Friday, February 4, 2011

Facebook, Bullies, Integrity, Freedom of Speech, Truth Bomb

Facebook and the internet, they're weird things. I am a real honest guy. Always been what you see is what you get. Now facebook is like a weird thing because what you say to people is seen by such a wide variety of other people and you either become very guarded in what you say OR you get ppl criticizing the tar out of you, And naturally, I'm not the kind who is gonna be being anything less than what I am....facebook drama is a great example of this, but it goes on in life like crazy, social netoworking is just one more medium that brings it to the forefront.

As some of you know, for a while, I was kind of....quiet. reserved (for me), because I know some people want me to be different. They want me to be less 'intense'. More.....basically just shut up unless I'm talking about something suuuper shallow, because shallowness is the new politeness. Not being shallow is considered rude in this sick, postmodern world.

And I have decided several times to just be me, like I always have and who cares what people say, YET I  have deleted like 3 blogs wthout posting them because as I think about how some ppl will take them, I lose interest and get discouraged. Bummer.

BUT even as a kid, I ran into a lot of fights, ya know why? I NEVER, NEVER NEVER NEVER gave in to ONE SINGLE BULLY, it didnt matter if he was bigger than me, If I was out-numbered, I always would just rather go down in a fight, I wasnt the kinda kid you picked on or stole lunch money from, I was the kid who would go nuts instead ;) Because I just HATE bullies! I hate feeling manipulated, controlled, dominated, deceived and pushed around! I hate it! I dont believe in no pope, no modern prophet, NOBODY has a monopoly on God or the truth, nobody but God Himself, and by God's grace, I'm going to become that kid agan, I'm going to be strong, and I'm not going to allow all of everybody else's sour apples and immature opinions and soap-boxes and god-complexes get to me! I am so sick n tired of human beings expecting to be treated like and listened to as God. I refuse to bow down to it.  I have never been popular, never will be. and thats okay.

I dont wanna be argumentative just for the sake of being argumentative, but basically, if you don't like me and what I stand for, you dont have to argue with me and you dont have to talk about me behind my back or anything, u really don't -just live and let live. BUT if you can't do that, it isnt my problem or fault so dont put it on me that you're so intolerant.

We have to stop being pushed around by OPINIONs, manipulators, arrogant would be gods, BULLIES< everywhere I look I see bullies, throwing their weight around trying to silence you, or badmoth you, or put you down,  or make you feel bad or shut you up! Well, I've had it! As long as there is any form of freedom of speech in the COuntry, I WILL Use it.

SOme of the areas that I frst noticed bully behavior were n school (from nutty teachers), and among kids, in politics, and in religious figures (like pope), but there are many, many other examples, another example is bad relationships, my oh my how people allow themselves to be treated like trash because they think they are in love....but we have to stand up for Truth, and when you're faithful to the truth, indiscrimnately, and wihtout respect to persons, then you are free indeed. There is nothing more important to me than freedom, and there can be no freedom without TRUTH. Where the Spirit of the LORD is there is liberty.


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