Friday, February 11, 2011

The Passion of Christ

Sometimes the words of the Preacher, the Sunday School Teacher, the song leader and the testifier, seem to fall to the ground, they don't seem to penetrate the hard, dull hearts of Church members.....we sit there, like were in a coma, not excited, not touched, no emotion or passion for the Lord Jesus,

and I was thinking---Christ did not go through some religious duty to rescue our souls, He didn't sit through an hour long service to save us from our sins, He didn't mutter through an opening prayer and throw in a couple dollars out of guilt to save us, No-He willfully subjected Himself to a brutal death, a death of torture and humiliation. He did this for the joy that was set before Him. He did this because it was the will of the Father. He did it because God so loved the world.

Oh, the coldness, the dullness, the callassed emotions, the desensitized people that we have become in our hearts, not to be touched by the Love of Christ! Not t be in love with Him. Not to be willing to SACRIFICE for God, not to hunger and thirst for an OPPORTUNITY to worship Him and please Him!

How can we be awakened out of our sleep? The Churches are in a deep, deep sleep as the world spirals into a hopeless eternity.

EVEN as a Christian, AMONG Christians-you will find yourself condemned and persecuted and scorned and bad-mouthed and looked down on and called everything from a hypocrite to self-righteous if you find your heart being rekindled with the fire of the love and Holiness of God! That is how far we have gone! We have gone so far, that the sincere Christian will draw more ire from his fellow Christians than all the baby-killers, liars, cheaters and blasphemers in the world. It is a sad day when Church-members are quicker to cozy up with Moslims and Democrats than they are to love and support their fellow Christian who dares to have God's love and zeal burning in his heart!  I'm not saying this with sarcasm or anger, I'm saying this with bewilderment and a broken heart and that is the truth.

Don't let the cold and lukewarm discurage you from getting filled with the Holy Spirit and just following and trusting God's Holy Ghost.

God loves you. He loves you so much that He bled and suffered and died and rose ! And that He wants to dwell with you in your heart! We love Him because He first loved us!

Think about Jesus Christ, and HIS PASSIOn and it will fill you with a passion for God.

Pray for revival. Peace.

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