Monday, December 6, 2010


 I've seen some old men, who are happy, even in their feeble state. I am thinking of two very elderly men right now who are preachers. They aren't rich. They aren't especially healthy, They aren't trouble free or over-priveleged, and yet they ARE happy, joyful, truimphant, hopefull. They are not defeated. They are not afraid to die.

If they can be that way, who is to say that we can't? We're so surrounded by pessimism, and a spirit of defeat, and a defeatist attittude. If there are only a few people who are the exception to the rule, I would like to be a part of that club. I would like to be like Willard Thomas, still quoting poems and Scriptures in my late 70's, still excited and happy and thankful in the Lord.

All we seem to think about is moslims, the stockmarket, the war, splitting churches, politics, and on and on. I don't like what's going on either my friends. But God is not take by surprise! God is not dead. God is not distressed. He is not helpless, He is not impotent. He is the SAME! yesterday, today and forever. We are all sooooo defeated that we are afraid to praise and be joyful. Ya know what, i may FAIL tomorrow! I may mess up AGAIN! I may be a big dissapointment. I may go thru hard times. I may work a low-paying job, I may crash my car into a ditch, but GOD is still God, my soul has still got a home in Heaven. Jesus is still going to return! The Bible is still true. My sins are still forgiven. My soul is still safe. My life is still blessed!

I know it is hard, especially to break free of that initial rut that you've gotten yourself into. I am predisposed to be depressed, I'm irish, we have some crazy, deep emotion, BuT ya know what? We have GOT to stop wallowing in troubles and depression and just shout the victory. You say, what victory? Well, the victory may not yet be here for some of us, but shout because it is on its way!

When jehoshaphat was king of Jerusalem, a long long time ago----the enemy came after the israelites and they headed down there with their armies, and instad of fighting, god told em to go out and praise Him and they went out and sang Praise ye The Lord for His mercy Endureth forever and ever! ANd GOD smote the Philistines! They shouted the victory before it came! You might be in a bad way right now, but God is good, do you know Him? If you do, just thank Him that you're saved, It's a good place to start, and maybe, like th children of israel, as you sout the victory, God will come and smite the enemy! He can!

So we seem to have come on hard times. Those kind of times call for some hardcore strength and faithfulness. When babylon defeated Israel, it was one of israel's darkest times, yet it was in this very time that some of the greatest men of God saw God work miraculously and powerfully in their lives---Shadrach, Meshac, and Abednego, and Daniel! They wanted to throw them in the fire, but those boys would't back down, they were ready to die and GOD delivered them! They wanted to throw Daniel to ravenous lions and God sent an angel to protect him! God put those heathens to shame when they tried killing Daniel and his friends.

Daniel could have wallowed in self-pity about having to live in that terrible heathen land, but he didn't.

Elijah called down fire from Heaven in a time when israel was ruled by evil evil leaders! And even after that-Elijah got so discouraged that he wanted to die, BUT he didn't die, as a matter a fact, he was caught up to heaven in a chariot of fire!

Have faith my friends! get that fire back in your heart. Purpose in your heart! If you fall like I do, just get up again!

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