Monday, February 21, 2011

To Be Saved

  The revival meetings got off to a good start. I appreciate what has been said. I am still thirsting for more of God. I am praying and hoping that God will do something great in our hearts. We need a touch from God. We need softer hearts, broken hearts even. We are so hard-hearted. 

Would to God that we be filled! Filled with the Holy Ghost!

I still feel like telling everyone that I know I've been a bad example at times in the past, and that I'm sorry-but God is now doing a good work in my life. I can only acknowledge it so many times though. If when I speak to testify of God-all you can do is think of my past mistakes or my weaknesses-you're completely missing the point. I am not trying to get anyone to look at me, or consider my opinions. My opinions don't matter in the end. what does matter is whether or not you've ever met Jesus Christ yourself. Do you know the Lord? You can. and you don't need me, or some religious leader, or know it all, or 'holier than thou' big-mouth lol what you need is a genuine repentance and sorrow over your sin, and a turning to the Only One who can do anything about it, Jesus Christ the Lord, the Son of God. He knows your sins are evil, He knows you and I deserve to be judged and condemned, but He loves us so much, he bore all of that punishment and condemnation on calvary and shed His perfect blood, and rose again to offer us not only forgiveness, but eternal life and friendship with God. He offers you adoption into the family of God. He will make you a son of God the Father, if you will simply turn from yourself and your sin, and put your faith in Christ alone. He will forgive you. You don't need to go to a Church or say a formed prayer, you dont need to say a hail mary, or get baptized, you just need to repent and believe the Gospel.

Turn to Christ! Jesus saves! And you will become a new, born again person! Forgiven, innocent and able to please God through faith.

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