Monday, January 24, 2011

I Might Make This A Daily Habit

I have been learning the last little while that praise is not a trivial thing, it is actually very important. There are many ways to demonstrate this truth as we see that God's pleasure is our reason for existance and that we are commanded to give thanks always.

I am STARTING to make this a habit by praising God in my blogs, I'm hoping it spreads to many areas of my life. I have also been enjoying singing and praising God in Church! And with a few friends, It isn't some optional thing that you should do once in a while or when something exceptionally awesome happens, praise should be your lifestyle! It is GOOD for us to praise God, read the book of Psalms! It talks about how good and pleasant it is, and it shows us what it entails.

My thought for today that I think may be helpful----

A lot of people get led astray into bad situations and confusing teachings because they are still looking and seeking for something that has actually already been found. I do not need to visit a special meeting necessarily, or read a new book, to find important, profound, life-changing, fulfilling truths! I can find my sustenance and spiritual health at home, by myself, on my knees, with the Bible. I don't need to look for a "2nd blessing" or an experience, or a vision---I have already received the blessing, I already have the Holy Spirit! I already have the presence of God, I already have the One who can provide my needs. I don't need to go seeking, He already found me, He provides!

We don't need "New" truths, we need faith and understanding in what has already been revealed. Jesus died for us, shed His blood, and rose again! In that, He provided ALL that we need. He provided forgiveness for sins, eternal life, Friendship, purpose, someone to go to in prayer, peace, the fruit of the Spirit and on and on! That is the good news. We have all we need. U dont need to have a vision, meditate, climb a mountain and meet a spiritual leader, put ashes on your head, sprinkle holy water, repeat the rosary, make a pilgrimage, give a gift, all you need is faith in the truth that has already been revealed-Jesus Christ, the risen Son of God.

God loves you, friend! Commit your ways to Him. Put your faith in Him. Love Him. Praise Him! Read His Word! God bless you!

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