Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wake Up America, Faschism and The Quaran Are On Their Way!

I get lectured by condescending know-it-alls about how un-enlightened I am for picking on the poor wittle muslims...yet, I have just been talking to yet ANOTHER friend who is being victimized by this horrible religion. When a friend of mine is being discriminated, misstreated, and intimidated by this backwards, vile religion-I am not about to even consider letting up!

In European Cities, full of history, Christian history, european history, the white natives who live there are being misstreated and marginalized and outnumbered by Muhammedans! You can call me the bigot if you want to BUT how would you like to be in the minority, and to be sneered at, yelled at, and singled out because you're white and you're not waring a head-scarf!?!? Most can't imagine that reality, well, neither could the people of London a few decades ago, but their Muslim-appeasing has left their native citizens as a marginalized minority!

It NEVER fails to amaze me how an American, sitting in luxury and freedom can tell someone who is victimized by the Muslims to just 'be more open-minded'  Liberals and their hypcrisy never cease to amaze me! Their freedoms would be the FIRST to go!

It's the hypocrisy of the so called "Feminists" that amazes me the most! They claim to be looking out for women, yet they're silent when millions of their 'Sisters' are facing rape, genital mutilation, child-marriages and forced arranged marriages, beatings, and lack of rights. 

SO let me get this straight, you're a terrible chovenist if you are pro-life or if your wife stays at home with the kids, but you're just a member of the diverse human family if you BEAT your wife, circumsize your young girls, make them cover their faces in public, and force young girls to marry older men!? Liberals and their muslim appeasing idealogy---it is sooooo unbelievably twisted, immoral and repugnant! 

ALL of us need to start speaking up and speaking out! Don't be intimidted now! Because in the years to come, if we don't stop this trash, we won't even have the freedom to "Offend" the Muhammedans! Just ask Britain and France where it got them! Don't fal for the PC crap or the Pseudo-spiritual "Love everybody" nonsense. Calling out the truth when we see what is wrong is not "Un-loving" its' tough love if anything!

I blaspheme Muhammed! Muhammed was a false prophet, a child rapist, a terrorist, a liar, a tribal warlord! And he is in Hell fire as we speak. Muhammed is no prophet and I have NO repsect for him or his book! Burn the Quaran? I'd use it for toilet paper, how do u like them apples PC police?

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