Wednesday, March 30, 2011

God Loves You More Than You've Allowed Yourself to even Consider

What is the WILL OF GOD?

Is it that we go through life defeated and discouraged? Is it depression? Is it bondage to sin? Is it destruction? Are these rhetorical questions?

Well-according to God's WORD, it is NOT God's will that ANY should perish, and it is His will that we grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is God's will that we do His good pleasure......if you are living in defeat and misery and you're convinced that that is just the way it is, and you're just "Suffering for Jesus" I think you're wrong. I think you have swallowed the devil's lie!

I am NOT saying life is a bed of roses, I am certainly not saying God doesn't call us to suffer. We ALL suffer, we ALL have burdens, we ALL get sick, and unless the Rapture comes first we will all die a physical death---BUT we are NOT , NOT, NOOOOOOTTT called to a life of DEFEAT! We are more than conquerors! All of these defeated, depressed Christians who think that is the spiritual way to be-I am wondering what Bible we have been reading! We are NOT defeated! I am TIRED-sick n tired of accepting defeat and I REJECT it right now in the name of Jesus Christ! GOD'S WORD says I can do all things through Chrit which strengtheneth me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am FREE-yes, free indeed! God's Holy, Sacred, Blessed Scriptures say where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you're living in bondage, you're not allowing God to do what He wants! He wants to deliver you, He wants you to be free and full of joy and that is not a prosperity Gospel-it's the TRUTH!

Christians are under the influence of Satan.

We call it depression. We call it anxiety. We call it dissilusion, but really, it is Satanic lies!

But what does the voice of truth say? Don't ask some preacher, don't consult your list of accepted doctrines within your circle, don't check the Christian bookstore, Check the Word of God! What does the Word of God say about God? And what does the Word of God say about you? Can I tell you? It says that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. GOD LOVES YOU!

Now, the Word of God firstly says that you're a filthy sinner. That you deserve judgment. That you're an offense to God. And that you do NOT measure up, BUT GOD does not desire to destroy you, He desires to demonstrate His love to you by delivering you from punishment. So a Just, Holy God, in self-sacrifice and unselfish love....sacrificed His own Son-who came willingly, because that is how much He loved you! And when you receive Him, and become a Son of God-you are adopted, you are not only forgiven, and have every sin wiped away, you are clean and holy and pure and blameless before God, but not only are you blameless, you are also now elevated through His adoption into sonship-you are now BELOVED of God! You are now accepted in the beloved, part of the Bride of Christ, one of the children of God, a saint, a holy one, a sanctified one, a justified one. Without fault, loved, accepted and adored by a Holy God!

NOT one word that I have written concerning you and God is unscriptural. This is simply what the Bible says about you. Before you come to Christ, you are dirty and unacceptable, and you are plagued by guilt and feelings of hopelesness, worthlesness etc. But once you are born again through faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God, you are delivered from sin and from sin's consequences. You are no longer under condemnation. Not one word of this is unscriptural. ALL of this truth is found in God's Holy Word the Bible. And yet, many religious people would think that this message is going too far, entertains and plays too much into our self love. Well, as ugly of a sin as selfishness can be, Jesus tells us Himself that NO MAN ever lived that didn't love his own flesh, but anyways. The point is this, your desire to neglect and ignore your own needs from God, while it parades around as humility, is actually just a pseudo-pious, false humility, probably spoonfed to you by the Devil to rob you of the joy of accepting and receiving and enjoying the love, affection and acceptance of our Best Friend, who is closer than a brother, our Loving Father, our Advocate, Our Defense, Our Loving Lord! Do not let false humility, pseudo-piety and misguided teaching steal away the BIBLICAL truths that God has blessed us with in order to give us total and complete joy, freedom and liberty!

Read Romans 8 and believe it! Let the truth of Romans 8 combat the lies of the Devil that have been playing in your ears.

You do not need to do some great thing in order to feel respected and appreciated. You do not need to get in a romantic relationship to feel some affection. You do not need recognition from men in order to be worth something. You do not need to do good works in order to please God and make Him love you. All you need is faith in Jesus Christ. HE ADORES YOU! And if you feel that saying CHRIST JESUS ADORES ME is presumptuous, my friend, you have probably been listening to Satan instead of God's Word. Because God's love is magnificent, EXTRAVAGANT, over the top and incomprehenisble! Let God love you! Receive it! We love Him because He first loved us.


  1. That's really awesome, and you are right; a lot of Christians think that "defeat" is all they will ever know. We focus on the sin that God has already forgiven us for, and not what He has for us. And whenever we talk like this we almost always feel the need to leave a disclaimer... but GODS Word needs none. This was very helpful.

  2. Psuedo piety, the martyr complex, living in defeat...I did for a couple of YEARS cause I put so much trust in a MAN!!(EX pastor) And when 'he' failed me, I was devastated..but God knew bout it a million years ago and had so beautifully orchestrated it into MY life(cause HE knew THAT'S what it'd take)to teach me to TOTALLY depend on HIM!!!!AND to truly show me how MUCH HE LOVED ME!!and how much LESS is man's love than HIS. THIS IS GOOD STUFF BRO MICAH. THANX FOR SHARING

  3. thank you for the encouraging words!