wodnerful, beautiful girl in the world-BUT I don't say that because I HAVE to I say that ONLY because I WANT to, and here is the thing, you know why I feel that way, cuz she treats ME with respect. Angry women today want some RESPECT but they aren't willing to GIVE Any Respect!

Doesn't anyone ever wonder why feminazis wanna be treated like men when it suites them but they wanna be treated like ladies when it benefits them too!?!? If you wanna be treated like a LADY, ACT like a lady! We've come A LOOOOONG way from when being a stay-at-home mother meant the clothes all smelled fresh and dinner tasted good, to meaning that the lady of the house didn't miss any of the Day's Soap Operas! How about them apples? You won't hear those kind of criticisms on television! 

You wanna get mad? Go for it. But my lovely grandmother would be ASHAMED of the way most ladies act and I wish she was alive cuz I guarantee she could straighten out some of this business a heck of a lot better than I can.

NOW, back to the 'power dynamic'

It isn't ALWAYS the women taking advantage. In some households, it is the men who act like morons. They like to lord around and be the man of the house, yet they don't take care of the responsibilities of the man of the house, they just like the perks of feeling like a big shot. But this is what cracks me up! The households where the man is the moron, complain about the "man-eaters" the "feminazis" and the "Domineering women" when they ought to be worrying about the chovenist hypocrite. Meanwhile, the household where the woman rules the house like a queen and her husband is her doormatt, complains about 'so n so' and how they dont treat their wife right. I don't understand how so many people dont see that it goes both ways. Neither the man, nor the woman, is supposed to be an endentured slave!

The problem in all of these cases whether man to woman, or woman to man, is the same---it is the power dynamic. ONE person in the relationship is being selfish, dominating, and manipulative. A relationship is supposed to be a TWO-WAY street of LOVE, that means giving and sacrificing--for Both, not just the other person to you! And if it is only ONE-sided, it AINT a relationship! It's exploitation.

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  1. I'm a little afraid to comment lol! Good post Micah! I %100 agree and I think your girl is very blessed indeed :-)