Monday, March 14, 2011

A Call.

I am not totally sure if other people are as "Alarmed" by the world scene right now as I am, I know some are. It would be interesting to take a poll in a public place on how the majority of Americans are feeling about the state of the world. To me, it seems we are in the midst of an extremely chaotic and volatile world situation, with many, countless complicated details...

I'm not panicing. I'm not being an alarmist or a doomsday prophet ;) I'm just being observant and keeping my finger to the wind. (Proverbs 22:3).

There are a lot of thoughts and lessons brought to the forefront of our thinking by the severity of these events. From wars and conflict in the middleast and africa, to unprecedented, incomprehensible, natural disasters in the East, to economic troubles worldwide, higher food and gas prices, political controversy in the US, especially Wyoming, and on and on, it seems as if one would have to be willfully putting their heads in the sand not to think that we are living in perilous times.

NO ONE knows what is next, maybe we will all CONTINUE to experience the priveleges of peace and freedom we have already had....although, I'm not so sure. Or maybe we will face the anxiety and unrest that most of the rest of the world has faced. Either way, the answer is the same. We must prepare-and by prepare I do not mean to build a three mile deep bunker or stock 5 years of food-I mean prepare to know God. Get close to God.

Our Lord has taken multitudes of saints through trials, tribulations, fear, and trouble and has shown His strength in ways that some of us have NEVER even dreamed! Don't look at all this as a time to be afraid, as a time to try to ignore it...see this as time to walk with God and know Him and see His power and provision in ways you have never seen before! Come back to God, ALL His people! Peace.

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