Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sort of an Apology

To all of my regular blog followers who don't know the details about my last blog, I felt compelled to post that to deal with some personal trouble I've been having and I needed to express myself in that way, and it needed to be where many ppl could see it. So I apologize if it was irritating, I know my blogs are usually about issues more than my personal life. I know that is not usually the accepted method but I felt I needed to do that. I will try to get back to regular blogs soon, although it has been difficult as I have been working a lot of overtime.

I saw that North Korea attacked SOuth Korea again today. Sadly, little will probably be done about that in the near future. I also see that as we speak the stockmarket is plummeting, so it certainly makes for an interesting day. There is unrest in the world and in many of our personal lives, lol but nonetheless, we do indeed have a lot to be thankful for, I'm glad it is thanksgiving week! Yeah! I love Thanksgiving. Peace.

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