Monday, December 6, 2010

A Tender Heart

I have heard hymns that I've heard over and over and over growing up to the point that they don't mean much to me. And then, I have heard someone like Lester Roloff sing those same hymns, and been deeply, deeply moved. It wasn't because Brother Roloff was the most talented singer in the earth, No, it was because that simple singing was so meaningful to him, his heart was so warm and touched with the things he was singing about. I have listened to some interesting, old, old sermons from men like John R. Rice, or Roloff, or the old Bob Jones.....or Dr. R. G. Lee, now I know some people think of these men as Hell-fire and brimstone preachers. But I have to tell you, I do not detect that anger, and brimstone in their preaching that some characterize them with. On the contrary, the effectiveness of their preaching, for me, comes from their intense sincerity, their warm compassion and the profound simplicity of the message. I don't mean that they didn't preach all the hellfire n brimtone stuff, but the way they said it, was with concern for the hearers and sincere faith, they believed it, they werent trying to convince themselves, they were very comfortable and secure in what they believed, they said it so simply. Nowadays, it seems like were often looking for some new, progressive revelation, whereas these guys could preach a message on the lyrics to Amaing Grace, they didnt need a new message, or a gimick, they were completely secure and excited by the same message Jesus preached. They still wanted to tell people about the kind of thing that happened to John Newton when he wrote "Amazing Grace," or what happened to the thief on the cross when he trusted in Christ, etc.

I have looked so long and so far for answers and help, and what a dummy I've been, because the answers have been right where I left them all along.

To have that fire burning warmly in my heart, it is worth it. I have often forfeited my own inner peace, trading it for something else, chasing after something else, being unsatisfied, I thought I had to go look for something since everyone else was.

To all my friends going thru any hard time, can I share something? When you see everyone else heading in a direction, it is so easy to feel left out, I know. I have sometimes second-guessed myself and thought, hey, if everyone else says this is what I should be doing maybe I should listen? But don't fall for that like I sometimes do. Just because other people do not understand how to be content or happy in the good things of God, doesn't mean those same things they think aren't important, can't be satisfying for you. God has good things for you, that will feed your soul and heart and mind. You can be content. Satisfied. In a world of constant commercials, and tempting and goading, it is so easy to be filled with covetousness and discontent and greed and lust, to the point where we are discontent and we dont even realize it. Ya know, sometimes I am so dumb. I dont realize what I do to myself. I got hurt today in my car because I went off in a ditch, and with my head and neck hurting, I left the radio off. And i listen to the radio a lot. Anyways, I realized after a few hours, that half of the peace of mind I have been missing is because I spend so much time listening to stuff that vexes me.

I only am sharing this because hopefully other friends who are plagued and bothered by the same things That I am can get some help from this. Don't let the media and the discouragement and the commercial world teal your joy from you. There is NOTHING stopping you from hitting the off button. You are in control. I know it sounds so simpl that some right it off as unimportant but when I turn off the discouraging news and commercials and vain talking radio shows etc, and read the Psalms and proverbs and Gospels, I find a little fire burning in my heart, that has not been there in a long, long time. God bless you my friends!

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