Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There is a lot going on in the world right now! Every day I feel more aware of how volatile our situation in the world really is. Despite that, I do not feel paniced or anxious. I feel a desire to be a stronger person, closer to God and prepared for whatever difficulties might be ahead. It is all so volatile, that you never know if we are in for a tough future or a happy future, it really can go both ways for us, we do not know the future. But we should purpose in our hearts now what kind of response we plan on having to it.

Seeing the events in Egypt, hearing the accounts of how nasty and hard war can be from friends who have seen it, and seeing how Christians in Iran, Eritrea, Tunisia, Lebanon, China, North Korea and other nations are being mistreated, I have been thinking a lot about the prophet Daniel.

Daniel is a great example of courage and calm in the face of persecution. In a time when everything Daniel believed in was under assault, he managed to prosper through it all. The king tried to make him eat food that was against Jewish law to eat, and he refused. And yet he prospered because he was one of the most healthy young men in the group. The king made it against the law to pray, and yet he carried on with his regular, daily prayers as if nothing had changed. He had guts! He didn't care what their man-made laws had to say!

That kind of consistancy and courage that Daniel had is something I want to have.I won't say that I do. But we all may need a dose of Daniel's spirit in the future. I find a strange exciement in seeing courage like Daniel's. In hearing how the apostles defied the rules of man, and kept on preaching in the streets. In thinking how Stephen just kept on praying with his eyes turned to Heaven while people stoned him to death. It is so hard to find heroes anymore, well, these men were genuine heroes, people you wouldn't be ashamed to admire and look up to!

And frankly, a lot of these Christians in Iran who are willing to sit in jail rather than recant their faith, or our soldiers that fight the enemy with courage despite danger to their own well-being. These guys are my heroes! They really are.

We should pray for our persecuted brethren and our fighting soldiers, every day!


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