Wednesday, March 30, 2011

God Loves You More Than You've Allowed Yourself to even Consider

What is the WILL OF GOD?

Is it that we go through life defeated and discouraged? Is it depression? Is it bondage to sin? Is it destruction? Are these rhetorical questions?

Well-according to God's WORD, it is NOT God's will that ANY should perish, and it is His will that we grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is God's will that we do His good pleasure......if you are living in defeat and misery and you're convinced that that is just the way it is, and you're just "Suffering for Jesus" I think you're wrong. I think you have swallowed the devil's lie!

I am NOT saying life is a bed of roses, I am certainly not saying God doesn't call us to suffer. We ALL suffer, we ALL have burdens, we ALL get sick, and unless the Rapture comes first we will all die a physical death---BUT we are NOT , NOT, NOOOOOOTTT called to a life of DEFEAT! We are more than conquerors! All of these defeated, depressed Christians who think that is the spiritual way to be-I am wondering what Bible we have been reading! We are NOT defeated! I am TIRED-sick n tired of accepting defeat and I REJECT it right now in the name of Jesus Christ! GOD'S WORD says I can do all things through Chrit which strengtheneth me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am FREE-yes, free indeed! God's Holy, Sacred, Blessed Scriptures say where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you're living in bondage, you're not allowing God to do what He wants! He wants to deliver you, He wants you to be free and full of joy and that is not a prosperity Gospel-it's the TRUTH!

Christians are under the influence of Satan.

We call it depression. We call it anxiety. We call it dissilusion, but really, it is Satanic lies!

But what does the voice of truth say? Don't ask some preacher, don't consult your list of accepted doctrines within your circle, don't check the Christian bookstore, Check the Word of God! What does the Word of God say about God? And what does the Word of God say about you? Can I tell you? It says that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. GOD LOVES YOU!

Now, the Word of God firstly says that you're a filthy sinner. That you deserve judgment. That you're an offense to God. And that you do NOT measure up, BUT GOD does not desire to destroy you, He desires to demonstrate His love to you by delivering you from punishment. So a Just, Holy God, in self-sacrifice and unselfish love....sacrificed His own Son-who came willingly, because that is how much He loved you! And when you receive Him, and become a Son of God-you are adopted, you are not only forgiven, and have every sin wiped away, you are clean and holy and pure and blameless before God, but not only are you blameless, you are also now elevated through His adoption into sonship-you are now BELOVED of God! You are now accepted in the beloved, part of the Bride of Christ, one of the children of God, a saint, a holy one, a sanctified one, a justified one. Without fault, loved, accepted and adored by a Holy God!

NOT one word that I have written concerning you and God is unscriptural. This is simply what the Bible says about you. Before you come to Christ, you are dirty and unacceptable, and you are plagued by guilt and feelings of hopelesness, worthlesness etc. But once you are born again through faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God, you are delivered from sin and from sin's consequences. You are no longer under condemnation. Not one word of this is unscriptural. ALL of this truth is found in God's Holy Word the Bible. And yet, many religious people would think that this message is going too far, entertains and plays too much into our self love. Well, as ugly of a sin as selfishness can be, Jesus tells us Himself that NO MAN ever lived that didn't love his own flesh, but anyways. The point is this, your desire to neglect and ignore your own needs from God, while it parades around as humility, is actually just a pseudo-pious, false humility, probably spoonfed to you by the Devil to rob you of the joy of accepting and receiving and enjoying the love, affection and acceptance of our Best Friend, who is closer than a brother, our Loving Father, our Advocate, Our Defense, Our Loving Lord! Do not let false humility, pseudo-piety and misguided teaching steal away the BIBLICAL truths that God has blessed us with in order to give us total and complete joy, freedom and liberty!

Read Romans 8 and believe it! Let the truth of Romans 8 combat the lies of the Devil that have been playing in your ears.

You do not need to do some great thing in order to feel respected and appreciated. You do not need to get in a romantic relationship to feel some affection. You do not need recognition from men in order to be worth something. You do not need to do good works in order to please God and make Him love you. All you need is faith in Jesus Christ. HE ADORES YOU! And if you feel that saying CHRIST JESUS ADORES ME is presumptuous, my friend, you have probably been listening to Satan instead of God's Word. Because God's love is magnificent, EXTRAVAGANT, over the top and incomprehenisble! Let God love you! Receive it! We love Him because He first loved us.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Love Of God (this is the introduction)

I want to be balanced and Scriptural in my faith. I do not believe in something just because it is the popular thought in whatever group or 'camp' I happen to be associated with. I want to know what is true and right. Lately, I have been learning more and more about the love of God. I have heard preachers over the years say that the love of God is over-emphasized and His holiness and justice is not emphasized enough. In a way, I understand where they are coming from, but I think they are wrong. The love of God should always be the emphasis. The problem is NOT that we talk too much about the love of God, the problem is that we talk about His love too cheaply and flippantly, sometimes His love is "Cheapened" by our shallow sort of 'Disney' way of presenting it, but that doesn't mean we talk about His love too much, in fact, I believe we have left "Our" first love, and we have all but forsaken the profound and life-changing truths of God's love.

The Bible says God IS love. So how could we possibly talk too much about who God is?

Knowing that God is Holy, and Just-only adds to the awesomeness and amazing joy of knowing His love and grace.

But anyways, so far this blog sounds like some kind of seminar or conversation on preaching methods and that is not what I want to convey at all. What I would like to do is spread the Good Word to everyone about what God has been doing in my life to know more about who He truly is and how He feels about me.

I hav heard all of the -it's not about you it's about God stuff. Ya know, it is about God, it is totally about Christ Jesus having the preeminence in all things. But this God, who is the center of everything, by whom all things consist-the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, happens to take pleasure, and to have fellowship and to lvoe and to have sacrificed for ME. And that is NOT a prideful thing to say, as a matter of fact, it is very humbling to know what God has done for me!

Sadly, Christians everywhere are feeling condemned, guilt-ridden, hurt, worthless, depressed and on and on, yet they go about witht heir "Duties" they read the Bible, they serve God out of guilt, but they are unhappy. And then you hear, well-Christianity isn't about your happiness-it's about Christ!------Well, it might not be about the worldly version of happiness, I mean everyone knows I do not believe in prosperity doctrine, But doesn't the Bibel say THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH ? Yes, the Apostles suffered, the New Testament Church suffered, but they also sang songs of praise so loudly that al the other prisoners could hear them, even in the dungeon, so even in the dungeon, they were Happy. WHy were they happy? Were they happy out of a sense of duty? Or did they know the love of God, and understand and fellowship and walk with Jesus in a way that actually filled their hearts and love and greatefulness instead of guilt and sorrow? To some of you perpetually spiritually miserable folks, this may seem like sacrilige, but remember-i'm still in the Bible. and for those of you who are at a place where you feel you cannot go on, you are discouraged and dissilusioned with your faith, as I have been in many ways, please understand, that this is not an accident, and it's not even a bad thing, it is God bringing you to a place in your thinking, where you will be able to come to a deeper, more meaningful and profound experience of His love. To truly grow in your knowledge of God, you have to chuck you preconceived ideas, and you 'religious culture' and just trust what the Bible and the Holy SPirit reveal to you. And who cares of other uptight, holier than thou, Christians will understand what God is up to in your life or not! Do YOU want to know more about the height and depth and width of the love of Christ? That's all that matters.

I will be writing much more on this as God deals with me. But think-the Bible says our God is the Great Physician, Isiaiah says He shall be called Counsellor. The Lord Himself DOES care about your hurts and past, and your problems, and He wants to heal you and help you and comfort you, and you are NOT being presumptuous to ask your Father to help you as His Child! God is our Father! Jesus told us to ask our heavenly Father for good things. Yet we sit there, thinking we are so spiritual-not wanting to be too presumptuous, and not bringing our true feelings and needs to Him. He loves you, as HIS child. Read Romans 8! The BIBLE says how can He who gave His only begotten Son for us deny us anything? Hmm. Sounds kind of presumptuous doesn't it? God is much more loving and gracious than we have been willing to accept, in our pride. And even when we are suffering, and not receiving the things we feel we need-our Havenly Father is a GOOD Father, and He has a Benevolent reason. He has a plan. Not just for Moses and Elijah and Paul, our God has a plan for YOU and He has had that plan since the beginning of time. He knew you when you were in your mother's womb. He knows the number of haiirs on your head. He keeps your tears in a bottle. He sees it all, experiences and feels it all with us. God loves you-is so much more than what we know, it is the timeless, eternal, incomprehensible, life-changing truth of the Bible. God, a Holy God, a righteous God, a Just God-Loves us more than we can imagine! Thank You Father in Heaven! Amen.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I'm in one of those synical, aggravated moods, which means I probably shouldn't be writing anything cuz I could get into trouble ; ) but hey.

Ya know, I'm not feeling just frustrated with everyone else, I'm frustrated with myself. With my own thoughts, my own hypocrisies, my own inner conflicts, I think things in my own mind that completely contradict each other, and I'm sick of fighting with myself about my own thoughts.

I don't like the direction that the culture I'm living in is going in-
But I also can't stand any of the seeming alternatives.
I am no liberal, but I can't stand the shallow counter-arguments of what is today known as conservatism. I don't like the up-tight, stuffed-shirt, judgmental, MISERABLE fundamentalists, and I don't like the wishy-washy, anything-goes, shallow, flippant irreverence of new evangelicals----and I don't like the cop-out of the so called happy medium, so I find I'm always uncomfortable. And then that takes me to an even worse situation, a situation where I, myself, am nothing more than a self-righteous, judgmental, isolationists who thinks I'm pretty much the ONLY one who has it right-so to escape that, I acknowledge that I also don't have it right and what I'm left with is a big vaccuum.

Humanity is unlikable, and indeed-I don't even like me. lol So, maybe it has ALWAYS been this way, and I am just being an idealist, looking for some kind of perfect school of spirituality when none of us are, were all just at different points in growing, but the problem with that is that it can be so unbelievably easily become a cop-out and an excuse for the free-for-all that has become the big, confusing religious buffet of postmodern reality.

I was thinking about Christ, living on this earth. He never did anything wrong. Not ever. All the sinners that He hung around with NEVER defiled Him in any way. He was totally pure. And as HE hung out with hookers and tax-collectors, He INFURIATED the religious establishment. Jesus wasn't rubbing elbows with all the big-wig preachers and receiving honorary doctorates and being hailed as a great rabbi by all the pharisees, No-He was making enemies among the religious big dogs.

I just hate pretense. I hate phoniness...i dont know if i spelled that right....

But even in the world, you have to play the game, and act a certain way whether u mean it or not in order to get anywhere in life, and thaz one thing I hate about life. I've never been much for playing the game. Never been much for flattering people, climbing the ladder n all that trash. Can't stand it. And I can't stand it in the religious world either. Jesus Himself, was not willing it seems, to play the game and kiss-up to pharisees and clergy and be political.

Man, Paul. Now Paul spent a lot of time in JAIL. And his true friends, stuck with him through those times! When persecution comes, Preachers of the Gospel will not be people to kiss up to in hopes of getting a hold of money or influence, they will be people to love and pray for through and sharing in Suffering and Shame! Do you praise and give lipservice to a popular preacher? Great. Will you support and praise and stand with them when theyre under the gun? That's real support. It'd be so good to see true love and support among Christians instead of networking! Fellowship is not networking! Faith is not a business. Church is not a racket! And if ur wondering why everything is going to pot-it's cuz judgment begins at the house of God and the Lord is going to clean house! Christian family are supposed to be the kind of people that visit you when ur in jail not the kind of people who network, flatter, and hobknob.

There is one overwhelming word that comes to mind on every front in our religion and culture in the USA--------------SHALLOW! ! ! I see a ton of pretense. A lot of tidy sayings. A lot of talk. Myself included. I'm disgusted with myself. I don't have the goods. I don't bring the goods. I've become just another tinkling cymbal and noising brass. I'm tired of it. Is it a lack of character? Conviction? Passion? Love? Chairty? I don't know what it is. But I'm tired. Tired. Tired. And if anything good is gona come about, it's gonna have to be SUPERNATURAL. Because we are just a bunch of worms. I hate negativity ;) believe it or not, I wanna be positive. but my problem is honesty and sincerity, I can't bring myself to work up poitivity, it HAS to be real, I wont say somehting that's just hype-I can't pretend. If I'm gonna be positive, it's gotta be real. And as of right now, I'm just dissilusioned.

You know why people laugh at us when we say you outta listen to wholesome music, or u ought not commit fornication, or you should talk pure, etc, and all out little morals and rules we try to teach? Because no one takes "Us" seriously, and really-I do not blame them. I don't take us very seriously either.

We haven't mastered "Be kind" but were gonna tell other people what they should and shouldn't drink? We like to talk about purity-but half the kids in our churches are illigitimate and pastors all over the country run off with their secretaries? Meh-I could go on, but the point is, "Religious" morality and ethics is downright twisted and foolish. I have known many non-religious folks who seem to have better, well-adjusted morals than a lot of religious whackjobs do. It amazes me how religious folks can be so mean and nasty and perverse and then turn around and judge someone else who is kind and pure-hearted as evil because they don't dress the way you do.

lol-now I could give my disclaimer right here about how there's nothing wrong with dressing well etc, etc, etc, but ya know, I'm tired of entertaining and giving the nod to the Pharisee Establishment, ya wanna call me a liberal-you can just go suck on an egg with the liberals-I don't owe u any more of an explanation than I owe them.

Argh! I'm so angry. Please forgive me. I hope maybe something I say in this will be helpful and not hurtful. I don't want to be negative. I'm TIRED of ranting fundamentalists-I don't like us. I don't like myself. Oh God, please show me the good stuff! Give me a vision-help me not to be a compromiser OR a pharisee, show me what the heck a Saint is!

Make me free INDEED

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Call.

I am not totally sure if other people are as "Alarmed" by the world scene right now as I am, I know some are. It would be interesting to take a poll in a public place on how the majority of Americans are feeling about the state of the world. To me, it seems we are in the midst of an extremely chaotic and volatile world situation, with many, countless complicated details...

I'm not panicing. I'm not being an alarmist or a doomsday prophet ;) I'm just being observant and keeping my finger to the wind. (Proverbs 22:3).

There are a lot of thoughts and lessons brought to the forefront of our thinking by the severity of these events. From wars and conflict in the middleast and africa, to unprecedented, incomprehensible, natural disasters in the East, to economic troubles worldwide, higher food and gas prices, political controversy in the US, especially Wyoming, and on and on, it seems as if one would have to be willfully putting their heads in the sand not to think that we are living in perilous times.

NO ONE knows what is next, maybe we will all CONTINUE to experience the priveleges of peace and freedom we have already had....although, I'm not so sure. Or maybe we will face the anxiety and unrest that most of the rest of the world has faced. Either way, the answer is the same. We must prepare-and by prepare I do not mean to build a three mile deep bunker or stock 5 years of food-I mean prepare to know God. Get close to God.

Our Lord has taken multitudes of saints through trials, tribulations, fear, and trouble and has shown His strength in ways that some of us have NEVER even dreamed! Don't look at all this as a time to be afraid, as a time to try to ignore it...see this as time to walk with God and know Him and see His power and provision in ways you have never seen before! Come back to God, ALL His people! Peace.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

True Joy, True Spirituality & the Beginning of Sorrows

If everything goes right, if our needs are met, our desires are fulfilled then we are happy and thankful, and we smile and praise and call this the joy of the Lord. Is it a blessing to smile and be happy and be thnakful when we get what we want? Sure. It is a good thing. But is it the joy of the Lord?

In the US, even when we have luxuries, and fulfilled needs, and peace and safety, we often are disconent, and unthankful and miserable and greedy. This is below the status quo of good-naturedness, but atleast those a little more right with God, know how to be happy with the blessings they have, BUT the Apostles went beyond both of these American-style saints and smiled and praised in jail with stripes on their backs. Were they HAPPY that their backs stung? Of course not! Were they glad when GOOD things happened to them, physically speaking, I'm sure they were-BUT did the stripes upon their backs stop them from loudly singing songs of praise in a dungeon at midnight? Nope.

WHy is this relevant for us today? Because, perhaps we are all headed for suffering, persecution? Depression? Hard to say. But even if we do not, certainly we will ALL face personal suffering, we will lose loved ones, many will face cancer :(  friendships will be lost, loved ones will let ya down, old age will steal your strength-suffering comes upon is sadly shallow that so many religious people are looking for a God to make sure they never have a flat tire, always pay their bills on time, prosper, prosper prosper.....does God not do good things for us? Yes, He does! I don't know about you, but I've had a pretty good and happy life! So, NO God is NOT vindictive or nasty or unkind or unmerciful-But just because God is so wonderful and kind to us does not mean we should look to Him as nothing more than a servant and/or benefactor. Is God here for us or are we here for Him? Hmm.

Could it be then, that as earthquakes and hunger and war and persecution are unleashed upon the world-that our fellowship with Christ will become deeper, sweeter and less shallow? Could this all be a wake-up call? The only way to get our attention off of our selfish selves? Could this profound wake-up call be the only thing to shake us out of our apathy and callasedness?

The Bible says the joy of the LORD is our strength! God doesn't want us to be miserable. But what we are selling as joy is nothin more than a cheap, shallow emotional high that doesn't even come close to be the joy of the Lord!

The joy of the Lord gave Nehemiah and his men the courage to build the walls of Jerusalem with one hand and defend Jerusalem with a sword in their hands with the other!

The Joy of the Lord gave David the strength to write Psalms ad praise God and be obedient, even while the King who he loved and served was trying to kill him!

The Joy of the Lord helped Corrie Ten Boom to survive in a nazi prison camp and come out of it forgiving others and praising God

The joy of the Lord helped George Mueller live with nothing but a cot and a few books and feel like the richest man on earth!

The joy of the Lord helped the martyrs to sing hymns and shout for joy WHILE being burned at the stake!

The joy of the Lord is NOT a short burst of satisfaction that you get when you buy something at the store, or install a new pool or hot-tub. It is so much more! It is so much better! WE THINK that God's allowing us to suffer financially is downrght judgment, but perhaps in truth, God is going to bless us by removing our idols? Help us Lord! Turn us to You! Amen.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let God Be True & Every Man A Liar

As I study, learn, seek, research, experience and live-I find that the stuff the old people always say is true, the stuff the old preachers preached is true, the stuff the Bible says is true, and it never stopped being true. I don't know if I can quite put into words the frustration I am feeling right now at the thought of mankind's "puffed-uped-ness", presumptuousness, pompassness and arrogance.

Countless times people have tried to bully me, brow-beat me, intimidate me, out-shout me, out-reason me, justify, side-step, rationalize and twist the truth in order to pressure me into caving and compromising from what is right.

It is getting old. The way men presume to be the author and finishers of my salvation, the way men presume to be the final authority, as if NO ONE should ever DARE to deny THEIR SACRED, HOLY Opinions! I know, time after time again in history every man has done that 'which was right in his own eyes' but I wonder if there has ever been a point in history where every individual of the culture treated their own opinion as Sacred Scripture-talk about having too high an opinion of your own opinion! You disagree with some people and it is like you have blasphemed or committed a crime. What makes us think so highly of ourselves?

We claim to be humble, we claim to be willing, broken-hearted, etc, but if someone transgresses against our sacred opinions, preferences, prejudices and ego----look out! Cuz chaos and fury is coming! Who do we worship? Mostly SELF.

I'm sorry if I seem cynical or something-I am, bewildered, surprised and sad at how far we have come, and I am so unbelievably tired of people exalting themselves so high that their opinions are more important than God and His Word, their more important than established, historical, documented, tried and true knowledge, they're above reproach, above correction, above teaching----you would think our Nation was comprised of nothing less than gods-perfect, all-wise beings, that's the way we act, as if our OPINIONS are SACRED like Scriptures. And when someone like me is honest enough to say that it makes me want to GAG, I am immediately labelled as the closed-minded, pain in the neck, fundamentalist, hypocritical, pharisaical, big-mouth conservative-type freakshow! lol Well, I know the ladies from the View would like the likes of me to be put to sleep-but if you think ur whining, feminine, back-biting, nit-picking, liberal, panzy, politically correct, de-masculinized, effeminate, nutered, irrational, snivelling back-talk is gonna shut me up, u better think again!

Newsflash, baptist, fundamentalist, conservative, Christian, Zionist, and patriot are NOT bad words and they do not have a negative connotation and if they have a negative connotation to you than YOU are the one who has a problem that you need to examine, not I. And those of you who have held to those things but are now, after years of being brow-beaten and bullied, starting to compromise, it is about time we all unite and stick together and be not weary in well doing-enough compromise and watering-down and running away and denying and neglecting and rejecting what we have LONG KNOWN and is WELL ESTABLISHED truth! Stick with the old stuff, do not surrender the fundamentals of the faith.

If every other American is "Pro-choice" pro gay marriage, pro Bible perversions, watered-down, run-away, give up, twisted doctrine, that doesnt mean we need to join em! I'd rather be the last one, than to just roll over.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


For quite some time now, myself, and some of my friends also, have been prayerfully seeking revival and restoration....

We have revival meetings. Meetings are good. But a meeting is just the begining, God will work in your heart, in Church, out of Church, at home, in your heart, at work, at school...everywhere & anywhere

We live in a time, when sometimes, even those who are supposed to be your fellow Christians, will despise you for being over-zealous for the things of the Lord. What a strange behavior among Christians. As if you could love Christ too much? No, you could never love God too much or do too much for Him.

But God has been working in my heart more and more and more by the day. One of the biggest things that I've learned lately is that the work of Christ in our hearts is a constant, daily work-we sometimes want things to be instant, one trip to the altar, a few minutes of prayer, and bam, everything is right as rain-well, everything is right as rain with my soul, I mean, It is well with my soul, I have a home in Heaven and peace with God, but everything isnt right as rain with my heart, every single day God seems to draw my closer, break my heart more, convict me about something new, help me fall more in love with Him. Every time I open my Bible, or pray, it seems God is doing something new in my heart! Revival, is something we must seek, with constant renewal. looking forward, always forward, growing more and more, not getting self-satisfied.

I can't say that I am perfectly right, at this moment. No. Because every time I turn around, God opens a new truth to me. God shows me another area where I have a hard heart, or have grieved Him. And I'm not upset that He is doing that. I am priveleged to hear from Him.

Sometimes, in trying to do right, I may say something I'm not sure if I should have and I have to let God show me and help me to grow. I don't know if all i say is always right, but I do not that I am trying to do right. More importantly, I am looking to Jesus. And loving Him.

We are living in intriguing times. I believe, that right now, among a lot of alarmism, divisions among God's people, backsliding, confusion, wars and rumours of wars, bad economy etc, that more than ever, God is still trying to work in our hearts and get us closer to Him. I want to get closer to Him, I can feel Him calling me. Do you hear it too? Have you felt a renewed thirst for God?