Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let God Be True & Every Man A Liar

As I study, learn, seek, research, experience and live-I find that the stuff the old people always say is true, the stuff the old preachers preached is true, the stuff the Bible says is true, and it never stopped being true. I don't know if I can quite put into words the frustration I am feeling right now at the thought of mankind's "puffed-uped-ness", presumptuousness, pompassness and arrogance.

Countless times people have tried to bully me, brow-beat me, intimidate me, out-shout me, out-reason me, justify, side-step, rationalize and twist the truth in order to pressure me into caving and compromising from what is right.

It is getting old. The way men presume to be the author and finishers of my salvation, the way men presume to be the final authority, as if NO ONE should ever DARE to deny THEIR SACRED, HOLY Opinions! I know, time after time again in history every man has done that 'which was right in his own eyes' but I wonder if there has ever been a point in history where every individual of the culture treated their own opinion as Sacred Scripture-talk about having too high an opinion of your own opinion! You disagree with some people and it is like you have blasphemed or committed a crime. What makes us think so highly of ourselves?

We claim to be humble, we claim to be willing, broken-hearted, etc, but if someone transgresses against our sacred opinions, preferences, prejudices and ego----look out! Cuz chaos and fury is coming! Who do we worship? Mostly SELF.

I'm sorry if I seem cynical or something-I am, bewildered, surprised and sad at how far we have come, and I am so unbelievably tired of people exalting themselves so high that their opinions are more important than God and His Word, their more important than established, historical, documented, tried and true knowledge, they're above reproach, above correction, above teaching----you would think our Nation was comprised of nothing less than gods-perfect, all-wise beings, that's the way we act, as if our OPINIONS are SACRED like Scriptures. And when someone like me is honest enough to say that it makes me want to GAG, I am immediately labelled as the closed-minded, pain in the neck, fundamentalist, hypocritical, pharisaical, big-mouth conservative-type freakshow! lol Well, I know the ladies from the View would like the likes of me to be put to sleep-but if you think ur whining, feminine, back-biting, nit-picking, liberal, panzy, politically correct, de-masculinized, effeminate, nutered, irrational, snivelling back-talk is gonna shut me up, u better think again!

Newsflash, baptist, fundamentalist, conservative, Christian, Zionist, and patriot are NOT bad words and they do not have a negative connotation and if they have a negative connotation to you than YOU are the one who has a problem that you need to examine, not I. And those of you who have held to those things but are now, after years of being brow-beaten and bullied, starting to compromise, it is about time we all unite and stick together and be not weary in well doing-enough compromise and watering-down and running away and denying and neglecting and rejecting what we have LONG KNOWN and is WELL ESTABLISHED truth! Stick with the old stuff, do not surrender the fundamentals of the faith.

If every other American is "Pro-choice" pro gay marriage, pro Bible perversions, watered-down, run-away, give up, twisted doctrine, that doesnt mean we need to join em! I'd rather be the last one, than to just roll over.

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  1. But let me add to this thought;

    as I express myself concerning the pride and arrogance in our society today, I attack it with some passion and sarcasm even, But-don't let that tone make you believe that faith in God's Word will make you a bitter or angry person.

    Because, while we should not be afraid, or intimidated or effeminate-as the old song says "Keep in touch with Jesus; He will keep you sweet" Those souls that truly do remain faithful to the fundamentals, and to the Word of God, and walk with Christ, are the most humble, kind, sweet people-and sincere people, you'll ever meet.

    We should not compromise or water down the truth, but our love of the truth should be wielded with a love and concern for others, and with a sweet communion and fellowship with Christ.

    There is nothing so beautiful, as a true, loving Christian, standing for the truth without compromise and with a pure and loving heart.