Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pride is Unattractive

We are nothing but human beings, when you stop to consider the Creator, and who He is, when you consider His wisdom and creative power, His Holiness and glory-His perfection-what are we compared to Him but worms?

And yet, Jesus Christ Himself, who thought it not robbery to be equal with God, HUMLED Himself because He was found in the fashion of a man, and submitted...hmm, interesting.

I know so many people with a "god-complex" it aint even funny! The presumptuousness, the ASSUMED authority, the high opinion of one's own opinion-utterly bewilders me. How is it that some think that OTHER people need to submit to their authority and yet they do not feel accountable to ANY authority but themselve's? It floors me. We are the most arrogant society that has probably ever lived! Pride DRIPS off of us like water, I always see how some of our politicians Strut around like they own the world, and it bugs me, but it really is all of us. We should consider this. We need to humble ourselves, every last one of us, from oldest to youngest.

Men that are much greater than us, have submitted to much harder things and endured much harder afflictions than we have, with no complaints. I feel so ashamed of our whining postmodern ways. God forgive us.  Peace.

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