Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Old Time Stuff

I love reading old books. Some of the best books I have are my autiobiography of Benjamin Franklin, the personal letters of C. H. Spurgeon, the journal of David Brainerd, the memoirs of John Newton, and the Biography of D. L. Moody. Among others. One of the biggest things that I always get out of reading these books is less of a defeatist attitude and higher expectations out of myself. They give a fresh perspective. because, I see that in the old days, a lot of men held themselves to standards and did deeds that most of us wouldn't dream of even considering as reasonale or possible and yet somehow, they were able to do them! SO, if I think only according to the mentality of 2011 USA, I may never know certain joys and accomplishments that I may be able to achieve if I think a little more like Ben Franklin and a little less like Oprah lol

Today's mentality is mostly shallow. In a world, where technology seems to make the world full of new possibilities, people seem to think smaller and smaller and smaller, their world is smaller, their imaginations are smaller, their values and priorities are shallow as ever. And it is a strange atmosphere. I think of someone ingenious, like Benjamin Franklin, or someone with tireless passion and energy for the things of God, like D. L. Moody, and I'm willing to bet that the two of them would find much, much more to do and discover more possibilities, in today's day in age, with all the technology and opportunity than they even came up with in their own day! Just think how men changed the world, and caused a Revolution in the days of the press, and imagine how much they could have said and communicated with today's media! It's amazing to imagine!

I know not everyone has an ear to hear this one, but what I am basically getting at, is this, the old paths are the best paths, still! An old truism is an old truism for a reason, because it has withstood the test of time, and the ways of the old-fashioned and well-established are like that for a reason, theyre there because they're tried and true.

There's a lot of wisdom in the sayings of mom and dad and grammah and grandpa, and there's perfect wisdom in the Scripture verses you've read. We look for a new study, for what Oprah thinks, Ask Dr, Phil, Call Dr. Laura, lol read a new book, take a new pill, do a new experiment. I'm not saying to be romantic about the past and just think anything that's old must be good, but that which is old and tried and true, is worth knowing and practicing. And my biggest piece of advice to all readers is to read old books! Read David Brainerd, C. H. Spurgeon, George Mueller, Benjamin Franklin, John Newton, John Bunyan, and most importantly, the Bible. It will give you wisdom, that a lot of people today have simply forgotten about. We've all come under the postmodern spell of technology, entertainment and pop culture to the point where the simple things that life has to offer re neglected and all but forgotten. The wisest man that ever lived was Solomon, and he never had an ipod, or a pc, never read the New York Times, or went to an Ivy League College. Peace. 

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