Friday, January 21, 2011

Back In the Saddle As They Say

You may have noticed, or you may not have cared, lol But I have toned it down quite a bit for quite some time on facebook and blogging because I got tired of always feeling like I have a bullseye drawn on my forehead. I can usually take it, but for some reason, the pressure of ppl talking about me, and judging me, and hating on me was bugging me. But, I can be nobody but me, folks. And there's no sense in hiding it either. This is who I am, and I can't change it so I'm just gonna go on being me, and if that just drives you batty-that is just not my problem! :)

I got tired of some fights. SO many fights aren't worth it. But when I have something I wanna say, that I believe, I'm going to say it!

And I know some folks, who've been in the same places and under the same instruction that I've been under over the years, that are so goofed up and forgotten their common sense, and somebody has got to speak up and say the truth, and that might as wel be me sometimes :)

We need to get our perspective back, some of us have been so eaten up with postmodern trash, that we don't even remember what it's like to THINK for OURSELVES! Just because we have tv, and computers, and facebook, and online news, doesn't mean that the 'media' is supposed to do our thinking FOR us. SO many people think the media IS reality, it isn't. So many people think what is on the screen is "More Real" than their actual lives. REALITY, is your LIFE, not what some talking head says in digital land.

SO many peope who once had level heads on their shoulders, are now under a spell, their minds are infected, and it is by many things. Some have traded in their common sense for some woman who now dominates their thinking, some have traded their common sense in for the approval of some college Professors, some have traded their good sense in for the approval of some bitter, gossiping group of trouble-making rabble-rousers. Whatever it is that caused it, so many people have just lost their good sense. And we need to get back to it! Get some perspective!

The best thing I can compare it to, is like someone being put under a spell. Lulled into complacency and confusion. When people start talking about not being so influenced by the media, etc. some folks think it's just silliness and paranoia, but so much of our time and energy has been forfeited to the system, to the entertainers, the social engineers, the so called journalists, the stars, etc, that all of the good, simple enjoyments of life are almost forgotten. And when somebody just talks and acts like a normal American, people look at u sideways like you're nuts

I'm thinking that in the next few blogs I write, I'm going to highlight some of the simple blessings of simple Christian living that may have been overlooked or neglected. I'd love to see your comments concerning each thing, Or even if you think of one to share, perhaps something that you personally remember enjoying when you were younger.....some of my favorite things that are part of the Christian American lifstyle are things like "Fellowship" We used to ALWAYS have a big crowd of people over to the house after Church, and we'd sit around and talk and laugh and tell stories, it was a regular occurence. I think that is done a lot less now by most than it used to be, but it is still a great time when we get the chance.

There are a lot of people making a lifestyle out of looking at the way some of us grew up, and making fun of it, critisizing it, and saying how superior we are now. lol But I think we had a better time actually BEING face to face than just putting up pseudo-pious and pretentious fb statuses.

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  1. Allright, I havent had a comment on here forever, so I'll just go ahead and comment myself instead of editting the original post....

    I STILL have been holding back! I keep trying to stop caring what all the people who pour a cold bucket of water on my fire are going to think, and yet lately, everytime I try to say soemthing, I can't get THEIR bad attitude out of my head! And I wish some of you who are with me, who have a good attitude, who are excited about good things, and thankful to God and LOOKING for an opportunity to just find a place WHERE you can speak up for God and tell people about Him! The reason I got on here today is because I have been very exfited the last few days about God's goodness and I want to share that excitement with other people!

    BUT there are actually CHRISTIANS who will despise you for your zeal, who will mock you for your intensity, who will tell you that you need to quiet down and calm down and get balanced, and don't be so heavenly minded that you're no earthly good and on and on, but ya know what---you may want to convert me to mediocrity but I have no aspirations to medicrity or to being a nominal Christian, I'd rather be COLD than lukewarm, I'd rather be a heathen than be somebody who never grows.

    People get down on me because they know my downfalls and faults. Well, that's just fine. But have you ever considered your own faults? WHy am I such a hypocrite and youre not? Especially if the things that I DID---u DID also right beside me? Hmm. Fascinating, the way we have a double-standard when someone wants to do right, like it's important that we KNOCK em DOWN before they try! lol I dont get that.

    We ALL have to always forget our past mistakes and move forward forward forward, to do better, when you fall, you get back up, we may fall but we cannot be utterly cast down! Keep on keeping on! Keep the faith! And don't let anyone pour a bucket of cold-water on your fire! Amen.