Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Golden RUle

If u can't stand me, please don't read this, it makes me self-conscious...  ;)

We co-exist and interact with God, other people, and the devil. God is on our team, hehe, well actually, we should be on His...... other people often un-consciously are playing on the devil's team, working against us, and to harm us, though usually not purposely, and the devil, he is just a plain old enemy.

I kind of hate it how people have such a huge impact on our lives, and there is pretty much NOTHING we can do to control other people and how they affect our lives, now I know they say we have control and we can't blame others for anything, well, i understand the concept, but the fact is, other people can raise a lot of havoc in your life and they can also bring a lot of happiness to your life.

People can hurt you so badly! And there is nothin you can do to avoid it. Yet people are not our enemy. We don't wrestle against flesh and blood. But our enemy DOES use people. One important question to ask is , is he using me? Sadly, I have probably been used at some time in my life to discourage or hurt someone else. What a shame to even think of it, but we all fall into stupidity. And usually it is through our own pride, vanity and pettiness. Being so concerned with being right, or winning an argument, etc.

SOme people who think they know me but dont really understand me as well as the may see me on the surface might not understand this, but I HATE arguments....I hate contention. I am soooooo tired of it. I hate drama. I hate the ulcers and grey hairs and shortened life-span that it can cause. I love peace. I love when people are nice to each other. There are some things worth fighting for, there are some things that must be fought over---but oh how I wish that was not the case. I dont want to be attacked, I don't want to have to defend myself, I don't want to attack. I just wanna live my life happily.

IF only we'd do what Jesus said and just treat others as we'd like to be treated. IF you wouldn't like someone talking about you, don't talk about them. If you don't like being disrespected, don't disrespect. IF we would all treat each other as we would like to be treated, it would utterly change this world! Talk about world peace! ALL we need to do is follow the "Golden RUle" but we refuse, even among us Christians. And it breaks my heart to think about it.

Oh how I wish for men to be gentleman and for women to be ladies! Oh how I respect and chersh a human being who is courteous and polite! How I loved to be around my Grandmother when I was young, because she was always kind to me and made me feel like someone important to her! I love to be with people who have a pleasant demeanor and don't cause undue stress.

I have known very few people who show that simple, sincere Christian love that the New Testament speaks of. ANd often, I am NOT one of those people myself. What a shame that is.

I'm sick of being angry in this world, and I'm sick of being hurt. Please take it away from me, Lord.

But besides people hurting me, I mean, I can let it roll off my back, I can leave it to God, btu what am I supposed to do when people victimize those that I love? How can I defend them?

One thing I have noticed lately, is how nobody seems to treat a woman with respect and dignity anymore. The whole concept of treating her as the weaker vessel, means to HONOUR her, not to put her down or disrespect her. I am so disheartened as I see how people treat women, and even girls. A girl is still a young woman. People are so presumptuous and ignorant in some of the ways in which they talk to females nowadays. I think it is better to be on the safe side and be too polite than to speak so familiarly with someone that you're disrespectful.

I look at the way we are supposed to act, and I see how I fall short, and our whole culture falls short. And I wish we could go back to the good old days sometimes, lol when we were polite, even if it was a put-on! lol

i cannot change the behavior of our culture, nor ca i change the petty behavior of anyone else, i can only change my own, no mattr how others discourage and hurt me. the one good thing I can say, is the LORD is not that way at any time. He is not petty, manipulative, rude or cruel, arbitrary or gossipy. Thank God for God! Help me to be more like Him!

Hope you all have had a good day with friends and family and walking with Christ.

Monday, December 6, 2010


 I've seen some old men, who are happy, even in their feeble state. I am thinking of two very elderly men right now who are preachers. They aren't rich. They aren't especially healthy, They aren't trouble free or over-priveleged, and yet they ARE happy, joyful, truimphant, hopefull. They are not defeated. They are not afraid to die.

If they can be that way, who is to say that we can't? We're so surrounded by pessimism, and a spirit of defeat, and a defeatist attittude. If there are only a few people who are the exception to the rule, I would like to be a part of that club. I would like to be like Willard Thomas, still quoting poems and Scriptures in my late 70's, still excited and happy and thankful in the Lord.

All we seem to think about is moslims, the stockmarket, the war, splitting churches, politics, and on and on. I don't like what's going on either my friends. But God is not take by surprise! God is not dead. God is not distressed. He is not helpless, He is not impotent. He is the SAME! yesterday, today and forever. We are all sooooo defeated that we are afraid to praise and be joyful. Ya know what, i may FAIL tomorrow! I may mess up AGAIN! I may be a big dissapointment. I may go thru hard times. I may work a low-paying job, I may crash my car into a ditch, but GOD is still God, my soul has still got a home in Heaven. Jesus is still going to return! The Bible is still true. My sins are still forgiven. My soul is still safe. My life is still blessed!

I know it is hard, especially to break free of that initial rut that you've gotten yourself into. I am predisposed to be depressed, I'm irish, we have some crazy, deep emotion, BuT ya know what? We have GOT to stop wallowing in troubles and depression and just shout the victory. You say, what victory? Well, the victory may not yet be here for some of us, but shout because it is on its way!

When jehoshaphat was king of Jerusalem, a long long time ago----the enemy came after the israelites and they headed down there with their armies, and instad of fighting, god told em to go out and praise Him and they went out and sang Praise ye The Lord for His mercy Endureth forever and ever! ANd GOD smote the Philistines! They shouted the victory before it came! You might be in a bad way right now, but God is good, do you know Him? If you do, just thank Him that you're saved, It's a good place to start, and maybe, like th children of israel, as you sout the victory, God will come and smite the enemy! He can!

So we seem to have come on hard times. Those kind of times call for some hardcore strength and faithfulness. When babylon defeated Israel, it was one of israel's darkest times, yet it was in this very time that some of the greatest men of God saw God work miraculously and powerfully in their lives---Shadrach, Meshac, and Abednego, and Daniel! They wanted to throw them in the fire, but those boys would't back down, they were ready to die and GOD delivered them! They wanted to throw Daniel to ravenous lions and God sent an angel to protect him! God put those heathens to shame when they tried killing Daniel and his friends.

Daniel could have wallowed in self-pity about having to live in that terrible heathen land, but he didn't.

Elijah called down fire from Heaven in a time when israel was ruled by evil evil leaders! And even after that-Elijah got so discouraged that he wanted to die, BUT he didn't die, as a matter a fact, he was caught up to heaven in a chariot of fire!

Have faith my friends! get that fire back in your heart. Purpose in your heart! If you fall like I do, just get up again!

A Tender Heart

I have heard hymns that I've heard over and over and over growing up to the point that they don't mean much to me. And then, I have heard someone like Lester Roloff sing those same hymns, and been deeply, deeply moved. It wasn't because Brother Roloff was the most talented singer in the earth, No, it was because that simple singing was so meaningful to him, his heart was so warm and touched with the things he was singing about. I have listened to some interesting, old, old sermons from men like John R. Rice, or Roloff, or the old Bob Jones.....or Dr. R. G. Lee, now I know some people think of these men as Hell-fire and brimstone preachers. But I have to tell you, I do not detect that anger, and brimstone in their preaching that some characterize them with. On the contrary, the effectiveness of their preaching, for me, comes from their intense sincerity, their warm compassion and the profound simplicity of the message. I don't mean that they didn't preach all the hellfire n brimtone stuff, but the way they said it, was with concern for the hearers and sincere faith, they believed it, they werent trying to convince themselves, they were very comfortable and secure in what they believed, they said it so simply. Nowadays, it seems like were often looking for some new, progressive revelation, whereas these guys could preach a message on the lyrics to Amaing Grace, they didnt need a new message, or a gimick, they were completely secure and excited by the same message Jesus preached. They still wanted to tell people about the kind of thing that happened to John Newton when he wrote "Amazing Grace," or what happened to the thief on the cross when he trusted in Christ, etc.

I have looked so long and so far for answers and help, and what a dummy I've been, because the answers have been right where I left them all along.

To have that fire burning warmly in my heart, it is worth it. I have often forfeited my own inner peace, trading it for something else, chasing after something else, being unsatisfied, I thought I had to go look for something since everyone else was.

To all my friends going thru any hard time, can I share something? When you see everyone else heading in a direction, it is so easy to feel left out, I know. I have sometimes second-guessed myself and thought, hey, if everyone else says this is what I should be doing maybe I should listen? But don't fall for that like I sometimes do. Just because other people do not understand how to be content or happy in the good things of God, doesn't mean those same things they think aren't important, can't be satisfying for you. God has good things for you, that will feed your soul and heart and mind. You can be content. Satisfied. In a world of constant commercials, and tempting and goading, it is so easy to be filled with covetousness and discontent and greed and lust, to the point where we are discontent and we dont even realize it. Ya know, sometimes I am so dumb. I dont realize what I do to myself. I got hurt today in my car because I went off in a ditch, and with my head and neck hurting, I left the radio off. And i listen to the radio a lot. Anyways, I realized after a few hours, that half of the peace of mind I have been missing is because I spend so much time listening to stuff that vexes me.

I only am sharing this because hopefully other friends who are plagued and bothered by the same things That I am can get some help from this. Don't let the media and the discouragement and the commercial world teal your joy from you. There is NOTHING stopping you from hitting the off button. You are in control. I know it sounds so simpl that some right it off as unimportant but when I turn off the discouraging news and commercials and vain talking radio shows etc, and read the Psalms and proverbs and Gospels, I find a little fire burning in my heart, that has not been there in a long, long time. God bless you my friends!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


We are living in complex times. Always changing. You never know what can happen from day to day. Things are volatile in the world. Everything can be fine tomorrow, or North Korea could attack South Korea, or the markets could crash, or it could go up a few points. Nobody really knows. Culturally, we are going through many changes. It would take too long to get into a lot of them, but there are defntly a lot of changes.

In these times, I feel that since we know we could gain or lose everything at any given time, we really shouldn't take the good things and good people in our lives for granted.

A lot of people are always up in some controversy. A lot of the controversies sound so serious and important, the way people carry on about them. But ya know what, sometimes I realize that while there are indeed some things worth fighting for-there are LOTS of things that aren't.

I cherish the truth. I love to know things and study and learn, and I like to learn more and more about God as I read my Bible and study etc. But, I think I finally understand a bit of what it means to understand the spirit of something, instead of just the letter. You can be "Right." and be so miserable that you're wrong.

Example, you could have a perfect, clean, neat, household, run with efficiency, beautiful enough for a magazine, etc. But in order to keep it that way, you'd have to be a perfectionist, you'd have to be miserable, mean, picky, inhospitable, etc. OR you could have a reasonably clean, comfortable, lived in home, where you and your family are happy, relaxed, loving and enjoying yourselves. Is it wrong to have a clean, neat perfect house? I suppose not. But is it worth it no matter what the means? Nope. What does this have to do with what i was talking about? Well, it has to do with realizing that in these volatile times, when none of us know how long we will be able to enjoy all the blessings we have. We shouldn't talk about each other, argue, second-guess, nit-pick, get in a controversy, drama, etc. Basically, Im saying, it's not worth it.

If something is truly truly important enough to fight over, you know I will! But if there's one thing I'm tired of, it's the fight. There are so many things I just don't care about anymore. I'd rather be happy than be right about some argument.

Meh, I don't know if I'm making any sense. I'm not saying I'm gonna be the biggest push-over in the world now! lol Everyone who knows me knows that's not me. But I am not interested in fighting with anyone over stupid things. I'm not interested in talking bad about anyone, I really don't like back-stabbing, and if I ever thought I was a part of that, I'd feel so ashamed. I mean, I am willing to bet I have said something at some point about someone that I shouldn't have. And I'm ashamed of that. I realy dont want to be the one judging and hurting other people. We're really supposed to love EVERYONE! So, as far as my fellow human beings, I want nothing but good for everyone! I want to have the attitude of being happy for others when I see them happy. and that attitude of course, fends off that horrible sin of Envy, or Resentment.

If I see someone doing something in their life that I am convinced has them headed for trouble, instead of being that person that say "Ahhhhhh, I see what they're doing! That's not a good idea!" and talking about it with other people for entertainment and to make myself feel superior. I would rather just hope and wish for the best and hope that I am wrong, and that things go well for them. I used to be one of those ppl that thought u should always be honest with a friend about how you feel and think about their personal decisions, reason being, I thought you had to be in order to be a true friend. But ya know what I've realized, whether you agree or not, you don't have to change your opinion or pretend to agree, but if they are truly a friend or loved one---you will support them! Even if they're wrong. Because trying to punish someone for not listening to you, is only going to hurt them. Whatever my friends or family do with their lives, however I feel about it, I am going to support them to the end. And I am going to cheer them along and hope and pray for the best for them! And if they fall down, I'm not gonna say "Told you so" I'm going to be sad with them. Weep with them that weep and laugh with those that laugh!

Goodwill toward all men, is something we hear around Christmas time, and ya know, we really should have good will for each other. We should hope for each other's success and happiness. We are all so competetive and individual driven, but maybe we've sort of lost sight of brotherly love, goodwill toward all men, etc. Perhaps this makes no sense to anyone but me right now, and that's fine. But kindness is much more profound than we realize. and the hippies n such have made us think community, and the brotherhood of man is just a platitude. But we really are al part of the human family, created in the image of God, we're all in the same boat. And we ought to care about each other. Maybe if ya chew on these thoughts a lil while, they'll help you to see a bit more why Jesus said what He said about praying for your enemies, etc. I know I have been thinking.