Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Defense. Before You Talk Smack About Me, Read This. Thanks.

"Everyone deserves to be happy" I don't know if that statement is totally true, but I'll be honest, I agree with it. I don't begrudge anyone their happiness. I want you all to be happy. I want everyone to have a fair shake and be able to live their life. You will not see me going around undermining your dreams or relationships or deamonizing your personality and putting you down for being what you are.

Have I not put enough time and misery in yet to 'deserve' a little happiness? I love how everyone has their OPINION and they HAVe to put their two cents in about things, but the one thing they never consider with their mouths and their high opinion of their own opinion, is that there are other PEOPLE you are effecting so why not just shut up and leave it alone, live and let live n all of that...

I haven't done anything to deserve the lonely life some of you would wish upon me. I would like to see some of you walk in my shoes. Some of the hurts I've suffered in the past several years, did I do something wrong to deserve them? No. I didn't do anything wrong. It was just life. SO why do some of you want to punish me and just think I don't have the right to be happy without it being your way and with your permission? WHo died and made you God...? Are we supposed to file an application with some people before were allowed to have feelings and be human and enjoy life?

I get this sense that some people feel that they should have a regular life, family, marriage, work, vacations, privacy, but someone like me, no, I'm not allowed to be normal...I don't deserve that, I should be a eunuch....married to the Church....and I should be perfect, and I should never drink or smoke, or chew or hang with those who do, and I should never listen to music, and I should, well, basically I should just work real hard, pray a lot and keep the CHruch clean? lol I have no idea why it isn't okay for me to be a human being? And I have no idea why I am a bad person and its' "Weird" to some people that my girlfriend and I are happy together and we get along. We rarely argue, were happy, were respectful of each other, it couldnt possibly be a better relationship, but some ppl have to say how its "Weird" ? Well, GET OVER IT! YOu really think we should throw away our happiness because you think its a little awkward for you. It is NOT awkward for us, it is not awkward for Theresa. It has not been awkward for almost two years, and at this point I would really appreciate it if everyone could just drop it!

And to clear up a couple other things, # 1. I am NOT unemployed nor have I been unemployed in a looong time! There was a little while when subbing at the school didn't give me as many hours as I would have liked, but I am NOT unemployed. And yes, I am FAT. I am so sorry if that makes me sub-human. I am not the only fat person in the flippin universe, geez! And if u dont find me attractive, thats just peachy, you dont have to date me people.

Is it really so much to ask, just for a little common courtesy, that people just support their friends and family, be kind and dont talk smack behind their backs? I wouldn't do that to you! I guarantee you that! So why do it to me? I may not be the best guy in the world, you might hate my personality or think im a fat, ugly, uncharming dork. But I have never done anything to any of you, I have never said an ill word, been unkind, takin' advantage of anyone, mooched off of anyone, I've never even borrowed money, lol, just throwing that in there because ppl seem to like to think that I am unemployed, well, have I ever borrowed money from ANYONE? Nope. Not NOBODY, cuz thats not how I prefer to do things, so tell me, how is this unemployed lazy bum surviving without borrowing money? Oh yeah. I work! I've ALways worked, from the time I was 14 years old! ANd I have earned two degrees, even if they are worthless in this economy, don't say I'm not productive please.

I'm not asking for a metal. I'm not asking you to think I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. I'm asking you to treat me with some common courtesy and stop holding me to standards that don't seem to apply to anyone else but me! It just isn't fair. ANd I am not going to spend the rest of my life trying to earn everyone else's approval.

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