Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Love Of God (this is the introduction)

I want to be balanced and Scriptural in my faith. I do not believe in something just because it is the popular thought in whatever group or 'camp' I happen to be associated with. I want to know what is true and right. Lately, I have been learning more and more about the love of God. I have heard preachers over the years say that the love of God is over-emphasized and His holiness and justice is not emphasized enough. In a way, I understand where they are coming from, but I think they are wrong. The love of God should always be the emphasis. The problem is NOT that we talk too much about the love of God, the problem is that we talk about His love too cheaply and flippantly, sometimes His love is "Cheapened" by our shallow sort of 'Disney' way of presenting it, but that doesn't mean we talk about His love too much, in fact, I believe we have left "Our" first love, and we have all but forsaken the profound and life-changing truths of God's love.

The Bible says God IS love. So how could we possibly talk too much about who God is?

Knowing that God is Holy, and Just-only adds to the awesomeness and amazing joy of knowing His love and grace.

But anyways, so far this blog sounds like some kind of seminar or conversation on preaching methods and that is not what I want to convey at all. What I would like to do is spread the Good Word to everyone about what God has been doing in my life to know more about who He truly is and how He feels about me.

I hav heard all of the -it's not about you it's about God stuff. Ya know, it is about God, it is totally about Christ Jesus having the preeminence in all things. But this God, who is the center of everything, by whom all things consist-the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, happens to take pleasure, and to have fellowship and to lvoe and to have sacrificed for ME. And that is NOT a prideful thing to say, as a matter of fact, it is very humbling to know what God has done for me!

Sadly, Christians everywhere are feeling condemned, guilt-ridden, hurt, worthless, depressed and on and on, yet they go about witht heir "Duties" they read the Bible, they serve God out of guilt, but they are unhappy. And then you hear, well-Christianity isn't about your happiness-it's about Christ!------Well, it might not be about the worldly version of happiness, I mean everyone knows I do not believe in prosperity doctrine, But doesn't the Bibel say THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH ? Yes, the Apostles suffered, the New Testament Church suffered, but they also sang songs of praise so loudly that al the other prisoners could hear them, even in the dungeon, so even in the dungeon, they were Happy. WHy were they happy? Were they happy out of a sense of duty? Or did they know the love of God, and understand and fellowship and walk with Jesus in a way that actually filled their hearts and love and greatefulness instead of guilt and sorrow? To some of you perpetually spiritually miserable folks, this may seem like sacrilige, but remember-i'm still in the Bible. and for those of you who are at a place where you feel you cannot go on, you are discouraged and dissilusioned with your faith, as I have been in many ways, please understand, that this is not an accident, and it's not even a bad thing, it is God bringing you to a place in your thinking, where you will be able to come to a deeper, more meaningful and profound experience of His love. To truly grow in your knowledge of God, you have to chuck you preconceived ideas, and you 'religious culture' and just trust what the Bible and the Holy SPirit reveal to you. And who cares of other uptight, holier than thou, Christians will understand what God is up to in your life or not! Do YOU want to know more about the height and depth and width of the love of Christ? That's all that matters.

I will be writing much more on this as God deals with me. But think-the Bible says our God is the Great Physician, Isiaiah says He shall be called Counsellor. The Lord Himself DOES care about your hurts and past, and your problems, and He wants to heal you and help you and comfort you, and you are NOT being presumptuous to ask your Father to help you as His Child! God is our Father! Jesus told us to ask our heavenly Father for good things. Yet we sit there, thinking we are so spiritual-not wanting to be too presumptuous, and not bringing our true feelings and needs to Him. He loves you, as HIS child. Read Romans 8! The BIBLE says how can He who gave His only begotten Son for us deny us anything? Hmm. Sounds kind of presumptuous doesn't it? God is much more loving and gracious than we have been willing to accept, in our pride. And even when we are suffering, and not receiving the things we feel we need-our Havenly Father is a GOOD Father, and He has a Benevolent reason. He has a plan. Not just for Moses and Elijah and Paul, our God has a plan for YOU and He has had that plan since the beginning of time. He knew you when you were in your mother's womb. He knows the number of haiirs on your head. He keeps your tears in a bottle. He sees it all, experiences and feels it all with us. God loves you-is so much more than what we know, it is the timeless, eternal, incomprehensible, life-changing truth of the Bible. God, a Holy God, a righteous God, a Just God-Loves us more than we can imagine! Thank You Father in Heaven! Amen.