Sunday, January 23, 2011

God has been Good to us

I can hear the words to an old hymn, and it sends chills down my spine, the words jump off the page of my Bible, the excitement builds when it's time to give testimonies or sing....I'm reading a book about spiritual truths and the illustrations leave me amazed...

And I know some people could hear the song, and just sit there, feeling numb, not sensing anything profound or important. Does this cause me to doubt the authenticity of my own experience? No. But it does make me sad. Very sad. And it makes me pray that all of us, myself included, could be more sensitive than ever to the voice of God's Spirit, and have our understanding of spiritual things opened. Who knows how many other blessings I have missed out on, just as I have seen others miss out. Wonderful things are around us, beautiful truths, things to be thankful for, profound lessons being taught, chances and opportunities to worship and edify, and many of them, we overlook completely.

Man, so much of it, I just don't quite understand, but even scratching the surface of it-the deep, spiritual truth of God's redemption-is awe-inspiring, and thrilling to the soul! I could sit and contemplate what He did for us on the cross for hours at a time, I could try to understand how He loves me, and knows me, and designed my life before I breathed my first breath for the next million years, and STILL not comprehend it all! The beauty of the universe, it's complexity, it's colors, it's patterns, the stars, light, time-I could spend a lifetime trying to understand, and not scratch the surface, and yet this CREATOR is GREATER than His incomprehensible creation! How amazing! How amazing God is!

First He gave me the gift of life, He lets my heart beat and no one can explain what keeps it moving,and He lets me take a deep breath and enjoy the air He has provided, but also, He allows me to experience spiritual life-to breath the very breath of God, to feel the wind of His Holy Spirit, to feel the peace of having my sins washed away in the Blood of Christ. Something, that many do not understand and have not experienced.

Even though I lose track of the most important spiritual truths and spend half the time worrying about the shallow things of this world, the fact is, I would rather have ONE moment of clarity and understanding in these spiritual mysteries than live a lifetime in purely physical prosperity. I am blessed, right now, far beyond what I could deserve or imagine on my own!

I have dreams, hopes, and desires for my life, nonetheless, right now, at this very moment, I already have so many things to be thankful for! I am blessed! I have been blessed! God has been good to me, and though God WANTS to do soooo much for you and fill you with such joy, if you're reading this right now, you too have ALREADY been blessed, as God has given you life, and breath and understanding, and an OPPORTUNITY, this VERY moment, to turn from your own ways, your sins, AND your self-righteousness, and trust completely in Jesus Christ the Saviour for forgiveness of sins, eternal life and Friendship and Unity with God Almighty! Jesus is the Son of God, the Saviour, the propitation, the sacrficie, the payment, for YOUR sins, ACCEPT His free gift and enter into a true relationship with the Eternal, Infinite, Kind, Loving, Wise, Almighty Triune God! What could be more exciting? Peace.

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