Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the destructive power of man's religion

I have been trying to find different ways to say the same thing in hopes that more people will come to understand some of the wonderful truth that I have been starting to understand. I want to pass the blessing around to other people and I want to magnify the name of Christ.

Tonight though, I have a particular "Issue" in mind which may resonate with some of you and may not be important to others, so this blog though still with the theme of the love of Jesus, may be a little 'different'

James 1:20 -For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. 

The Pharisees, including Saul who consented to the stoning of Stephen-did evil in the name of righteousness. They abused God's people while THINKING they were SERVING God. How often God is misunderstood and misrepresented! How much EVIL has been done under the pretense of serving God! It is beyond comprehension, the misery, violence and sorrow that has been compounded by man and his religion!!

I am NOT a religionist. I do not support anything that is 'religious' Religion brings more evil than good. Some people think that because I believe in Jesus, and I go to Church, I must be a proponent of religion. Well, I will be the first to acknowledge that religion is often extremely destructive! And even, one of the most destructive ideologies of all time, even moreso than Nazism.....Communism,,,is a religion in itself. Though communists reject the Hebrew God, they worship the ideas and leaders of communism. Even when the doctrine is RIGHT-religion can be bad. But a relationship with Jesus Christ the Lord is NEVER bad! Following vain, supersticious ceremonies and dogma may cause serious destruction to a person's life, being a Friend of God-brings blessing and eternal life.

There was a time, not too long ago, when I was feeling dissilusioned because I have found VERY few groups of Christians that seem to be level-headed, balanced, sober minded and halfway normal. People seem to be liberal and flippant, or legalist and MEAN. I dont prefer either. And it was REEEALLy bugging me. But I realized, both of these camps, suffer from the same problem- ANd I, MYSELF, in looking to them for guidance and assurance was ALSO suffering the same problem-leaving my first love. I don't have ANY need to find the perfect Church, the perfect friend, the perfect group, the perfect preacher or the perfect teacher. ALL I need is the perfect Christ! If you look around at God's people, and you see all of their problems and issues, well-1st off, u may suffer from a critical spirit which comes from our sinful hearts, but 2ndly, a Church full of troubled, hurting people is a WONDERFUL place to minister to others and love others and thats what were supposed to do as Christians. SO don't even worry anymore about finding the perfect group or the perfect Church. All we need is the perfect Christ.

Having Christ in the proper position in your life, understanding that He is really ALL you need-is indescribably LBERATING! I dont have to fret & worry about people letting me down, because I know the ONE I really depend on can't let me down! I don't have to EVER feel envious or insecure, because the one I depend on is Always there for me! And this causes me to be less needy, insecure and easily hurt, and frees me up so that I am free to bless and minister and give to others! If my Supply is endless than I can give and give and give to others! My supply is Jesus. In myself, I can run out of kindness to give, but if I got love coming from the Spirit of God, it is inexhaustible.

Honestly, If you are INFURIATED by other people's failures and sin, you are NOT experiencing righteous indignation-more than likely, more likely you are in the flesh, u are like the pharisees and like many religionsts you're doing the right thing the wrong way or at the wrong time. I've been there. We all have. We are misguided sometimes. We get our eyes  OFF of Jesus and onto the "Things of Jesus" We leave our 1st love.

Are you angry, frustrated, critical and discouraged? "Setting everybody straight" is't going to make you feel better. But falling in love with Jesus will! Whether ur a liberal, or a legalist, whether ur old-fashioned or new fangled, you need what I need-you need what everyone needs-you need JESUS! Throw out the preconceived ideas-you dont need ideas, you need Christ! Some people think saying JESUS is the answer is a shallow answer. OH HOW PROFOUNDLY WRONG YOU ARE! WE ARE ! JESUS is the most profound, deep, eternal, sacred, infinite, beautiful answer you could imagine! SOme people wanna use a bunch of big seminary sounding words to express theological truth, but God revealed Himself in what ultimate expression-Jesus Christ-the Incarnate Word! JEsus is enough! Jesus is more than enough! He IS the truth.

Can you say that you are in love with Jesus Christ? If you can't, that is where the problem and the solution lies. NOWHERE else, laws, and actions, lifestyle-all of those things come FROM your relationship with Christ not the other way around...


  1. Being infuriated by sin does not always mean that you are a pharisee?? If you are consumed by it, and think yourself better than those that 'sin', then sure. That's just pride at its best. Being frustrated and upset that Christians have lost their love for God (as evidenced by their lack of actual relationship with Him or corrupt fruit) is not always bad thing.. nor does it mean that the person that is upset is a pharisee or not right with God themselves. Believe it or not, I DO see what you are saying in your blog.. but I don't see us all going around being happy that Christianity has become a joke in the United States.

    I suppose you can let the position of other Christians affect your own mood, as you mentioned you were doing. In that case, yes, get your eyes back on God and don't let others determine your relationship.

    But I think it is a fine line between all of that.

  2. Most of these kinds of truth are a rather fine line.

  3. its a paradox usually, just as Jesus said you have to lose your life to gain it.

    There is a time for some anger, there is a time for 'harsh' words, but most of the time we arent doing those things in the Spirit but in the flesh. as it says in James, the wrath of man doesn't work the will of God.

    Im not saying to be happy that American Christianity has become a "Joke," but if were not broken about it, compassionate about it, concerned about it, but instead just angry and infuriated by it, no matter how you slice it, we have a bad attitude, and God can't use our bad attitude for His glory, we need to be compassionate, burdened, sincere, and kind. as the Bible says 'In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves'

  4. I can't just make a blanket statement to say that 'most' of the time we are doing these things in the flesh. If you actually have a bad attitude, then that specifically is the problem, not the fact that sin and corruption infuriates a Christian. Meekness doesn't cross out anger. Meekness doesn't mean someone cannot be distraught or infuriated over the state of another Christian or Christianity in general.

    A bad attitude is a problem even if someone isn't infuriated. You can NOT be angry and upset about someone, but still have a bad attitude about them.

    There IS such a thing as righteous anger... there is such a thing as speaking out against wrong. I'm not saying to call people out by name and have a haughty attitude about them. But speaking about sin in itself and being hurt or angered at the seeming GLEEFUL willingness that Christians display towards falling into it... is not the wrath of man.

  5. i guess this is sort of semantics dude. yeah u can be angry and sin not. but i personally dont wanna walk around being infuriated by other people's sin-its bad for the blood pressure. when needed, and when we are in a place of authority & have the right we may need to speak against sin in a forceful way-but that doesnt mean we have to be eaten up with it, and ive noticed that a lot of the most effective Preachers are those who warn against sin with compassion and concern. thats all im saying. I hope u got more out of the blog, because this thread isnt at all what i had in mind...

  6. I do get what you mean by your blog... but to me, it sort of came off as saying that anyone who gets infuriated at sin, is a Pharisee. Semantics are important. Being infatuated or consumed by anger against anything, sin or not, isn't good.. of course. I think it has more to do with the root problem of pride, than with being angry with sin in specific.

    Being compassionate about anything can be done in a bunch of ways. I think of Bro. Hardman when he preaches. He can preach hell-fire and spit when he gets going, but for some reason I can take it as the sweetest, compassionate preaching I have ever heard..

    To me, your blog made it sound that if you aren't sweet as pie 100% of the time, and you want to 'set others straight', you are a Pharisee. If that's not what you mean, I apologize.. that's just the way it came off to me. I suppose I may come off as defending those (or myself) that are all up in arms about something or someone. I'm not. When frustration gets the best of a Christian one in awhile and they spout off a bit, that's one thing I suppose. But I am never in favor or ANY Christian getting on a hobby horse and berating/riding others for not living up to some expectation. It's all in the attitude I suppose. Pride has a nasty way of being invisible... and I know it does the same thing in my own life. If I don't stop every 5 minutes and look at my own motivations, I miss it.. a lot...

    I've seen an effective preacher be calm and gentle, and be loud and abrasive. I think it matters WHO is behind what is being said that determines how effective it is.

    And if that's what you were trying to say, sorry! I took it the wrong way then!