Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Golden RUle

If u can't stand me, please don't read this, it makes me self-conscious...  ;)

We co-exist and interact with God, other people, and the devil. God is on our team, hehe, well actually, we should be on His...... other people often un-consciously are playing on the devil's team, working against us, and to harm us, though usually not purposely, and the devil, he is just a plain old enemy.

I kind of hate it how people have such a huge impact on our lives, and there is pretty much NOTHING we can do to control other people and how they affect our lives, now I know they say we have control and we can't blame others for anything, well, i understand the concept, but the fact is, other people can raise a lot of havoc in your life and they can also bring a lot of happiness to your life.

People can hurt you so badly! And there is nothin you can do to avoid it. Yet people are not our enemy. We don't wrestle against flesh and blood. But our enemy DOES use people. One important question to ask is , is he using me? Sadly, I have probably been used at some time in my life to discourage or hurt someone else. What a shame to even think of it, but we all fall into stupidity. And usually it is through our own pride, vanity and pettiness. Being so concerned with being right, or winning an argument, etc.

SOme people who think they know me but dont really understand me as well as the may see me on the surface might not understand this, but I HATE arguments....I hate contention. I am soooooo tired of it. I hate drama. I hate the ulcers and grey hairs and shortened life-span that it can cause. I love peace. I love when people are nice to each other. There are some things worth fighting for, there are some things that must be fought over---but oh how I wish that was not the case. I dont want to be attacked, I don't want to have to defend myself, I don't want to attack. I just wanna live my life happily.

IF only we'd do what Jesus said and just treat others as we'd like to be treated. IF you wouldn't like someone talking about you, don't talk about them. If you don't like being disrespected, don't disrespect. IF we would all treat each other as we would like to be treated, it would utterly change this world! Talk about world peace! ALL we need to do is follow the "Golden RUle" but we refuse, even among us Christians. And it breaks my heart to think about it.

Oh how I wish for men to be gentleman and for women to be ladies! Oh how I respect and chersh a human being who is courteous and polite! How I loved to be around my Grandmother when I was young, because she was always kind to me and made me feel like someone important to her! I love to be with people who have a pleasant demeanor and don't cause undue stress.

I have known very few people who show that simple, sincere Christian love that the New Testament speaks of. ANd often, I am NOT one of those people myself. What a shame that is.

I'm sick of being angry in this world, and I'm sick of being hurt. Please take it away from me, Lord.

But besides people hurting me, I mean, I can let it roll off my back, I can leave it to God, btu what am I supposed to do when people victimize those that I love? How can I defend them?

One thing I have noticed lately, is how nobody seems to treat a woman with respect and dignity anymore. The whole concept of treating her as the weaker vessel, means to HONOUR her, not to put her down or disrespect her. I am so disheartened as I see how people treat women, and even girls. A girl is still a young woman. People are so presumptuous and ignorant in some of the ways in which they talk to females nowadays. I think it is better to be on the safe side and be too polite than to speak so familiarly with someone that you're disrespectful.

I look at the way we are supposed to act, and I see how I fall short, and our whole culture falls short. And I wish we could go back to the good old days sometimes, lol when we were polite, even if it was a put-on! lol

i cannot change the behavior of our culture, nor ca i change the petty behavior of anyone else, i can only change my own, no mattr how others discourage and hurt me. the one good thing I can say, is the LORD is not that way at any time. He is not petty, manipulative, rude or cruel, arbitrary or gossipy. Thank God for God! Help me to be more like Him!

Hope you all have had a good day with friends and family and walking with Christ.

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