Thursday, March 3, 2011


For quite some time now, myself, and some of my friends also, have been prayerfully seeking revival and restoration....

We have revival meetings. Meetings are good. But a meeting is just the begining, God will work in your heart, in Church, out of Church, at home, in your heart, at work, at school...everywhere & anywhere

We live in a time, when sometimes, even those who are supposed to be your fellow Christians, will despise you for being over-zealous for the things of the Lord. What a strange behavior among Christians. As if you could love Christ too much? No, you could never love God too much or do too much for Him.

But God has been working in my heart more and more and more by the day. One of the biggest things that I've learned lately is that the work of Christ in our hearts is a constant, daily work-we sometimes want things to be instant, one trip to the altar, a few minutes of prayer, and bam, everything is right as rain-well, everything is right as rain with my soul, I mean, It is well with my soul, I have a home in Heaven and peace with God, but everything isnt right as rain with my heart, every single day God seems to draw my closer, break my heart more, convict me about something new, help me fall more in love with Him. Every time I open my Bible, or pray, it seems God is doing something new in my heart! Revival, is something we must seek, with constant renewal. looking forward, always forward, growing more and more, not getting self-satisfied.

I can't say that I am perfectly right, at this moment. No. Because every time I turn around, God opens a new truth to me. God shows me another area where I have a hard heart, or have grieved Him. And I'm not upset that He is doing that. I am priveleged to hear from Him.

Sometimes, in trying to do right, I may say something I'm not sure if I should have and I have to let God show me and help me to grow. I don't know if all i say is always right, but I do not that I am trying to do right. More importantly, I am looking to Jesus. And loving Him.

We are living in intriguing times. I believe, that right now, among a lot of alarmism, divisions among God's people, backsliding, confusion, wars and rumours of wars, bad economy etc, that more than ever, God is still trying to work in our hearts and get us closer to Him. I want to get closer to Him, I can feel Him calling me. Do you hear it too? Have you felt a renewed thirst for God?

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