Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Will You Do When The Postmodern Gestapo COmes Looking for You?

I think we are headed in the same direction almost every other generation of Christians have seen. The pressure of the world is closing in on us, and the world system has decided, not to tolerate our values much longer. From Jerusalem to Rome to the snowy mountains of europe where they chased us, Christians have been persecuted. Now, at this time in the USA, some might think I sound a bit meladramatic, I understand, but I am a person who watches trends, and am a student of history. Just like an old guy can feel it in the air when a bad storm is coming, I can feel and see the rising, gathering storm of both antisemitism, and anti-christ.
But, the fact is, the Church has flourished in times past, during persecution. You hear so much talk about tolerance and diversity, and minority, etc. But it is almost never highlighted how Bible-believers have been burned at the stake, fed to the lions, drowned, hung, stoned and so on. The word "Tolerance" is a cloak that the intolerant secularists use to hide their contempt for faith and goodness.

We have had so many freedoms, and at this moment, though they are under serious threat, we still do. And yet we have not scratched the surface of taking advantage of them. We have neglectd them and taken them for granted. And we are close to losing them. Right now, you MORE THAN LIKELY will not be killed for your faith in the USA (several street preachers have recently been shot and it was utterly ignored by mainstream media) but right now, what you will most likely face is only the beginnings of persecution. You will be talked about, bullied, considered distasteful...ostricised, much as I have been for speaking out or for being 'anti-muslim.' If you're very public or outspoken about the truth, you'll be encouraged to tone it down, or to take it somewhere else. Thus the "Tolerant" will tolerate everyone but you! Sadly, many already are too afraid or intimidated to be sneered at or considered distasteful or be embarassed by posting something on facebook about their faith, or by walking down the street with a Bible, well-this is where it all starts, but it wont end here. First they have you scared to publicly be yourself, in a few years you'll be imprisoned for "Hate-speech" and eventually you'll be treated just like the Bible-believers were treated by the Communists in the USSR.

I have already been in college courses where my faith and beliefs could have gotten me an "F" and I had to pretend to be a liberal to pass. That kind of behavior, sadly, has come to be accepted as normal. How did this happen, and where does it stop? Can we stop it? well, if EVERYONE in this country stood up together, fearlessly against it and shut these people up with sheer numbers and said hey, we dont care what the chicks on the view think, this is what we believe and we arent scared of your pseudo-intellectual bull! Then yeah, we could stop it, but most Americans today don't seem to have that kind of conviction. They have shoddy opinions....but no convictions...

So, those of us who believe and do not plan on changing, we must purpose in our hearts NOW, before that day of testing comes, where we stand. There will come a day when it will be a lot worse than people calling you names behind your back.

My Grandfather fought behind enemy lines and killed and captured many Nazis in World War 2, the least I can do is have the character not to deny my faith just because some weak-minded townies and some hollywood celebritards dont like what I believe!

One of my best friends is fighting the terrorists in Afghanistan and risking his life every day, the least I could do is not apologize to the Muslims for being a Christian and not put up with any of their intimidation, anti-semitism or Muhammed exalting. The LEAST I can do is blaspheme Muhammed every once in a while. 

Daniel prayed towards Jerusalem three times a day even though he was going to be thrown to the lions for it, the least I could do is pray for my food, or put my hand on my heart for the Pledge.

You know, if EVERY Christian who looks at this said something on facebook even, to publicly acknowledge their faith, it would let many more people in this Country know that it is still okay to be a person of faith in this Country. We aren't going anywhere. They need to realize this. We have been through every type of persecution throughout our history, and just as the evil men of this world have never been able to eradicate the Jews, they will never be able to eradicate those of us who read and believe in all of the Jewish Scriptures. like it or lump it.


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